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Hi Brainy,

I get this error message in my work environment me and my team tried to trap the error but no luck. We are not able to solve the problem. We get this error message what we might do with Adobe flash player. How do I resolve this error message? Do I need to reinstall the application again? Please help me. Reinstall is lot of procedure. Thanks a lot.

Client-side error

Something has interrupted the work of Adobe Flash Player on your computer.

Please try restarting the application. If the error message re-appears, please contact support.

Category: Software Others

Hello Pro,

While I am working with Adobe Flash Player, I tried to access the skins but I ended up with an error message. The error says that one or more skins could not be accessed due to security. For your information, the skin folder has been added as Flash Player local content. How do I solve this error message? Help please. Thanks.

Skin Security Error

Category: Software Others

Hi Pro,

While I am working with Adobe Flash Player in the middle of my work, I stuck up with an error message. This error message gives me two options to dismiss all or continue but nothing seems to fix my problem. How do I fix the problem? Someone please help me solve this error message. Your help is great. Thanks.

Adobe Flash Player 11.9.900.117

An ActionScript error occurred:

Error #2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent: text=Error #2124: Loaded file is an unknown type

Category: Software Others

Hello there,

When I try to run the Phoenix service software, I got this error message pop up. It says that neither DP1.0 nor DP2.0 was found for the product, or the product cannot be identified. I need to change the Product code, how do I change it? Friends suggest me some idea to overcome this error. Badly in help. Thanks

Changing Product Code

Neither DP1.0 not DP2.0 was found for the product, or the Product cannot be identified.

Category: Software Others

Hello Troubleshooters,

When I try to install the Magic application in the computer, I got this odd error message. I do not get anything else from the error message. However, I have lot of space in the drive. I have attached the error image please do the needful. Thanks a lot.


Category: Software Others

Hi friends,
When I try to drag while I am working with some mkv files, I stuck up with an error. The error says that this document could not be found in the file system. I am not aware of this error in my experience. I am not technical strong just started practicing things, so please guide me to solve this error. Thanks. Your help is great.

Category: Software Others


When I try to change the setting in the Control Panel, I ended up with an odd error message. I have not seen this error in the experience. The error says it could not start the IIS Admin service on Local computer. The data is invalid. How do I fix this error message? Please help me to change the service. Thanks in advance.


Could not start the IIS Admin service on Local Computer.

Error 13: The data is invalid.

Category: Software Others

Hello gamers,

After the installation of new game Combat Arms when I am about to play the game I ended up with an error message. Then it terminated the program. I do not understand why I got this Application error. Therefore, I tried to reinstall the game again but I got the same error again. Please help me to rectify the problem. Thanks a lot.

Combat_Arms: Engine.exe – Application Error

The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000417) occurred in the application at location 0x006f0afb.

Click on OK to terminate the program.

Category: Software Others

Hello Experts,

When I try to configure Eclipse in the system, I stuck up with the error. It says permission denied and invalid configuration location. I login as an administrator but I do not understand why I got this error message. I tried to reinstall it again from the beginning but no luck. Please suggest me some solutions.


Category: Software Others

Hi trouble shooters,

I got this weird error message when I try to upgrade my Windows Media Player in the system. I did the installation from the authorized website and I got the licensed copy. However, when I try to upgrade it I got this error message. Please help me to fix the error. Thanks a lot.

Error Opening Key

C27625E9E0A05448857882A125DDC05 cannot be opened.

An error is preventing this key from being opened.

Details: Access is denied.