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Hi All,

I tried out auto-blend in the Photoshop CS6 beta version and received the error message ‘Could not complete the Auto-Blend layers command because of a program error’. There were promises of many issues being fixed in the alpha version and so I went ahead and installed the official version today after uninstalling this beta version. This is a fully registered version but the problem occurs even in this version. I had 4 JPG image opened and auto-aligned as layers. But when attempting to auto-blend, this error message shows up and it stops blending. What do you think is causing this issue? Is this a bug that went unnoticed from beta to alpha version? Is anyone aware of a fix for this issue? Please inform. Thanking you for taking your time out to resolve this issue.


I am using Photoshop CS6 with Windows 7, 64 bit on my laptop. I am attempting to use actions that require an image to be opened, selected, copied and closed and then this image in the clipboard must be pasted on to another Photoshop image that is already opened. I had whole of this action working perfectly in Photoshop CS5 but coming to CS6, I get this error saying ‘Command paste is not available’. I tried out the same 8-bit images in CS6 that I used in CS5 and still this does not work. What is going wrong in CS6? I have not changed any preferences. Is there any new setting in CS6 that I have inadvertently not set? Please suggest. I am eagerly awaiting your suggestions to get this thing working. Thanks in advance for the solutions offered.