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I need to extract some portions from a video as well as an audio file. I'm currently working on a project which requires a lot of video clips and audio clips but I only have long ones. I need to extract small parts. Which software can be used to do so?

I'm planning to upload videos on YouTube which will contain information related to any query. Also I want t make gameplay and software reviews and upload them to YouTube. Which is the best video recording software for Windows? Many of them consume a lot of RAM and CPU but I'm looking for one which will not consume either but captures with quality.

I'm having hard time choosing the best video editor. There are a lot of video editor available for download on filehippo.com. Some of them are on sale while some of them are free to use? Which is the best video editor in terms of everything like features and price? Please suggest me some names so that I can choose which best matches my choices.

I have some pictures that i want to manage and i heard that Microsoft Picture manager is a software that can manage photos very well and i want to use it. But i don't money to buy it from windows so i wish for steps that can guide me to download this software for free and use it to its optimal. So how can i do Microsoft picture manager free download?

I have repeatedly tried to record PC gameplay but I keep on getting lag not only on the videos but on the games I play too. I have tried using different recorders like Camtasia Recorder, Dxtory and Bandicam but the results do not change that much. I am running Windows 8.1 on my Pc and it has a 4 GB RAM, AMD A8 CPU, Generic PnP graphics (1600x900@60Hz) and 698 GB in storage space left. What could be the issue? How can I solve it?

Many new cameras and are being developed which can be used to capture photos and videos in  full HD quality but the main problem is that the size of images and videos are getting fatter these days. Are there any tricks which can be used in order to reduce the size of an video or image but without making any changes to quality?

In my document I used images which are deleted or unavailable but still present in my document. When packaging the document,Adobe InDesign says links are missing though. I don't understand this, if they're missing (I know they are) then how come they are displayed in the document? Can I somehow possibly retrieve images from that document?

I want to create a brochure in Adobe Photoshop. How can I get a folded effect for example, when I want to show that brochure to someone as an example, I would like to make it with shaded effect look(like in this image):


I've been researching photoshop software and I feel that I have settled on Photo Explosion.  However, I am looking for valuable feedback on this software and if the Deluxe kit is worth the purchase or not.  Would anyone agree that Photo Explosion is good software to purchase, and if not, are there other recommendations?  Thank you.

I'm not an expert in AI and PS, so there is a lot of chance that I'm doing mistakes somewhere. I'm using CS5 version for this one.

I have a logo that is mostly consisted of black and white. However I couldn't trace it automatically because there is lot of gray parts. So, I've made a path with the pen tool. The thing is that I have the path different from the original image instead of what I need. I need the original logo with the path so I can have all white parts transparent

I tried in PS to remove white colour , but I couldn't because some of the gray parts are also changed.