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Can anyone help me calling PHP Script from VB6? I have tried a lot but couldn’t find out. You are requested to just give me an idea, detailed answered is not required.

Category: Server Software

I am using bizagi process modeler 1.6 which is still running on the background after I removed it and found all over the place . I can't delete them all .How can I uninstall manual bizagi process modeler?

Category: Server Software

I have installed Bamboo and made a project plan using default agent. Now I am creating a remote agent for another machine. How can I create remote agent project plan and run the project with remote agent.

Category: Server Software


Is it possible to upload a huge number of php pages to a server at once, let's say about 1000 files, the purpose is to make something like a "super upload php pages".
Is there any limit ? if yes, would this option be customizable on FileZilla ?


Category: Server Software

I recently installed TNT software for server monitoring and Windows event log management. I want to improve system performance while still having full access to online contents. What are some possible scenarios when TNT locks online content for Windows Server?

Category: Server Software

I am using Windows SBS 2003 RU Server, Can it be backed up & restored using Windows 8 Server Backup Software

Category: Server Software

While installing ApacheTomcat-6.0.36 I am getting the security warning as the file does not have a valid signature that verifies its publisher.

You should only run software from publishers you trust.

What should I want to do may I continue running or else have to quit installing this.

Category: Server Software

I want to uninstall lion server from my MacBook Pro. Actually I am facing some problem with the lion server.

I am unable to run the visual Snow Leopard Installer form on the lion server.

I want to go back to my regular Mac OS X.

Can you please explain How can I completely delete favorites lion from my MacBook?

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Hi guys,

I wonder that can we open or extract rar on server, which uses windows 8 r2. If so, we use some software or scripts.


Category: Server Software

Hi techyv,

What is the use of tsm multiple servers? I am a system administrator in a small business company and wants to learn about different kinds of server services or any networking stuffs. Share with me your idea about tsm multiple servers, I will make a report and proposal about this.

Hoping for your help. Thanks.