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Could not find an ICA file or Appsrv.ini entry corresponding to (application name)

When an application begins, this error message is produced;

error number 2323

Error number 2323

ICA  client Configuration Manager: Could not find or Appsrv.ini entry corresponding to (notepad). Please check contact your administrator.

Anyone has clear ideas about this error, please he (she) guides me to solve it quickly.

Category: Software Others

Why is it that a number of issues that had been present before I requested technical support from Cat Byte which seemed to have resolved a number of computer issues I had, is slowly coming back, and had, actually became worse?

Issues as follows also started thereafter:

1. It takes longer to shut down with lots of boxes prompting me to close programs that I can't see running;

2. My laptop freezes at least once a day, which forces me to manually switch it off, and, a number of times it hibernates while I'm working on the keyboard;

3. The laptop's audio is still mute. How should I resolve these issues?

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What is an avgidsagent.exe and avgidsmonitor.exe?

Are they malware or computer viruses?

I’m thinking that these processes are as they only showed up running without me installing it, as I have my Verizon Security Suite as my anti-virus program.

These processes are still running even after I’d scanned my PC twice.

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How do I open a file with a different program as that has been automatically set by default?

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I’m receiving an error and I’d like to know what’s causing it and how it could be solved. I don’t see other contributory concerns with my AD system though. This is the error as I see on the screen:


Starting test: Machine Account Warning: Attribute user Account Control of SERVERNAME is: 0x82020 = (UF_PASSWD_NOTREQD |


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I’m working in a school district which has a single domain (31 DC's in 28 sites). Every DC directs towards itself for a primary DNS, then to the 4 DCs at our primary technical site as the secondary, tertiary DNS and so on, and the sequence of the DC's is always the same. We also have an administrative complex and our alternative schools coursed to the 4DCs located at the prime site for primary DNS, secondary DNS, and so on.

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Hello Friends,

I have just started AbInitio to schedule the graphs. I don’t know how to test the Abinitio graph. Any suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Remember I am newbie, So I required step by step instructions to test my graphs in AbInitio program.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Lync 2013 Preview users homed on the pool will encounter this error message below when sharing a PowerPoint Presentation in a Lync conference if they themselves Office Web Apps Servers are not available


Sorry, but Exchange Online Rich Consistence.pptx can’t be uploaded. We’re having difficulties connecting to the service. If this keeps happening, you might want to contact your support team.


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Hi everyone,

I am using Nuance PDF viewer on my Windows XP. I used the nuance PDF preview for PDF files. It was working perfectly few days ago. I have also installed Nuance PDF Toolbar plugin. Now recently I have updated my Internet Explorer from version 8 to newer version 9.

My problem is that whenever I tried to create a PDF file using the Nuance tool bar plugin, my I.E9 got corrupted. It stops working and hanged for a long time. Please help me how to get rid of this problem.

Your suggestions and tips will be highly appreciated.

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Need assistance please. I feel that each thing is fine. On the other hand I am not able to explore books. Every time I received the error message which is shown below. I have also tried to change the cable and systems but did not get any outcome.

NSPO box was not detected!

Make sure your box is not connected and try again.