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When I have a try on setting up new sheets in Solidworks, the system shows me an error message like giving in the screenshot.

Can anyone help me in such case please?


The sheet format could not be located

I used Grammarly to review my document and it found 18 critical writing issues and generated 23 vocabulary enhancement suggestions for your text.

Kindly help me to solve these issues.

My fingerprint reader at all times cut off with no notice, simply to connect again in a few moments. When it has disjointed, the error message “fingerprint device is not present" appear, while I attempt and explore protector suite 2009.

Many times I uninstalled and installed again, however the issue did not solve. Can anybody help me to fix this?

E7210001 bpwb:bp-wb-dpi-ed-wbedu (800106ba)).

Problem: E7210001 An internal error occurred (bpwb:bp-wb-dpi-ed-wbedu (800106ba)).

Hello, when I try to use LibreOffice to open a specific file, an error message appears. The message says that the contents in the folder could not be shown.

Could anyone have suggestion to solve this error please? Thank you very much. Have a nice day.


The folder contents could not be displayed. Operation not supported

I'm following some tutorials on the very famous Drupal lessons on the web. On those lessons the graphics very attractive and very beautiful. But I don't have those. If some knows the picture gallery for Drupal please let me know the link. If it is free it would be grateful.

I need tips on how to make an image map on my website that hyperlinks various URLs.  I need image map editor software for Mozilla Firefox and Windows Vista 64 bit.  Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.  Thanks.

Hi experts,

There are various fresh sites that cost no credits to publish any content. I know that these sites need help to index.

As a SEO developer, what is way of backlinking if the source pages aren't indexed by search engines?

If the solution is fts indexer , then

How can I get fts indexer for free download?

Hello friends,

During my work in the office, I have created a document using MacDraft version 4.3.5.  Now in the home I have to open this draft. I haven’t installed MacDraft in my windows. How I can open mac draft in my PC? I really need to complete my work before presentation in office. Help me out.

Hi guys, I have a foxit pdf editor per mac. I am new to foxit pdf editor, is there a tutorial site available for this product or any video that can teach me how to use it. Thanks

Hi guys, I am going to pdf sign seal for my small business. I need it for signing contracts between me and my client. Can you give me a link to pdf sign seal download? I badly need this.