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Hi experts,

I am having a problem on a Max 8 ECRM Site - but this seems to just be getting worse! More and more docs are giving errors.

 After a doc is embedded there was no error during this process, if a doc is opened up afterwards certain docs give this error. I have not been able to find a link between creators / Logins / PC's. Mainly seems to be linked to Excel Files, but is now also happening with Word. 

The error message says,

Category: Software Others

Hello friends, I have a problem to install Comodo. When I try to install a Comodo personal firewall I get an error code 106 saying, that it cannot install the Comodo launch pad. When I press ok, another error comes up (003 this time) saying it’s going to roll back the installation and that I did not have privileges to install.

Can anyone help?

Error code 106 unable to install Comodo launch pad!

Comodo Launch Pad

Error Code 106: Unable to install Comodo Launch Pad!


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Hello experts,

While I start cspxst.exe, the following error message is displayed:

The commonstore error was:

Error number: 1112

Error description: you do not have the permission to access the mailbox of the PST owner.

Error source: IntiHandler

If the error persists, ask your administrator for advice.

How could I solve this problem? Please help.

Error in Commonstore CSXPST

Category: Software Others


I installed software named novaPDF. Whenever I start the program, I get a message that novapi6.dll (novaPDF) cannot be loaded. How can I solve it? Please help.

GenesisSQL cannot load novapdf.dll. Would you like to install the missing file?


GenesisSQL cannot load novapi6.dll Would you like to install the missing file?

Yes No

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We’re currently using “novaPDF OEM” and some of our users have reported problems printing from certain pages. Later on, implementing some tests, we have discovered that the browser Internet Explorer version 9 have been passing the URL (full) as a name of the parent document if the page doesn’t contain the value for the title tag.

As web applications often have a large number of URLs as parameters, it will in some cases will definitely exceed the limitation of windows file name (255 characters) and thus an error will be generated.

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I want to install ACT. But when I’m attempting to install ACT! I received an error message referring to Error 1603. And the error message says,

Error 1603: Fatal Error When Installing ACT by Sage

” Error 1603:-Fatal Error When Installation.

Consult windows installer help (Msi.chm) or MSDN for more information.”

Category: Software Others

Hello experts,

I found a problem while I’m trying to update this software. It shows an error message and this error was preventing me from updating the model in Navisworks 2012. Please Help. Error says,

No 3d geometry found in this file

” File test_2012.dwfx does not exist or can’t be opened

No 3d geometry found in this file

Error code: 16388


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I got a problem when I want to update this software. It shows an error message. This error happens frequently in Backup Exec 12.5 and Backup Exec 2010. Live Update cannot find any installed products to update. Therefore, I cannot update those products.

Can anyone please solve the issue arisen from the error message shown as screenshot?

LU1805: LiveUpdate was unable to find any products to Update There are no products on this computer than can be updated by LiveUpdate

LU1805: LiveUpdate was unable to find any products to Update

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I’m trying to uninstall SugarSync. But I faced little problem. I got an error message. I will be glad if anyone give me some ideas for resolving this problem. The error message says:

SugarSync for Outlook

” SugarSync for Outlook

Error 1001. InstallUtilLib.dll:CorBind To RuntimeHost (hr=0x80070003): the system cannot find the path specified.”

Category: Software Others

With the Mac version I am facing the similar error. What are the causes of this issue and what steps I should follow to fix these?

Camtasia Studio Error

‘Unexpected error
An unexpected error occurred. Camtasia is terminating.’