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I have created a movie using Windows Media Movie Maker but now I dont know how to add sound to it. Right now it seems like a slide show with no sound. Please tell me how to add any kind of music or sound file to my movie using Media Movie? Thnaks


I want to transfer my pictures folder from one computer to another but I dont want to lose any Photo Gallery edits from any of the pics when they are opened up in the other computer. If this is possible, how can I do this? Pls help. Thanks

How can I add a caption to each photo in the album using Windows Live Photo Gallery? Please guide me step by step. Thanks

I am about to scan some very very old photos at high DPI. Can anyone suggest me at what resolution must I save them and whether as JPEG or TIFF file?

Hello, I am using Ubuntu OS 13.10; dell 15R non-touch. want to play movies on it but an error message appears saying it cannot read DVD as a DVD decryption library is not installed. Can anyone pls help me with this? Where will I get this software from and how to go about installing it?

Hi there,

I have KINDLE new fire HD7 tablet and I am experiencing problems with flash player, every time I am on you tube, I am getting a request to update Flash player, I have manually downloaded Adobe Flash Player version 11.9.900.170 and installed it, but am still getting the same problem, I have tried restarting the device but am stuck with the problem, what could be the problem? How do I get video streaming online?

Hi there,

I have Acer Aspire laptop running on Windows 8.1, I use Firefox for browsing the internet and wanted to download some videos from YouTube, so I downloaded IDM, and installed the latest flash player from Adobe (11.9.900.170), videos are not loading well then Firefox will lose focus and I have to restart the application again, I have tried reinstalling both applications but still getting the same problem, what could the cause for this? How do I fix it?

I have a Plus MP3 Player which is providing me with great quality audio, but the problem with it is that there is no screen through which any particular track be selected. I am therefore looking for an upgrade to this MP3 Player. Can an expert please suggest me the best upgrade possible. Also let me know how I can transfer all my tracks and audio files from the existing Player to the upgraded one. Thanks.

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 I captured 1080p videos using an LG G2 Smartphone and transferred them to my Dell Inspiron PC which is running on Windows 8.1. The videos are playing with freezes and others are not loading at all, the video formats are .MP4. How do I make them play? what is causing this problem?

I am using DVDStyler but I have noticed that when I click on the main menu (vmMenu), and I sleect Chapters, I am taken to the second page instead of the first one. The second title also gets highlighted instead of the first. I have tried hard but can't seem to locate any default settings to make it start with the first one always. Please can an expert tell me how to solve this issue?