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Hi all,

I have been using the Adobe Flash Player for quite long time in never faced this error message in the past. When I am using the TLF text in Flash Player 10, I got this weird error message. I am not aware of this error, please suggest me some solutions to fix the problem. Thanks a lot.


TLF text can only be supported in Flash Player 10 or higher. TLF text will be permanently converted to classic text if the current publish settings are changed. There is no undo for this operation.

Category: Software Others


I came across an error message when I try to install the Adobe Flash Player in the windows operating system. I did not face this kind of error message in my experience. The error code is 1406.  How do I fix this problem? Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please help. Thanks.

Adobe Flash Player 11.5 R1

Error 1406. Could not write value to key


Vetify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel

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Hello Whizzes,

I was stuck up with an error message while I try to play a flash movie. I tried the very common methods like restarting, trying after some time and rebooting the system but nothing seems to fix my problem. How do I fix my problem without reinstallation? Please help me. Your help is great.




The Flash plugin has crashed.

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Hi Whizzes,

I get this error message when I am in process of Flash player installation in the computer. For your information, I have Windows XP operating system with 32-bit and 500GB hard disk. I tried to reinstall the application several times but still I get this error message. I even tried to reboot the system and reinstall it again but nothing helped me. I need your support, please help me. Thanks.


Dawngate: Dawngate.exe – Bad Image

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Hello Tech guys,

I am a fresher in Adobe Flash Player just started to learn new concepts slowly. However, this error makes me tired and I am very confused. I need to solve this error before moving forward. Please guide me with some suggestions. I need to get rid of this error image, please help. Thanks in advance.

Adobe Flash Player Security

Adobe@ Flash@ Player has stoppen a potentially unsafe operation. The following local application on your computer or network.


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Hello Tech people,

I got an odd error message while I am trying to preview the project in Adobe Flash Player. I do not understand where I went wrong literally. I get this error message often please guide me to rectify this problem. Enrich me with some ideas. Help please. Thanks in advance.

Adobe flash player Security

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Hello Tech Guys,

When I try to upgrade my system to latest version, I decided to install Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader. The download went pretty well and good but when I try to run or install it, I ended up with an error message. The error says that only a single instance of this application can run. Please help me resolve this error. Thanks in advance.


Only a single instance of this application can run.

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Hi Tech Guys,

I am just a beginner in Adobe Flash Player I got this error message while I am working with it. I am not able to trap the error so please guide me to fix the error. I did not face this kind of error message in my previous version. I get this error message only in my latest version. Please help me. Thanks.

Adobe Flash Player

An ActionScript error occurred:

TypeError: Error # 1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

at com.disney.abcdm.vp2.data::Endcard/getURL()

at com.disney.abcdm.vp2::VideoPlatfromPlayer/endCardEventHandler()

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Hello Brainy,

After upgrading my system to latest version, I ended up with an error message. I have attached the error image please help me to resolve this error without any further damage. I get this error image while try to upload software in windows Intune software publisher. Friends suggest me some idea to overcome this error. Badly in help. Thanks.

An unexpected error has occurred.

The application has experienced an unexpected error and must exit. If this error occurs frequently, contact customer support.

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Hi Brainy,

I get this error message in my work environment me and my team tried to trap the error but no luck. We are not able to solve the problem. We get this error message what we might do with Adobe flash player. How do I resolve this error message? Do I need to reinstall the application again? Please help me. Reinstall is lot of procedure. Thanks a lot.

Client-side error

Something has interrupted the work of Adobe Flash Player on your computer.

Please try restarting the application. If the error message re-appears, please contact support.