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Good day,

I badly need help concerning an error code. Whenever I attempt to login, I receive this “Log notification: fatal” in which I have no idea what it means. I am to my wits end because it tells me that I might want to save my logfiles! Anyone is welcome to give their thoughts on this.

Thank you very much.

Log notification: fatal

Category: Software Others

Hi there,

I have installed Holdem Manager, and when I ran the application it tells me this: “Please note that all new versions of Holdem Manager require the Microsoft.NET Framework Version 3.5 service Pack 1.” Then there is a link that will lead me to download the Microsoft.NET Framework, but then again it would give me an error thus I still couldn’t install it.

So the game manager wouldn’t let me run the application because of an update, but the update seems to be faulty as well. Is there any workaround on this?

I am in your debt if you could help me with this

Category: Software Others


I am having a problem concerning a “.dll” installation to the GAC. The error message tells me that I do not have administrative access or administrative credentials for the task.In other words it tells me that I am not the administrator. Any ideas why this is happening?

Thank you in advance.


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How can I install My Labels Premium Software on my Windows XP laptop? What is the minimum system requirements and how does it differ from any other label software? Is this software easy to use and is it easy to customized from it?

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Hi. I'm working on my Nintendo 3ds installing adobe flash, how can I install an adobe flash into Nintendo 3d? Why is that there is no direct access to download this software? Thanks.

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Hi. If I will handle this CSS market template, what may be the most common problems or issues with designing a CSS market template? Or in designing an html template?

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Hello. I'm installing the Skype 5 and I want to add an IE and the Skype toolbar or click to call Skype. How to install add on in Skype 5? Really need help. Thanks

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Hi. What is the cause of the errors with the use scriptella in android? How to insert column and rows based on my selected topic? Why isn't working? Thanks for the help.

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I need a MIDI converting studio on my mobile phone.

How can I convert my videos from my mobile phone into this MIDI converter studio?

Please explain how.

Thanks a lot.

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I created my reports via crystal reports. I accidentally turned off my PC when the saving process is still on going. I think I had my database corrupted. When I tried to re-open the software, I had this error "Crystal Reports crashing". Is there any way I can recover my files? Any suggestions on how to recover them?