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While checking on the apps that run on startup, I found out that the Windows Command Processor was present between some of the apps. I made a research and found out that it is some sort of a virus or trojan. It is somehow complicated to take it out without harming my computer system. I want to know if someone here knows how to get rid, uninstall or remove it without affecting my system? Thanks.

Im a student and just out of curiosity i would love to know how to detect reset packets in wireshark which normally indicates that a port is blocked in linux. How can i create a wireshark filter to do this and if it can work is there any other way i can use 

I love stenography and i am looking for a Linux compatible stenography software that can decrypt almost all stenography encryption algorithms if not all. i have already used stegexpose to detect if an image contains any hidden message - which detects most of them but i still fail to decrypt the hidden contents in the image files. 

Having recently formatted my laptop, i decided to install an antivirus. Can anyone please recommend me any good antivirus for windows 8 x64 and tell me the difference compared to an internet security package. initially i installed kaspersky antivirus and it resulted in a slow start up for my laptop and slow processing. Can anybody help me?

I am using Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection as an antivirus on my laptop. There is this one cpp file that I need to use for my code. But MS Forefront Endpoint keeps on deleting the file from my computer as it thinks of it as malware. How can I exclude the location of that file from the search list of MS Forefront? 

How do I uninstall avast internet security 2013 from my laptop? I recently purchase bit defender 2014 but when I start the installation, it complains about the presence of avast software. When I use the bit defender removal tool for the avast software, I got a message that avast has been removed. Truly, the avast software is no more on the system, but when I start the bit defender installation again, the complaint is also the presence of avast. How can i check if the avast software is completely removed from my system?

Why is my AVG internet security 2015 always downloading the update. I have recently installed Avg internet security 2015 on my laptop. Ever since, the program has been updating whenever I connect to the internet. The worrying thing about the updating is that the update file is always large up to 90 MB all the time

How is RSA used in cryptography to ensure security of messages. What is the RSA problem? What are the steps involved in an RSA algorithm? How do the RSA encryption and decryption process work? What is the Data Encryption Standard? How is it used in the RSA encryption process to create a digital envelope? 
A One way function in cryptography is a mathematical function which is easily solved in a particular direction, but would take very long to crack when used in the reverse direction. Where can we use one way function. Explain the mechanism behind a one way function as used in cryptography. What is a trap door one way function?
Where can I view my digital certificate in Internet explorer? What information can I get from my digital certificate? How can I verify that the digital certificate has been issued by a trusted authority? How can I ensure that my private key does not fall into unauthorized hands? Can I renew the validity of my digital certificate?