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I am trying to download some free applications when I received an error message on my computer. And since this is the first time it happened, I am a bit surprised and I really want to fix this as soon as possible. Aside from that, I was automatically logged out of my client and I would need to restart and kill all the processes just to start again. How can I be able to solve this issue? The error I've got is written below:

Something went wrong

Category: Software Others

I'm getting issues on ROG ThunderFX_x64 while installing the latest software on my Windows 8 PC. I even tried the old software but it doesn't work as well. What are the solutions to this?

ROG ThunderFX_x64

Failed to find language resource!


Category: Software Others

I have a Bandicam software from which I used for recording. It was working fine few days before and now, it is showing an error when saving a recording file. I did not change any settings or anything that will make this error to appear. Can someone please help me? Thank you.


Failed to create file.

If you need help, click the OK button.

OK     Cancel

Category: Software Others

I used Aimersoft Blu Ray Ripper 3.0 on my Windows 7 PC. Whenever I am loading a disc, I always get an error message. I tried contacting Aimersoft support but they have not been very helpful in resolving my issue. Can someone please help me with this? Or I will just ask for a refund?


Failed to load Blu-Ray Disc!

For more information, please click here to contact out support team.

Category: Software Others

A strange error appears right after I launched AVS Editor.

AVS Audio Editor

Division by zero.

I have to go to my Task Manager just to close AVS Editor. I haven't tried to uninstall it yet and still searching for possible workarounds to get rid of this issue. The last thing I did before this error pops out is that I used the AVS Registry Cleaner. Can someone send me some help? Thanks.

Category: Software Others

I have 2 workstations that has Media Composer 6.5 installed on both. And sadly, both are having a Pan and Zoom Issues that cause Media Composer 6.5 to stopped on working. Also, when adding keyframes to do some action while saving the project, an error appears:

Error message: Assertion failed: value Type == paramTypeDouble

Category: Software Others

I got an error when launching ArcSoft ShowBiz. The installation went successfully and there were no errors reported during the process. But when trying to start the application, the error below pops up. I'm not sure but I want to know if this is a missing dll issue. Please send me resolution as well.

ArcSoft ShowBiz.exe - Fatal Application Exit

Missing Ordinal C:\Program Files


Category: Software Others

I am encountering an error on my Adobe Media Encoder CS6. The error appears when accessing the Help offline. I'm not sure why I can't open it. For all I know, the Help Manager is installed when a PDF has been downloaded. Yet, it won't open. How can I fix this?

Here is the error message:

Help Error

Adobe Help Client failed to launch.

Category: Software Others

I opened Adobe Photoshop yesterday without any errors. But when I run it today, it returns with an error:

Adobe Photoshop

Your Adobe Photoshop user name, organization, or serial number is missing or invalid. The application cannot continue and must now exit.

I am not sure if this is a registration issue since I already registered my Photoshop online. And now, every time I tried to open the application, I have no choice but to hit the OK button on the error message then it will close and I cannot use it. How can I fix it?

Category: Software Others

I used PagePlus X6 before since it works fine with my Brother MFC-6490 AIO Scanner and also with my Adobe and Corel. However, when I used PPX7, I've got an error. Printing also works fine with PPX7 except for the scanner. But I don't want to change any of the scanner settings. How can I resolve this? The error given is:


Failed to initialize TWAIN.

Ensure that a 64-Bit TWAIN data source and driver are installed and configured.