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How to download and enable BitLocker encryption in Windows 8.1 to protect the files(without the use of TMP)?

What is the trend micro client server security agent? What are its benefits and how does it protects the gadgets? On which platform does it works?

I have purchased Adobe Acrobat software and when I am try to install it on the PC it asks for a keyword. Where can I find Adobe Acrobat serial number for the installation process?

What Android Software tool would you recommend best for me to stay secure both offline and online? I am currently using Android Tablet and I would be glad if you can grant me a list of the best eight Android Software tools for currently. Can you brief me on the special features of each app tool?

How many of you have heard about the AD Blocker? Does it block adverts in websites and popup adverts? Can windows based software that protects us from a range of bad websites adverts helps speed up website loading time and prevent tracking adverts that can be used to track where we go on the internet?

What is home guard activity monitor? Is there any free trial version? There are certain activities on the internet that are not suitable for children. So can a home guard activity monitor help elevate some of these fears? Could any one explain the pros and cons of home guard activity monitor?

Do you know the ADVERTISEMENT blocker pro? Manages to do it prevents adverts throughout internet websites and popup adverts? Can easily house windows structured software that will protects people by an array of poor internet websites adverts allows increase website packing occasion and forestall pursuing adverts to use to coarse where most of us go on the internet? Do you need prevent use of encounter publication on your hard disk? Is this kind of program is useful for that mom and dad who want to preserve their young children by being able to view Facebook or MySpace and companies who want to preserve their staff members devoted to there do the job? Can easily everyone use this support or perhaps manager protection under the law are necessary to use Facebook or MySpace blocker?,

I came across a free software called Lock-it which is used to lock the folders and files in it. It simple makes the files invisible and doesn’t list in the folder list. I locked some files in my hard disk drive which were about 100 GB in size. The problem i ma facing is that it is not accepting the password. I am sure about the password but even after trying several times, it still says, password incorrect. Now, i desperately want to know the options i have to recover the files. Is there any way? Will the formatting the hard disk and trying to recover the files help? Thank you


I would like to ask about F-Secure Security. I want to ask you how this was created? Can you give me what are the software used to create and develop it? Can you show me how to do a sample program with Java including security features? Can you give me more idea on how create security software? What are the other programs I can use to create such software? Can you give me more information what are the plugins that I need to include with security software like this?


I am just new here and just recently bought Galaxy S5. I am thinking of embedding a useful software with this phone that will require to use my finger print before it unlock. Can you help me with this? Can you provide me what are the best software that can be downloaded from the internet which is much better and with extensible features? Can you provide me instructions on how to add fingerprint in it so that my children can access it also? Can you provide me instructions on how to install it?

Thank you!