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I am using Eclipse, Aptana, and NetBeans from past few years. Setting up an Eclipse, Aptana or installing the plugins has been always a headache project. I got conflicting with the plugins and after an update. Error message telling me something similar to this:

Usage Data Upload

Usage Data Upload

An internal error occurred during “Loading bundle



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Hi Everyone,

My teacher that just got a new Mac. Mac OS X, V 10.6.7, Intel Core i5, I have tried to install Darwin 10.7.4 64 bits, it got installed properly. But while executing the program its throwing error.

Error 51: Unable to communicate with the VPN subsystem.

Error 51: Unable to communicate with the VPN subsystem.

Please make sure that you have at least one network interface that is currently active

and has an IP address and start this application again.

I have even tried with following versions, but the result is same.


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I am using Landesk 8.6. I need to Resize and deploy a general Image to power toy, but I cannot succeed my task.

I created the package and did the normal steps. Like new task, creating a distribution package and delivery method.

I added my computer to check the results. I got an error stating that

not a valid win32 application



%1 is not a valid win32 application

I have checked the file it was copied but it couldn’t be executed. Any Known issues?

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During installation of Driver & Software Packages for Windows® 7 downloaded from the internet is thronging an error message. The error message is as follows"An error occurred during the installation. ... . IS015- GetOsVersion - 1" appears

– Then reinstall “MFL-Pro Suit”.

MFL - pro Suite - InstallShield Wizard

An error occurred during the installation.

Please restart your PC, ensure all active applications are closed

– Then reinstall “MFL-Pro Suit”.

IS015- GetOsVersion - 1

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I am getting the following error message during the startup of ModelVision Pro version 8.0 or earlier.

ModelVision Pro

ERROR: MSG 0X0073c35f [CAT 7/3 STD 50015]

Category: Underlying system generated error [Toolkit error]

Function: xvt_print_create


File: wprnt.c line: 763

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While installing of Multisim 9 or Ultiboard 9 the installer got crashed with the following error message (see picture attached):

Error Number: 0x80040706

Multisim 9 - InstallSheild Wizard

Unhandled Exception

Error Number: 0x80040706

Description: Object Reference Not Set

Setup will now terminate

How can I fix this?

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Hi. I am currently working with Visual Studio and I wanted to edit the icon I have set for my work. As I was searching the Internet, some suggested to change the settings but some suggested to download an application. I want to try downloading the application. So if any of you knows about the Visual Studio Icon Edit download, please do comment below the RELIABLE links. Please, I really want virus-free download links. Thank you!

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Hi. I am currently working on a project and I'm using Toad 11 and as I am new to this, I am not quite sure on how to use some of its capabilities.

But anyway, I have an excel file here which I can use in my project. I just don't know how to do it:

Toad 11 Import from Excel.

So if you can please comment some easy ways to do it, thanks!

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Online IM doesn't seem to be helpful all the time since some actions are hard to explain in a chat. I am away from family and my sister keeps on disturbing me about something wrong with the PC at home. She really can't explain it in particular which makes it hard for me to identify the problem of our PC. I want to do a remote control PC so I can just do it myself. Any suggestions on the best remote control PC that my sister and I can use? 


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Hi. My parents gave me a new tablet which is a Cruz. I am not really familiar with this tab but I will definitely get to know this gadget. Anyway, I stored some files in my tab, particularly PDF. It was when I opened the file I discovered I don't have a pre-installed reader. I want to download Adobe to read my PDF files. But I'm not sure if there is an Adobe for Cruz available to use, can you help me with this? Thanks!