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When I tried to connect my camera to PC and after I opened the software this error with DLL problem appeared. I reinstalled the driver and rebooted the PC but the error seems like that won’t solve so easy. I copied the missing DLL but again this. Can anyone please help me to solve this? What is this error?


NIMax.exe - Unable To locate Component

This application has failed to start because dnssd.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

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After I get this DLL error it seems like it appeared to all my usual software. I copied all the DLL files in my system32 and rebooted the PC. Now I want to run a DLL fixer but someone told me this is not a good idea because I can harm all my DLL files. Please tell me what is the best way to solve this error message? How can I fix this DLL files error?

Thank you! 

core.exe - Unable To Locate Component

This application has failed to start because libstdc++-6.dlI was not found.


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Hi there,

After I installed a game on my PC and rebooted the system I got this error. I pressed OK and everything is fine. The problem is that I have this error every time I open my PC. I have copied the DLL in my Windows folder and still, I even uninstalled the game and still the error popped-up. What is this DLL error? How can I solve this? Thank you!

File Error

The following error occurred on the file ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\HIMSA Shared\NOALinj\RS232_Drv.dll’.

The system cannot find the file specified.


Abort Retry Ignore

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I am new to playing Titanfall on PC. However, I can't seem to play it as it always throws an error "Disconnect: ORIGIN error retrieving player data from storage - code 503". Titanfall needs firm Internet connection to play the game, yet it seems that I could not connect. How can I be able to resolve this issue? Please help me.

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I am trying to log in to Hero in Diablo III but it keeps throwing an Error 3006. The last time I played, it was working without any issues. But now, I can't even log in. How can I fix this? I've seen some users who are encountering the same issue too but there is no working solutions yet. Please help.

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I am encountering an error on Adobe running Windows 7. It is showing:


No more virtual tiles can be allocated.


I'm pretty sure that I have enough RAM space but I still tried to increase memory usage, but the error still appears. I want to know how can I allocate more virtual tiles? Please help as I have no idea what the error means. Thanks.

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I am getting an error on SAP. It says, "Error while connecting to SAP Crystal Reports 2011; Check that SAP Crystal Reports 2011 was installed correctly". This happens while editing the CR Layout. How can I fix this? What does the error means? Can someone please explain? Thank you in advance.

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I received an error in transforming the BMP to TMX file. The error stated "A tile listed in Rules.txt could not be found. The missing tile is called "blends_natural_01_056. Please fix the invalid tile index or add the tileset if it is missing using the Tilesets dialog in Tilezed. (While reading Rules.Txt)."

Can someone please help me in resolving this? I followed the instructions on Thuztors mapping guide and changed the Rules.txt with older ones, yet it failed. This is from the Indie Stone game called "Zomboid". Please help.

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Whenever I try to use Yahoo Messenger on my mobile phone, an error keeps on re-appearing. I have tried to reinstall the messenger for several times yet, when I opened it, the same error will occur. I'm not sure what to do next but I am keeping my fingers crossed that someone can help me on fixing this. Thank you.

Failed to execute last action (100)


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While working with Cinema 4D, then I was notified with a patch upgrade. I clicked on Yes but it failed to open the file while in the middle of the installation. And then it suddenly quits. And now, I can't open Cinema 4D again and even throws an error message. Please tell me what to do with it. Thank you.


Installation Error.