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I have a project that is based in PHP with Expression 4. When I am about to preview my page on my browser, the error below pops up. This error is new to me and I need some help on resolving this. I have spent so much of my time working on this project and I do not want to lose anything and start from the scratch again. Please let me know what will happen if I click on the Yes button in the error message.

Microsoft Expression Web

The php.ini file is not configured correctly. Would you like Expression Web to configure this file?

Yes     No

Category: Software Others

Clicking the OK button on the DwCC under the DMXzone Bootstrap Options results to an error even if I made some changes or not. They said, I need to define my site in Dreamweaver and clear the cache but it seems not to be working. Or maybe I am missing some important points in resolving this matter. Can someone help me? Thank you.


While executing on Click in DMXzone Bootstrap Options.htm, the following javaScript error(s) occurred:

Category: Software Others

The error below appears when I start 3dmark06. It was working fine before but after some trouble on my machine, I was forced to wipe everything a perform a clean install including my applications. I already updated DirectX 9 but it seems like it doesn't help at all. What can you suggest? Which hardware does not support 3dmark06? Please help!


Your hardware does not support the feature required to run 3DMark06.

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I am facing an error on starting StarCraft II game on my Windows 8 PC. It usually occurs when opening the game then it will show a black screen and the game will crashed. The error message is posted below. I also have Nvidia GTX 660 with i5 core. How to fix this?

StarCraft II

An unexpected fatal error occurred.

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Google Earth suddenly stopped on working. I was Trying to install it and then it hangs and then I forced close it. When I opened it again, there is an error that appears on my screen. I already checked if the installation went successfully by checking if it's already on my Desktop or Control Panel, but it's not. I want to know how I can fix it and what are the troubleshooting steps that I should do to resolve this? I will really appreciate any help.

Google Installer

Installation failed with error 0x800703ee.


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I am working with the .veg on Vegas Pro 10 and I'm not sure why am I getting a streaming error. It seems to be related to Sony Media Manager but I am also uncertain which file the error is showing. Can someone explain the process on resolving the issue? Thanks a lot!

Vegas Pro 10.0

An error occurred while creating a proxy file for a stream.

The file could not be created.


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Opening Vegas Pro 11 results with an error. It says, "The Microsoft .NET runtime could not be initialized." And clicking on the OK button on the error message results to the error below. I already tried to uninstalled and re-installed Vegas Pro including the Microsoft.NET. I don't know what else to do to fix this. Can someone help?

Vegas Pro

An error occurred starting Vegas Pro.

A necessary COM interface was not available. You may need to reboot your computer.


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I can't seem to make the masking tests work to be able to check on the CPU checking code so not to use the whole test equipment when needed. I tried masking vendor but when I tried to run on the Workstation 9 and Fushion 5, an error always appear and I'm not sure how to fix it. The error is enclosed below. I tried masking from Intel to AMD.

Cpuid - VMware Workstation

Feature 'cpuid.AMD' was absent, but must be present.

Module FeatureCompatLate power on failed.

Failed to start the virtual machine.


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I am getting a very strange error today on Photoshop. The error says:

Adobe Photoshop CC

Could not synchronize the color settings because the color settings file could not be found.


The strange thing is that Color Settings does exist. Also, this error doesn't appear on the main machine from where I created image that has issue. But I can log in and log out on the main machine without issue but when the image from the main machine is taken and tried to restored to another machine, it will show an error. How can I be able to resolve this?

Category: Software Others

I'm trying to install the updates on my graphics card from the manufacturer's website. It downloads just fine but the installation produce an error:

AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver

The contents of this file cannot be unpacked. The executable you are attempting to run has been corrupted. Please obtain another copy of the file, verify its integrity, and try again.


I downloaded the update from AMD official site but why am I getting this kind of error? Can someone send me a direct link where I can download a working update? Thanks.