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I have just downloaded and executed Picasa app to my IOS 5.

Once I set up my Picasa account for it started to upload my data. All of a sudden around 200-300 files I saw uploading has been stopped with an error stating that 100 photos could not be uploaded. Then I tried to upload few photos which are not being uploaded another error message pops up after uploading 180 photos.

1 files could not be imported to Picasa, because an error occurred.

Category: Software Others


I am working with a compactrio and Labview 9. Everything compilation was ok, I have done many times, and the VI worked according to my expectation the real time hardware communicating was going well, until labview started giving me an error while the compiling the code of the FPGA.

I happen after the in-between file window closes, but before compile server started. I tried with new project in that have given only an analog input with an indicator connected with it, but still I am getting compilation error.

Attached are the error messages what I will get.

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Every time I am getting this error when I hit run or build button in rb2006 r2 on Ubuntu dapper drake

The method or property does not exist


An error has occurred while compiling this project.

Message: This method or property does not exist.

File: untitled

Component: Window1

item: Window1

How to I resolve this?

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Error while doing the program. If you are new to this program, then you get an error.

Error while doing the program.


Program: 22252 bytes (34.0% Full)

(.text + .data + .bootloader)

Data: 1025 bytes (12.5% Full)

(.data + .bss + .noinit)

Error none


Build succeeded with 0 Warnings...

Please help to solve the Problem.

Thanks in advance.

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I have registered software visual GLCD v2.5 and MicroC for PIC program v6.2 and v8.1
When I click on start compile in the toolbar I will get an error message:

Registry entry for compiler not found, please install MicroC PRO for PIC and try again

"Registry entry for compiler not found, please install MicroC PRO for PIC and try again "

I need your help.

Thank you

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I have installed Acronis workstation and license server locally on a laptop and it is working on the wireless network. When I use wired  LAN Acronis Mac address verification failed. Why it is not working on LAN. Anybody can help me how to handle it?

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You get this error message “Error occurred in deployment step 'Install App for SharePoint': packagePath” whenever you deploy solutions in Napa apps and Windows style apps (Metro style apps).

You can only deploy them from these paths, but you cannot build them due to security reasons.

Thank you very much.

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I am compiling BSB built software application. As shown below I will get a fatal error. Is this issue is specific for specific only few version of Windows XP like Chinese/Japanese/Korean.

A Xilinx Application has encountered an unexpected error and will now terminate. For further assistance, please consult the Answers Database and other online resources at http://support.xilinix.com

How to do work around for this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello guys,

I am not familiar with this Intuit POS Fuel so I need your help to get to know this software so I can use it with ease.

Your help will highly be appreciated,


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Hi everyone! I just heard that Apple released their Airport Utility and I was looking for a free download for Airport Utility Emulator, please do comment below the reliable download links. Thanks!