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I have upgraded to Photshop CS6 and have exported all the saved presets to this new version using the Export/Import presets option. But I cannot seem to locate the positions of these preset folder items? Where can I find them? Is there any default path that the computer uses to store them? Please tell me. Thanks

Hi Guys,

I am using  Mac OS X, I need a dedicated software to create icons Mac OS supports. Is there any icon builder software for Macintosh, that can be available for free. If so, Please do let me know, where to download the same.

Thanks & Regards,

Bob T Smith

Hi Techyv Friends,

I need a very user friendly Human Sprite Creator software, which will help me to use easily and can quickly create an animated character of my own. Is there any free Sprite Maker tool to create own sprites.

Please give your suggestions in this regard,

Christopher M Davis

Hello Techyv Users,

I am not an expert in any Graphic softwares, but I need to make 3D background from photo, Is there any user friendly software that will help me to make 3D Photos, or is there any online providers, that will make 3D Photos upon uploading normal Photos, Please guide me.

Thanks, Marc A White

Hello Guys,

I need to have a Professional 3D text software, that will help me to create 3D texts of different styles, I am using Windows XP and is in need of a freeware that will work on my Windows XP. Please do the needful for suggesting me the software along with the a downloadable link.

Thanks in Advance,

Marvin M Calderon


I just tried to apply Service Pack 1 to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 and got this error message which I can’t resolve without having your suggestion. I just visited different forums to find proper answers but could not. Do you have any idea or suggestion to fix this error? Any help would be grateful. Thanks in advance.

Error 1731. The source installation package for the product AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 is out of sync with the client package. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package ‘C3D.MSI’.

Hi Guys, this is Harwood, I am doing multimedia projects. I wish to do backward playing video. My video editor does not provide backward playing of the video. Is there any video editor to play backwards of the original video. Help me where I can download that video editor. Thanks in advance


Why am I getting the following errors when running Nastran 2012 Student Edition on Windows 7-64? Have you any resolution to fix this issue? Any suggestion would be helpful. Provide some proper solutions. Thanks.

MSC Architecture selector program error Report

MSC Messages Display Program

MSC Architecture selector program error Report

Create Process for


n.exe” failed. Error Code =216,0xd8.


One that's been a problem for many versions now is the Batch Process dialog (found under File | Batch Process). Try to load more than one image, and the following Red Cross dialog appears on the screen. I am trying to resolve this problem as soon as possible but I need your assistance to fix this. Thanks.


Batch Process

List of files to batch process:


1 Image(S) failed to load. Some formats are not supported for batch processing.

Hello Guys,

I am using Windows 7 and need to know the best software to create 3D face that will work with my OS. I need suggestion from Techyv users, who have already used the software, Please do the needful for giving the suggestion along with the features.


Anthony D Renda