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When I search the folder from Einen Netzwerkort Hinzufugen. I received an error message:

Problem: Der eingegebene Ordner IST unguiting. Wahlen Sie einen anderen Ordner.

Category: Software Others

Some days ago I downloaded Revoice Pro License in my computer. Today I run its setup but it gives me this error message which you can see in the attached image. I need your assistance. Thanks

Revoice Pro Cannot run

Problem: Authorization Error: Revoice Pro Cannot run. The required software is missing or not running. Please reinstall the product or download and run the driver installer here: http://www.paceap.com

Category: Software Others

I am uploading some data but I am getting an error message which you can see in the below attached image.

Why is this happening? Did anybody see this error before?

Let me know please


Unable to upload: data transmission error. Try again or contact the server administrator to resolve this problem.

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Hello Guru,

when I use KernelCheck to fix some hardware problems, an error has occurred.  The error message asks me to check the terminal for details.  And please find the screenshot of the error message for your reference.

Does anyone have an idea what this is about?  Your help will be appreciated. 

Thank you very much.

KernelCheck Hope star

An error has occurred. Please check the terminal for details.

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When I try to run jockey-gtk to configure another driver, an error message appears and it says the program is closed unexpectedly. Attached below is the screenshot of the message for your information.

Could any expert help me to solve this problem? 

Thank you very much.

The program “jockey-gtk” closed unexpectedly

Sorry, the program “jockey-gtk” closed unexpectedly

If you were not doing anything confidential (entering 

passwords or other private information), you can help 

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A couple of days ago I purchased PASW Statistics 18. But when I initialize this program it gives me an error message which you can see at below attached image. I have windows Vista 32 bit. Does somebody know how to resolve this program? I need assistance please

PASW Statistics 18

PASW Statistics 18

A fatal error has occurred and the client can no longer communicate with the server.

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When I open the file IEXPLORER.EXE I receive this error message which shows something about the memory. What is this? Does anybody face this problem before? I need assistance please

 Application Error

IEXPLORE.EXE – Application Error

The instruction at “0X09fa0068” referenced memory at “0X09fa0068”. The memory could not be “written”.

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At this time I am trying to run the setup of Rezone security restore I am not getting success it says that it will take 10 minutes for process but I have spend25 minutes and this is on the same condition. I am not able to restore something without it. Does anybody know how to resolve this problem? Please see below in attached image and give me some solution. I am fed up. I need your assistance

Rezone security restore

Rezone security restore

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I recently downloaded “BEAN” in my system. But when I open it gives me an error message which you can see in the below attached image. How can this error message solved? If you have any idea about it please share with me. I shall be really thankful to you

security preferences allow installation

“Bean” can’t be opened because it was not downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store. 

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Currently Bugzilla 4.2.1 is installed on our server configured in Ubuntu 10.04. The problem occurs when I usually input a bug in this software to have a look up for duplicate error, it shows “Data error” with a message like the following-


Ueberpruefe auf JSON-RPC (beliebig) in Ordnung: v1.01 gefunden
Ueberpruefe auf JSON-XS (v2.0) in Ordnung: v2.32 gefunden
. …

When I go to the response message from the server it returns me an error with-

"Undefined subroutine &JSON::RPC::Procedure::check called at

/usr/share/perl5/JSON/RPC/Server.pm line 316."

I don’t understand actually what to do now.