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What is the best client that I can use that is free and does not have a lot of ads in it? Please suggest. I was just told that I should not be using the Windows telnet tool, instead use a ssh2 client on my computer. My operating system is Linux and I don't have any idea about telnet or ssh clients. Please advise what I need to do. Thank you."

Hi guys,

I am a pc user and I am a little confused on which alternative I should take when it comes to antivirus software for my home pc, I have tried a few trial versions but now I want the real thing. What I need is for someone to assist me in making a proper choice by recommending  a good antivirus software, one that is preferably free and telling me where I can find it, thanks guys.

Hi guys,

I am looking for a good antivirus software for my pc, I have tried several alternatives but now I need an all-round solution and I understand that Norton 360 is the best when it comes to all round pc protection and care, what I want is for somebody to enlighten me on the features of Norton 360 v3 and on where I can find it for purchase, thanks guys.

I am using Norton Internet Security 2013. It was working well but after a few days later, it doesn't start even running.

On the support website, I saw that re-installing the product may help but it doesn't. I also used Norton Removal Tool but also doesn't work.

This problem is occurring every month. How can I get rid of this problem and use Norton Internet Security 2013 without any more error?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Guys!

At times I give my colleagues access to some documents that are highly sensitive. What is required is to allow them to read the documents and create ciphers for the parts that they are not supposed to read, but afford them a view of the entire structure of the document. Is there a cipher creation software Mac that I can use to conceal these parts of the document and later decipher them? Thanks.


I have been using AVG Pro Antivirus 2012 and at some point a has a problem with it stopping all installations and rejecting any settings allowing installation of applications.

I decided to change to McAfee Antivirus 2012 which served me well.

I have purchased AVG Professional 2013 and this is what I would like to switch to.

I have tried to uninstall the Antivirus but it is not getting cleaned out fully.

Is there an application that I can use for McAfee cleanup to completely remove the files, folders and any registry information?

Hallo there!

I am building a security log and security statistics application. I am facing challenges with the structure and the reporting face of the application. Does anyone have computer security statistics 2010 as released by the US government or their DoD? If yes, kindly share with me to give me some guidance. Thanks.

Hello Experts!

I recently got myself a brand new Kindle which I would like to pimp a little bit. Can someone tell me how to get ICS lockscreen on Kindle PaperWhite 3G? Is it something that I have to download to be able to use or is it some live application run based on internet connection? Thanks a bunch.


My PC has been giving me issues lately. I am not able to install any softwares in my computer due to some virus infection. A friend told me that powered by vBulletin computer virus could be having that effect. I have searched the internet but I have not been able to figure out what the issue could be. Is there anyone with an idea on what this virus could be? Thanks.

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My computer got a slow down since last week. My computer has lots of unnecessary files. So it’s got slow. I need to remove them using Cisco security tool. Before that I have to download the tools. I have a software, but I don’t have the tools. So please give me some URLs to download them. Thank you.