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I’m trying to uninstall SugarSync. But I faced little problem. I got an error message. I will be glad if anyone give me some ideas for resolving this problem. The error message says:

SugarSync for Outlook

” SugarSync for Outlook

Error 1001. InstallUtilLib.dll:CorBind To RuntimeHost (hr=0x80070003): the system cannot find the path specified.”

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With the Mac version I am facing the similar error. What are the causes of this issue and what steps I should follow to fix these?

Camtasia Studio Error

‘Unexpected error
An unexpected error occurred. Camtasia is terminating.’ 
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Camtasia Studio Error: Camtasia Studio could not explore the file. Is there any method to explore it? Please let me know:

Camtasia Studio

The project file cannot be opened.

Make sure the selected file is a valid .camproj file.’

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Why I am not able to deliver messages via Incredimail.

This error message occurs.

Incredimail Xe  One or more messages could not be sent.  These messages are still in your Outbox

‘Incredimail Xe

One or more messages could not be sent.

These messages are still in your Outbox,

Please correct them and then try again.

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“Incredimail Installation” is not working. What is not right with the installation?

I need help to resolve this, can anyone help me out.

Incredimail Installation

‘Incredimail Installation
Incredimail Installation has encountered a problem and must exit. Your system has not been modified.
To complete installation at another time, please run setup again.’

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SmartAudio II application error message:

At the time of attempting to run SmartAudio II I received an error message which you can see below in the attached image:


The required .NET framework is not found!

The SmartAudio II application will be terminated.


Which version .Net Framework should I install to resolve this issue?

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VirtualDub error: Friends I wish if anyone resolves this error message which you can see in the below attached image. Please help me.

VirtualDub Error Avisynth read error

‘VirtualDub Error

Avisynth read error:

FFVideoSource: Insanity detected: decoder returned an empty frame’

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I have used aida64 for 30 day trial but I think of the trial version everything is not included. I want to test or enjoy it more. I know there are some other applications which need to purchase but also free full version available from different sponsored source. So is there any aida64 full version free for download? Please help me.

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I am interested in playing games some time. I want to play skip the BO game in my blackberry mobile. Where can I get skipbo free blackberry download? I need a trusted and a good version. Please help me finding this.

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Hi Techyv experts,

I have downloaded the Delphi add-on for qtp download. Its version is 10. I have installed too but can not use it because its saying “Not licensed”. Please help me with this evaluation copy.