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I installed a trial version of Adobe Photoshop CS 5 on my computer running Windows 7 ultimate. After the installation when I tried to launch the program I got a configuration error with Error code 16. The program won’t continue to launch so I had to quit.

Any ideas why am getting this error?

Hi All,

I am having Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 in my Windows XP system. I heard that language can be changed in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, Menu and Instructions of the CS5 are in English, is it possible to change it to German, do I need to have separate Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 language pack for that?

Please guide me,

Grant A Murphy

Hello Techyv Users,

I need to create few animated gif file by my own, I have installed Suffer 10 in my Windows XP system. I need to know about, how to make gif animation in Surfer 10, Please do the needful for providing me the step by step process of making animated gif using Surfer.

Thanks & Regards,

Casey J Anthony

Dear Techyv Users,

I need to know about the command in AutoCAD, that will remove duplicate lines from dxf, so that it will delete duplicate items and joins all collinear segments. Please do the needful for providing me the command along with syntax of it.

Thanks in Advance,

John D Armstrong

Hi Guys,

The Samsung NetBooks Webcam software doesn’t work for me, the Web cam software is crashing while I am running video chat using Skype. The software crashes and also hangs up Skype. Is it the problem with Skype or the webcam software. It will be really helpful if you can help me with this.


Jimmy G Hancock


I get an error message 1722 when I try to upgrade from Reporter 8.2 to Reporter 8.3. It happens on the Windows XP Operating System. I am trying to looking for the best solution to fix this issue but unable to find proper resolution. I would be grateful to you for any assistance. Thanks.

ThermaCAM Reporter 8 InstallShield Wizard

ThermaCAM Reporter 8 – InstallShield Wizard:

Ready to Install the program

The wizard is ready to begin installation.

Click Install to begin the installation.

ThermaCAM Reporter 8 Installer Information:


I recently purchased a new system with Windows 7 Operating System and installed Windows Live Photo Gallery but I got an error message when I tried to open this gallery. You can see the following error message as I have tried to save photos in the gallery. Please provide possible solutions to fix this issue. I would be grateful to you. Thanks in advance.

Photo Gallery from saving this photo

Windows Live Photo Gallery:

An error is preventing Photo Gallery from saving this photo.

Error code: 0x88982f61.


I am using Premiere Pro cs6 6.0.2 on the MacBook Pro laptop retina 16gb ram system Lion 10.7.5 Nvidia GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB but suddenly the following error message occurred. How can I fix this issue? After Effects CS6 is creating this problem. Provide a suggestion to fix this error. Thanks in advance.

After Effects CS6

After Effects CS6

Premiere pro has encountered an error.



I just installed Audodesk 4ds Max 2008 full version on my Windows XP SP2 Operating System. The error shows that the license has expired. How can I download this software from the internet without showing such annoying error messages. Please provide suggestion to fix this error as soon as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Your license has expired

Your license has expired. You can no longer use this product.

To purchase a new copy of this product, visit Autodesk on the Web at www.autodesk.com.