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Hello everybody,

After the installation of NAV 2013 RTC client could not linked and sending the following error message

Your program license does not permit you to run this version of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer Environment.

Contact your system administrator to upgrade your license.

 I received this error message for the reason that I have my elderly developer certification (Developer License for NAV 2009 R2) uploaded on my SQL Server.

This certification does not maintain NAV 2013

Thanks in advance.

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I am fresh to this Navision planet however I organized to install "Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 Classic with Microsoft SQL Server" and at this time I associate with the CRONUS organization. I changed the certification category to get right to use for Design object and that works all right.

On the other hand when I attempt to plan or add a fresh Code unit I receive the error message, some guideline?


You do not have permission to run the ‘Design, Codeunit, Basic’ System.

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Hi everybody,

I expect somebody can assist me. I am attempting to assemble a client-server file transfer application. The client examines a file accumulate on a provided working location (PC) and throws it to a server which is installed on one more working location for additional practice. I am exercising UDP as the TP (transport protocol).

The difficulty is that my request works absolutely with files whose capacity is in the collection of kilobytes; on the other hand while I attempt to throw files whose size is in the series of megabytes, the request collapsed down and the attached error message explains.

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Hi Friends,

Regularly while press Ctrl and backspace to remove the images, I always receive the error message which is attached and you can see

They're no cause provided and no method to indicate the issue,

There is no reason given, and no way to address the problem, so I become upset to keep leaving the images at the back

Does anybody have an idea?

The file named “EA 12898.cr2” could not be moved to the Recycle Bin.

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I am receiving an inaccuracy on my  computer.

Specifications are

Acer Aspire 7720, Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit Operating System.

I did download the 206.94 MB File by the name of 'Composite_2011_Win_32.exe' and installed in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Composite 2011

At this time the problem is why is this occurring?

Is there any remedy?

Cannot check out the license for “standalone License: Autodesk Toxik 2010” from c:\flexlm\maya.lic

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In rare cases I am not able to import an entity like simple cube or obj format in keyshot.

Newest key shot assembles, Intel i5 2320, Nvidia graphics, windows 7 with 64bit.

Thank you.

KeyShot 3 Import Error

Cannot start importer (luxion_geometry_obj)(error code-1)

Please reinstall KeyShot or contact support @luxion.com.

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In these days I installed a fresh version of jacke 2.0 however I am not able to install this because of an issue. I received the error message as you can see below while I run “go active”.

>> Activate
Welcome to the Jacket: The GPU Engine for MATLAB!
Verifying Installation ....
Is Jacket gpu_entry.mex file found? .... OK
Is the driver version correct? .... ??? Invalid MEX-file 'C:\Program Files\AccelerEyes\Jacket\engine\getcudrvver.mexw64': The
Specified module could not be found.

Error in ==> C:\Program Files\AccelerEyes\Jacket\engine\gactivate.p>gactivate at 27

Hope for assistance

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I searched through Google to find the answer to this issue and a lot of solutions we're looking same. The attractive thing is that no solution was simple to understand. So come and attempt one more time

Operating System  Debian Linux Squeeze distribution

Wine 1.4

i-386 system

Once to come here /media/cdrom mounting point for the disk I can also

Exercise "wine control" or write here "wine setup.exe" and receive the right similar

Outcome. Install Shield initiates however then stop and halt at the end of the

Below error messages:

fixme:storage:create_storagefile Storage share mode not implemented.

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At this time I am really happy to see the Joomla 2.5 fresh version which is available
Immediately I tried to download 3.54 it and then attempted to install it adjacent to my Joomla 2.52, but an error occurred which you can see at below

JDatabaseMySQL::query: 1060 - Duplicate column name 'Allow_Container_Edit' SQL=ALTER TABLE `jos_downloads_repository` ADD `Allow_Container_Edit` smallint NOT NULL default '1' AFTER `Show_SubCategories`;

Some suggestion can really help me.

Thank you

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Hello friends,

I am receiving the Error message “Error 1317” while installing SEP on my MS Server 2003 64bit.

Error 1317. An error occurred while attempting to create the directory C:Windows\system32\drivers\SEP

Is somebody faced this issue before I want to know/.