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Hello there,

This morning this error appeared when I opened Winamp Player to listen some music. Last night it worked just fine and now this error confused me a bit and I don’t know what to do. I click NO and the Winamp is not opening anymore. What would happen if I click Yes? Is this an error and I should be worried about? Thank you!

Audio Enhancements Problem

Windows has detected that audio enhancements for the following device are causing problems:

Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)

Would you like to disable Driver Enhancements for this device ?


I found this program AIMP3 as a replacer for Winamp. After the installation was done, when I tried to open the program this error message box appeared and now I can’t open the program. Can anyone help me to fix this ? What could be the problem since I’ve installed the version for Windows 7 ?

Thanks !

AIMP3.exe – Application Error

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application


Hello experts,

This video transcoding gives me this error and it says that it consumes all CPU time. I have an Intel i3 CPU with 3.2GHz and I don’t think this program requires a better CPU. Please can anyone help me to fix this error? Why it says that is a problem with my CPU? Thanks !

Video Transcoding – 27 seconds left for choice

The encode thread seems to be blocked. If you are not running other program that consumes all CPU time, this may indicate that the encoder has encountered an error and stopped working. Do you want to interrupt the task?

Hi folks,

I am experiencing this error when I try to publish my iMovie project. I get this below message every time when I try to export a movie. I am not using Time Machine backup in my computer. What might be the root cause? Do I need to install the Time Machine? Does anyone know how to fix the error? Please help.

Unable to prepare project for publishing.

The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error occurred. (OSStatus error -2125.)


When I try to play a song in windows media player I get this following error, ‘No sound driver is available for use’. I am getting this error only after the system update; do I need to update the drivers too? Before the update I think it was working fine. Am I guessing right? Please explain me where I went wrong. Your help is great. Thanks.

setParamsNo sound driver is available for use

Hello Pro,

Whenever I try to open a movie in QuickTime I get this error message and it fails to play the movie. I thought that the QuickTime is corrupted so I tried to uninstall and reinstall the application. But this method did not solve my problem. I even tried to update the QuickTime player, but no luck. How do I fix the issue? Anyone else is facing the same problem? Please help. Thanks.

Error -1856: an unknown error occurred (867_JumpBack.mov)


I am facing a wired error message, when I am in the process of Ulead COOL 3D Production Studio setup in Windows Vista operating system. The download was good and installation also went pretty well and good. The problem was only with the setup. I am getting this error message; but it is already installed in the computer. How come I get this odd error message? Please guide me, thanks.

Setup cannot find Ulead COOL 3D Production Studio Version 1.0 installed on your system.

Please make sure Ulead COOL 3D Production Studio Version 1.0 is installed before running Setup again.

Hi Pro Experts,

When I tried to install the QuickTime player in my system, I ended up with the following error message. I am not able to continue with the installation further. For your information I have windows 8 operating system, 64 bit and 250GB hard disk operating system. I am a good movie watcher, the VLC media player is working without any problem. How to solve this error? Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

Could not open key: UNKNOWN\Components\DA42BC89BF25F5BD0AF18C3B9B1A1EE8\68AB67CA7DA73301B7449A0300000010.


I get this error on and off, when I try to play some video files in KMPlayer. The installation is good I didn’t get any error. But I am getting this error when I try to play a video file. I don’t understand exactly what is wrong? For your information I am running this is in Windows 7 Operating system with 64 bit. Do I need to re-install? Please help.

Exception EAccessViolation in module KMPlayer.exe at 0000434C.

Access violation at address 0040434C in module ‘KMPlayer.exe’. Read of address FFFFFFFC.

Hello Professionals,

I used to download some avi’s in the computer, after working I used to delete them. While doing this work I got this error last night. Can anyone help me to solve this error? Help me to get rid of this error. Your help is great. Thanks in advance.

Error: can’t open file: The media type of this file is not recognized.