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Hi experts,

I am getting the authentication error and can’t log on to Windows. When I log on manually the fingerprint works once only than I get the following error message during fingerprint enrollment. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

An error occurred during fingerprint enrollment. Please try to re-roll this fingerprint.

If you continue to receive this error, please contact technical support.

Hi experts,

I am experiencing the issue out of the blue where the where the fingerprint reader constantly disconnects, only to reconnects itself moments later. The following error message appears when it disconnects and shows “fingerprint device is not present” Whenever I attempt to open the protector suite software. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Error: An internal error occurred (bpwb: bp-wb-dpi-ed-wbebu(900106ba)). Details E7210001 An internal error occurred (bpwb: bp-wb-dpi-ed-wbebu(800106ba)).


I have installed Backup Exec DLOprior in 2012 and migrated to Symantec DLO7.0 but Symantec DLO(Desktop and Laptop Option) 7.0 were not generated. The following error message appeared. Is this any way to resolve this issue? Any help would be appreciated. Bundle of thanks.

check that the report file 'DLOnobackups_en.rdl' is correctly installed. (0x8000FFFF)

"An error occurred while running the report 'No Backups'. Please check that the report file 'DLOnobackups_en.rdl' is correctly installed. (0x8000FFFF)"


I'm considering purchasing some kind of drive backup 10 professional software, but I'd only like it for the purpose of completely restoring the operating system (including the entire contents of the HDD) and to make a backup capsule without a bootable option. Would this be possible to do with this software?


Every pc scan and repair program I find and use will ask me to pay to repair after the initial scan. Is there any on the market that are free and easy to use? Please also note I'm not interested in programs that are for a trial period, only free programs if that's possible please.

Hi guys. I want to encrypt my 500 GB Hitachi hard drive with Bitlocker.

Where can I download Bitlocker and what kind of encryption does it use?

How do I install it on a Windows 7 64 bit system and does it have an easy to use UI?

Can it also encrypt a USB thumb drive?

Where can I download the Encoding Decoding encryption software? 

How do I install it on a Windows 7 64 bit system? 

I want to encrypt a file before sending it to a network. 

Can someone teach me how to use the software and does it have different types of encoding?

Where can I download ScreenBlur and is it a freeware? 

Does it have a lock screen function and does it have an auto-lock function?

Would it work on a Windows 7 64 bit system?


My computer is having some poor performance lately, then I've read about this advance care pro 5 in a pc mag. I bought and installed it on my PC. About its features, it says that it has the ability to remove spyware and malware.

Is the protection offered by advance care pro 5 good enough that I don't have to depend on other anti-virus software?

I used to backup the system partition on my computer using ghost software, and I have backups of ghost win me through win XP ready to be restored, I have to keep the system partition as it is, but when the partition size changes I fail, how to create a backup image that can be restored to any partition size and get it in an easy to install CD?