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Hello techyv,

What is the best environment to create call center workflow chart? What is the appropriate application to use when creating diagrams and flowchart? I hope you can recommend a friendly user application and has an easy to learn features. I have to submit the chart next month.

Expecting some help from you guys. Thank you.


I need to know about making an image slideshow. I want to make an image slideshow in book format. How can I make it? What kind of software do I need to use in this regard? Is it free of cost? Please, tell me in detail as I can make it easily.


Hey, I have Huge pdf scans on mac system. Size of each scanned image in Pdf file is very huge. I want to take print of each image on A4 size page but only partial image is being printed every time. I want to resize page (Image) of PDF file. I am looking forward if anyone can help me to guide that How I can get print of whole scanned image (page) on an A4 size page.

The PDF maker I used to convert in windows is not supporting mac, seeking suggestions for mac os freeware PDF maker

Some e-mail mediums only allow to send and receive 4MB file and I need to send a PDF with almost 10 MB size. Do you know how to decrease pdf size in Adobe Reader?

decrease pdf size adobe reader

Hello! I have set lightbox popup window on page load and I am having problems with it at the moment. Whenever I leave the popup window from a certain website or whenever I exit from it, the page redirects to another website. Is there any way I could fix this? The lightbox pop up window shows upon the page load and it pop ups on the right site but it redirects to another site after exiting from it. 

I recently uninstalled adobe reader from my computer and lost my settings. Is it possible to use adobe acrobat 9 cleaner tool to recover them? Help


I want to create a Editable PDF but what software is would be great and easy for editing a PDF. And how can I use it, is there a tutorial for Editable PDF?



How to make table calendar design layout? I am not that good in layouts and designing some picture and photos but I just want to make sure that I will have the best work ever. I need your help to get this done immediately. Your suggestion and advice will be much appreciated.

Waiting for your support, thank you.

Hi to everyone,

How to perform some sketchup pro drawing people? I want to draw different kind of people using sketchup pro software. I hope you can find some video tutorial that will possibly help me a lot along the way. I know you can help me.

Your suggestion is very much welcome.