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My computer is having some poor performance lately, then I've read about this advance care pro 5 in a pc mag. I bought and installed it on my PC. About its features, it says that it has the ability to remove spyware and malware.

Is the protection offered by advance care pro 5 good enough that I don't have to depend on other anti-virus software?

I used to backup the system partition on my computer using ghost software, and I have backups of ghost win me through win XP ready to be restored, I have to keep the system partition as it is, but when the partition size changes I fail, how to create a backup image that can be restored to any partition size and get it in an easy to install CD?

Hello! I have tried to recover data from my WinXP hard drive using R-Studio. Unfortunately, none of my .iso files were recovered. Other than these .iso files, everything was recovered. Does any of you here know how to recover iso files using R-Studio? Please help me with this problem. Thanks in advance!

I’m just curious as to what are the differences between Norton Antivirus and Norton internet security online. I have the Norton Antivirus. If Norton internet security online has better features and more advantages, I might as well have this one. So, can somebody there help me with this one? Any comments are welcome and appreciated.


I have just downloaded the full version of zone alarm internet security suite 8 last 5 months. 

My friend from Japan told me that he has heard some news saying that zone alarm internet security suite 9 is already out in the market. 

How true is this?

I've been trying to Google it but I can't find any news about it. 

Proper maintenance to our company's software programs is important. The problem is, we often tend to detect badly structured codes in our software programs too late, thus leaving us with no other choice but to rewrite the module. Can you please share some tips on detecting software errors? Also, could you suggest any IT expert of whom we could ask for help so that we can make well-structured software designs?

Hi! My current antivirus is norton internet security 2012. I am still uncertain whether I should upgrade it to 2013 or not. I have read reviews saying that those who tried upgrading to 2013 were forced to revert it back to 2012 because of some updating problems. Can you please help me on my decision? Is it a good step for me to upgrade or should I just stick to the 2012 version?

Good am! I'm really curious about this new brand of antivirus found in the market today. Just like avast, digital defender can also be downloaded for free. What do you think is its advantage (if there are any) over other free antivirus programs which came before it? Can you share your digital defender antivirus review? I'm still undecided whether to install this one on my computer or just stick with my avast.

 As my customer is having a XP based industrial machine, he is using folder lock facility to secure the machine backup files. Is it possible to retrieve password of the folder lock for XP if the user forget the same?

We have a desktop computer in our office that is used by almost all of the staff. All of us encode our reports on the said computer. In order to protect our files from unauthorized access, we use privacy protection software. The file folders themselves can not be opened, but our another concern is what will happen to our deleted files. We want to make sure that they would not be retrieved anymore. I heard of file destroyer more extension which can be used to protect deleted files. Is file destroyer more extension better than the ordinary file destroyer? What are the key features?