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Hi friends,

I am getting this error message recently in Visual studio Development. While I try to deploy an application-using package, I stuck up with this weird error message. The error says Execution failed and debugging resource strings are unavailable. How do I fix it? Please help. Thanks. 

Ececution Failed1:[Arg_SecurityException]


Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem. See

Category: Software Others

Hello Whizzes,

After the Avid Media Composer upgrade to the latest version, when I start to work with it. I came across this new error message, Player version of frame duration is longer than actual 571. Is this related to version problem? Are the upgrading is not done in a right manner? Please help me find the cause of this error. Thanks.

Avid Media Copposer

Category: Software Others

Hi Whizzes,

When I did the Adobe Photoshop Light room installation in the computer, I did not face any problem. Whereas when I start to work on it, I keep on getting errors. This error is not allowing me work further. The error report does not help me in any manner. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please help. Thanks.

An error has occurred:

Category: Software Others

Hello friends,

When I try to create a HTML video player .wdgt I ended up with an error message. The error states that the file contains a media file that is not in a supported format. How do I fix this error? I am very confused with this error message. It does not providing me any help to resolve this issue. Hunting for solution, please help me. Your help is great. Thanks.

The HTML Dashcode file

“mobile_marketshare.wdgt” wasn’t added.

The file contains a media file that isn’t in a supported format.

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Hi tech people,

I am facing a weird error message while I try to uninstall software from the laptop. I never experienced this sort of error in my experience. I used to do this job without any difficulty. The error states that Port is not responding means the Licensing error. How do I rectify this Licensing error? Please help me. Thanks a lot.

Port 8443 is not responding. This port must be open to communicate with the License Application Server.

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Hello experts,

It seems like Angry Birds can’t run on my new tablet. I have the same version installed on my phone and is working great. I don’t know why the same version of game is not working on my new tablet. Please someone help me to fix this one. Why I can’t run the game on my tablet?

Thanks experts!

Unknown Error

An unknown error has occurred

Please tell Riot Games about this problem.

We have created a report about this error for you to send us.

Send Error Report    Don’t Send

Category: Software Others

Hi there,

Every time I run Paint Shop Pro this error with plug-in missing appears. I did not install any plug-in and it worked just fine until now. I have this error even after I reinstalled the Paint Shop. Can someone help me fixing this error message? Why I can’t get rid of this error?

Thank you!

Paint Shop Pro Photo

Unable to load the requested plug-in filter. The plug-in may not be installed properly or may be missing files. (Plugin: autint10.8bf)


Category: Software Others

Hi there,

For two days I have this error message and I don’t know how to fix it. It appears every time my PC logs on. I don’t remember installing\uninstalling anything lately so is a little bit weird for me to have this error. Does anyone know what is happening with my PC and how can I fix this error?



Cannot load unicows.dll. Press Cancel to terminate application.

OK Cancel

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Hello there,

After I installed Themida on my PC I got this error when I want to run it. I reinstalled the software again but it seems like doesn’t want to work. I don’t know how to solve it so please can anyone help me to fix this? Why I have this error?



Cannot find ‘X3DAudio1_6.dll. Please re-instaII this application


Category: Software Others

Hi there,

This error appeared on my desktop after the installation of TeamViewer was done. As the error says it seems like is an error about the package installer. The first install was made from the official TeamViewer servers and also I tried to install from different servers and all have the same result. Please help me to install TeamViewer. Why I have this package error?

Thanks !

An error occurred

The following details are provided:

E: The package teamviewer needs to be reinstalled, but I can’t find an archive for it.

E: Internal error opening cache (1). Please report.