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In my document I used images which are deleted or unavailable but still present in my document. When packaging the document,Adobe InDesign says links are missing though. I don't understand this, if they're missing (I know they are) then how come they are displayed in the document? Can I somehow possibly retrieve images from that document?

I want to create a brochure in Adobe Photoshop. How can I get a folded effect for example, when I want to show that brochure to someone as an example, I would like to make it with shaded effect look(like in this image):


I've been researching photoshop software and I feel that I have settled on Photo Explosion.  However, I am looking for valuable feedback on this software and if the Deluxe kit is worth the purchase or not.  Would anyone agree that Photo Explosion is good software to purchase, and if not, are there other recommendations?  Thank you.

I'm not an expert in AI and PS, so there is a lot of chance that I'm doing mistakes somewhere. I'm using CS5 version for this one.

I have a logo that is mostly consisted of black and white. However I couldn't trace it automatically because there is lot of gray parts. So, I've made a path with the pen tool. The thing is that I have the path different from the original image instead of what I need. I need the original logo with the path so I can have all white parts transparent

I tried in PS to remove white colour , but I couldn't because some of the gray parts are also changed.

When I'm editing a photo in photoshop on my computer it's perfectly fine, but when I upload it on the internet this is what happens, I want to make it transparent.


I don't know how to fix it, someone had it occured before? How to solve this?

I have an stl file that I imported into keyshot from CAD and wanted to render this to 300 dpi image for clarity, what are the shortcut keys to use during this? Im familiar with belender rendering and wanted to add to this but just need to get started. What are the maximum rendering speeds on an i3 core machine?

What is the best video editing program for both Mac and Windows? I am currently looking into buying a new laptop. I am hesitating between a Mac book Pro and any other Windows laptop. Can anyone indicate to me which one is the best for video editing? Also if I choose Windows, is an i7 processor a must?

I am currently looking into a career into advertising and more specifically product imaging. I am a novice at using Photoshop. Can anyone point me to ways to learn the basics to Photoshop? Also I wanted to ask whether Photoshop is the only program for image manipulation or are there any simpler program?

Hello! I am new into photo editing and I definitely have a lot to learn. I might also say I am an aspiring graphic designer so I am looking for different software which can be used at the beginner level when one does not know much about photo editing. I tried a few like Adobe Photoshop but as a person who has no experience of working in a photo editing software before, I may say Photoshop was not the smartest option. A lot of tools in it were new for me and I absolutely had no idea where to start from. Can someone suggest a software which is not as mature as Photoshop and which is best for beginners?

I have Photoshop C.C., i had different layers from which there are images, How can I blend the images so that I can remove the sharp edges of the photos? I want to create a canvas of 12 * 24 Inches with a collage of Images and they should look like a scrap of images.