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Everywhere in internet I have met just online doc text converter which requires loading of file on their site. As they announce, conversion will take couple of second. I have tried, but it takes more time and several times I have got kick from those sites. As I need to do that type of conversion often, I would like to know any free or paid good software for that work just which I can install on my pc and to use it anytime I wish and as much as I wish. Please give me the names of those converters!

Does anybody know where to get invoice for sale on horse preferably for free?

I need those templates very much because I am planning to open the realtor’s office.

Please help me with those templates!

I know that on the Adobe site you can easily find the service of pdf form to excel converts. But I don’t like to upload something online and what to do if I have disconnected my net, so, I would like to get the program making that and working directly from my hard drive. Where can I get such a program to install it on my pc?

Hallo Guys! I am new to Socrates Wordpress Theme after trying it out for sometime. I would like to buy it but I am not sure how it compares with other templates in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), marketing and whether it has any options for IDE/editor. Is Socrates Wordpress Theme worth its price?

Hello Techyv users,

I am here to ask a question about PDF utility softwares. I want to count the number of lines in a PDF document automatically. For this I need some automated line count software. Please help me to know the right software for it  on windows XP.

I have some PDFs forms that I want to convert into fillable PDFs. Unfortunately, I do not know how doing this. What software do I need to enable PDF viewers to input data into specific fields?

Hello friends, I am an amateur blogger. I want to decorate my blogs beautifully. I have heard that vertical scrolling css3 can add a colorful menu on the blog. So I want to add a simple stylish vertical scrolling css3 in my blog. Can I download vertical scrolling css3 free? Where can I get this?

Hi expert,

I need your help. I can’t read the acpi file because I have no acpi file viewer. Please, tell me how I can get the best acpi file viewer software. Give me a link from where I can download the desired software free of cost.

Thanks in advance

Hi expert,

It has been a reason of headache for me. I am facing problem with a software’s version. Some says – this is better but some say that. So, I’m really confused to select the better one. In this condition, I need some information about alchemy mindworks presentation wizard. Please, tell me which version is better and why?


My wife is a high school teacher. She teaches theatre and journalism. Yes, that goes hand in hand while I help you with the design of the school paper as it used to in the weekly University with Chad and Brad. Last night around midnight I finished the final design fits. When you try to print to a PostScript file to distill in a PDF on my other computer, I received the following error:

General printer failure” with Pagemaker 6.5

An error occurred while printing.

General printer failure.

Continue 8315:5218