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While installing of Multisim 9 or Ultiboard 9 the installer got crashed with the following error message (see picture attached):

Error Number: 0x80040706

Multisim 9 - InstallSheild Wizard

Unhandled Exception

Error Number: 0x80040706

Description: Object Reference Not Set

Setup will now terminate

How can I fix this?

Category: Software Others

Hi. I am currently working with Visual Studio and I wanted to edit the icon I have set for my work. As I was searching the Internet, some suggested to change the settings but some suggested to download an application. I want to try downloading the application. So if any of you knows about the Visual Studio Icon Edit download, please do comment below the RELIABLE links. Please, I really want virus-free download links. Thank you!

Category: Software Others

Hi. I am currently working on a project and I'm using Toad 11 and as I am new to this, I am not quite sure on how to use some of its capabilities.

But anyway, I have an excel file here which I can use in my project. I just don't know how to do it:

Toad 11 Import from Excel.

So if you can please comment some easy ways to do it, thanks!

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Online IM doesn't seem to be helpful all the time since some actions are hard to explain in a chat. I am away from family and my sister keeps on disturbing me about something wrong with the PC at home. She really can't explain it in particular which makes it hard for me to identify the problem of our PC. I want to do a remote control PC so I can just do it myself. Any suggestions on the best remote control PC that my sister and I can use? 


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Hi. My parents gave me a new tablet which is a Cruz. I am not really familiar with this tab but I will definitely get to know this gadget. Anyway, I stored some files in my tab, particularly PDF. It was when I opened the file I discovered I don't have a pre-installed reader. I want to download Adobe to read my PDF files. But I'm not sure if there is an Adobe for Cruz available to use, can you help me with this? Thanks!

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Hello. I have a Sandisk USB where important files are stored. You see, as I plugged it in a public computer, I opened it. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened, all I can see is a shortcut of my USB. When I open it, the window explorer closes. It really is a big problem now because I have important files inside my USB and formatting it will really add up to the burden. So I thought of Sandisk Online Recovery Tools, are they available in the Internet? Any links I can download? Thank you for the help guys!

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Hello to all my friends here ... i have a question about MMS streaming players . i know there is a player names yxplayer. but i am in need for some thing else.i am going to try to hit a  surveillance stream that is running in my home. Audio is not working properly of my mms streaming. i have wifi device to try to view it. but the yxplayer that i have , is not playing it. 

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Every time when I shut down my computer, I will get an error saying:

"LCore - LCore.exe - Application Error.

The instruction at [address] referenced memory at [address]. The memory could not be read."

This is making me slightly concerned, because a few days back when I was running Windows 95 and 98, errors like these tended to be forbearing of some much more serious problem.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, with a G15 keyboard connected (the version with orange backlighting). I am also using the new 7.00.291 software.

Here's a screenshot of the error:

 referenced memory at 0x00000008

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I am trying to install TotalTerminal 1.3 on Mac Pro I have plenty of hard disk space, and 16 GB of RAM OS ver. Is 10.6.8. During installation it will pass all the principal steps, but when the installation process begins, its giving an error message:

error occurred

"The installation failed.

An unknown installation error occurred.

The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance."

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Problem in installing Tom XAP v1.2. Following error displayed:

Please make sure your phone was unlocked! Please make sure your connected device to PC and Zune launched Try again?

Let me know any Solution available?


Tom XAP Installer v1.2

Error connection

Please make sure your phone was unlocked!

Please make sure your connected device to PC and Zune launched

Try again?