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I own a small company, and I normally use a laptop with Windows 7 to control some equipment. I was wondering if it would be possible to use a tablet to do the job. I have an Archos 101, and my machines use standard serial RS232 to communicate. Are there any adapters (preferably USB) that both the Archos tablet and Android will recognise? If not, is there any other way to make this happen?

Category: Software Others

I'm running the new Watch Dogs game with my GeForce GTX 780 TI. I am encountering crashes and my computer will suddenly restart in the middle of the game. How can I fix this and how to run this game in Ultra? I hope someone here can help me since the Watch Dogs forums are overflowing with such issues that this game is presently encountering. Thanks.

Category: Software Others

Hi Experts! I was looking for some help since yesterday but I couldn't find the right forum that will answer my query. I am attempting to play the Watch Dogs game after it was released, but it keeps showing an error: "The application was unable to start correctly - 0x000007b" or sometimes, clicking on the exe icon will just show or do nothing. Please tell me how to fix this because I am very eager to play this game. Thanks a lot!

Category: Software Others

I am trying to launch the Watch Dogs game for the first time, but it hangs and show a Blue Screen error with Stop Code 0xa0000001. I tried for few times, but it ends up with the same BSOD error which is really annoying. I really want to try this game. So please help me fix this.

Category: Software Others

I am one of those who gets so excited when the Watch Dogs game became available in PC. I assure that my computer meets the system requirements needed for the game. However, when I started playing, I experienced stuttering and low frames within the gameplay. So I can't play well. I don't know why but I hop someone can help me with this issue. I'm using a Nvidia GeForce Card if that makes sense. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Tech savvy,

After the upgrade to latest version Adobe Flash Player 10, I get this error message. While I am working in an existing project, I got a weird error I did not see this error before. Did I make anything wrong during my upgrade? Please help me to resolve this error and to find solutions. Thanks a lot.

Error #2044: Unhandled securityError:.text=Error #2048: Security sandbox violation.

At com.metacafe.portal::OpenAdsBeaconDispatcher/callBeacon()

At com.metacafe.portal::OpenAdsBeaconDispatcher/set beaconURLS()

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Hi Friends,

I get this error message when I try to launch an application in the client machine. When I try to install the Adobe Reader 7.0 in the machine, I got this error message. The error says the package requested could not be found in the system data store or the file associated with this package could not be found on the server. Is the problem with the server? Please help. Thanks.

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Hello Experts,

Recently I upgraded my system with new software Microsoft Equation 3.0. The installation and setup went pretty well and good without any problem. However, the problem triggered when I start to work with it. I got an error message ‘this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shutdown. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor’. Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks.


This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.

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Hello troubleshooters,

When I try to install the Remote Agent for Windows servers, I ended up with an odd error message. I am not aware of this error problem in the past. For your information, I have Windows 8 operating system 32-bit and 500GB hard disk. I am not getting any help from the error report. Please do the needful to rectify this error. Thanks a lot.

Install Error

FATAL ERROR: Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly.

Category: Software Others


When I try to upgrade the Adobe Flash Player to latest version, I stuck up with an error message. The error message says that Flash version WIN 12, 0,0,44 found. Required version is 10, 1 or above. The version upgraded is above the required version but still I get this error message. How do I fix this problem? Please help. Thanks.

Smarlaunch Client

Flash version WIN 12,0,0,44 found. Required version is 10, 1 or above.