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Hi! If I download a picture from the Internet or transfer my own picture from mobile phone to PC, is it possible to increase the pixel of that photo through some software? I mean there are so many photo editing soft wares like Photoshop etc which can be used to enhance the quality of a photo, so can we actually increase/improve the pixel of a photo as well through Photoshop or some other software? 

Hi! We all know that so far a lot of sophisticated soft wares have been developed which can do wonders. These soft wares have been from different categories, so I want to know if there has been such a software from lets say image/photo category which could convert a 2 dimensional image to a 3 dimensional image. Is it really possible or not? I met a guy who was working on such a thing and he said it was the first of its kind but the question is, was he right?

About a year ago, I purchased an Xbox 360- slim and since then have been playing many Rated M Games like halo Crysis3 and others. I recently got Titanicfall and every time I insert the disc, it loads the screen and comes to download named “Optimizing HD Content”. It then downloads for 15% and crash but the same time the Xbox makes a click. Help me please.


Hello, I have problems with Autodesk Revit 2015. Sometimes the model does not show and parts of the interface are black until I hover over with the cursor. My computer specs are Intel Core i7 2.50Ghz 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M. I have been minimizing and clicking on different views for it to show up.

Thank you.


I play zinga on facebook games online and every time, it crashes my browsers and displays a message ‘shockwave has crashed’. I have tried updating shockwave to no avail. My PC has a 4 GB ram so I think it might not be the problem. Help me solve it 

I need to load Direct X into Windows 7 but I do not know how to go about it. Okay, I need to install call of duty and I have everything installed but it keeps asking for Direct X. I have the drivers downloaded and installed but I do not know how to load them. Please help me do this.

Hi, my computer has been running fine but recently all the games and the browser have started crashing a few seconds after I start them. I use Mozilla Firefox and the games are Vindicus, Legend of legends and Marvel heroes. I have re-installed drivers and troubleshoot it in every way that I think is appropriate without success. My comp runs on Windows 7 ultimate, has 16 GB RAM, HDD 1TB, 3.2 Ghz. Help me get a good solution for this.

Adove is the King of PDF. Foxit, on the other hand, is also popular. Which is the best PDF reader that's available for free? I don't want to spend any bucks but I want the Reader to be free and safe to use. Also I want the free PDF Reader to have all the features and functions available on the paid ones.

I need to extract some portions from a video as well as an audio file. I'm currently working on a project which requires a lot of video clips and audio clips but I only have long ones. I need to extract small parts. Which software can be used to do so?

I'm planning to upload videos on YouTube which will contain information related to any query. Also I want t make gameplay and software reviews and upload them to YouTube. Which is the best video recording software for Windows? Many of them consume a lot of RAM and CPU but I'm looking for one which will not consume either but captures with quality.