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Which operating system is needed to set this up software? What is the hardware configuration needed? Can I use this any touch screen monitor? What is GPU-powerful image processing? Can this support photoshop image layer as well as any other image file formats? Can I export all types of image file formats by using Pixelmator graphic software? What is life application and what is the impact of it? Can I install any plugins into it like adobe photoshop? What is Core Image and Automator technology, in it? Thank You

Hello, I want to find out some quick answer, so please help
Can I set up Instant Gallery Maker 2.1 software on Linux operating system? Is there any sliding option or picture effect option? Is this supported at all of images formats? Can I use template code to any Html page by using Instant Gallery Maker 2.1 software?


I am using Adobe Photoshop Suite CS2 since its release. I want know what are the requirements in installing Adobe CS6? Is it the same with old version that keeps my system hanging and have to restart? What are the best features of this software compared to the previous versions? What are the file formats that I can use and what are the file format to export? The tools is it updated or changed? Any new tool that I can use to enhance my images?

I am getting an uncommon problem with my images. When I want to see my template on my hard drive in the IE browser, nothing is displayed. The template showed nice in Chrome and Firefox.
I am using Photoshop cs3 to develop graphic. If I used the Save for Web option and the images are displayed perfectly on IE browser. Please help, How to recover? Thank You

Now, this is a very interesting question. I'm willing to create a movie like Despicable Me. 

Here are the confusions:

What software can be used to create a movie like DM?

How is the animation created in DM?

What are the additional hardware and software that I will need to purchase to create videos like in DM?

Can Background Remover 3.2 software work with Adobe Photoshop? Is there multi language interfaces? What are those?

Can I get merging facility between layers by using Background Remover 3.2 software? What I do exactly by using that? Are any additional features available in Background Remover 3.2 software? Is there any uninstalled software procedure?

Thank You

Hello, Anybody help me of Card Creator Free 11.20.60 software.

Can I install on Windows Xp Operating System? Can I export any photo as .jpg, .gif file format in Card Creator Free 11.20.60? Is there printer setting and free card template available? Is there barcode scanning facility available? Let me know about Magnetic Stripe. Are any additional features are available in this software? Thank You

Hello, I want to know following description on TDMore Blu-ray Converter

Software. Can Blu-ray Converter convert into audio file? What are the formats that Blu-ray Converter converts? Is it converted 3D videos? Which operating systems are needed to install? Is it supported on smart phone? Am I editing video with this software? Is this scratched video converted?

Hi! If I download a picture from the Internet or transfer my own picture from mobile phone to PC, is it possible to increase the pixel of that photo through some software? I mean there are so many photo editing soft wares like Photoshop etc which can be used to enhance the quality of a photo, so can we actually increase/improve the pixel of a photo as well through Photoshop or some other software?