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Hi expert, Nice day to you. I am using Sony Vaio S15125CN laptop with windows 7 ultimate version. In my laptop has a 1TB hard Disk. So I want to protect my hard drive. First of all I need to download vaio hdd protection for win7. Please give me some related links to download the software. Thanks. 

I would like to know how I can implement a password protection feature in a doc file mac application So that the document Is accessible to those with the correct password only.


I have Mcafee internet security 2010 on my laptop which I stopped using sometime back. I powered it on and found that the Antivirus was out of date. I updated the software, but I keep getting the message the I upgrade my Antivirus. Apart from that, it is indicating that I am protected. Is it true that my computer is protected or I have to upgrade? Thanks.

I want to try another free trial for a security software and was looking for a way in disabling trend micro security pro that is currently installed on my PC. How do I do that? And can I enable it again if I decide to not go with the free trial?

Hi experts!

I know that P2P file sharing is the easiest way to receive shared files but also I know that it can be risky for my personal files and you are not protected against viruses. How can I protect my computer and data from this? Is there such a thing as a control file share by software?

Hi experts! Is it possible for me to use an ssh storage service in Windows?  I am quite loss on how to use this tool.  Can someone assist me on how can I download it and how does it work?

I am currently using an Acer Aspire laptop, what are things that can be downloaded from an arcade deluxe vista software? Are there shareware from that platform that is compatible with that of a vista operating system? 

Hallo people!

My Avira Ins registration has failed. I am having a genuine key which the application accepts and works for sometime without any issues. What I have noticed is that after 3 - 4 days, I get a message telling me that I have a trial version installed. If I input the key, it works fine for a while and then goes back to the same state. What could I be doing wrong with the Avira Ins Registration?

I always love to use mozilla firefox  as my browser and just upgraded it to Firefox/  A friend told me to download firebug for firefox so that I can do automatic debugging but I had an error downloading it saying: Firefox could not install the add- on because of "download error -228. Please help!

I want to install a new anti-virus software which is McAfee and want to uninstall norton antivirus 2005 but can not do it. There is no option on my PC to do that. I checked it in my control panel but can not see it under add/remove programs. Why is norton antivirus 2005 no option to uninstall it on my PC? Is it corrupted?