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I am using Sony Vegas Pro 11 on Windows 7 64 bit and I am trying to open a .AVI file on it. Whenever I try to open this file I get this error that " An error occurred while opening a codec". Is there something wrong with my file? What does it mean by this error?

I have a Dell Inspiron 5537 laptop with windows 8 installed in it. It works all fine. Recently however I am experiencing problems installing VLC media player on it. Whenever I click on the setup I get an error that says, "NCIS Error: error launching installer". What might be causing this problem? Is VLC not compatible with Windows 8?

why is my wma file fails to convert to mp3? I need to convert some of my files in wma file format to another format, but the conversion is taking longer than usual. Worst of all, the file won't convert, displaying the corrupted file. I thought this is largely due to the conversion tools (Software) amusing, but after trying many different conversion software, the result is still the same.

A recent survey says that if family members play social networking games like Farmville then it increases the family bonding between them. The game also become the longest and gives greatest sense of duty. It also says that the grand children are playing with grandparents and parents are playing with their children. Does playing Social Networking Games like Farmville increase Family Bonding? 

I am looking for a very reliable and free to download software for dealing with video editing. I have a very lengthy video file that I need to cut down to size. Could you recommend one such software which is capable of compressing a video file to the lowest size and have a quality image after compression?

I am a regular user and I have spent several months on Minecraft. I really enjoy the Minecraft and now I am planning to buy this new game Little Big Planet 3. Before I purchase it, can anybody tell me how the story levels of Little Big Planet 3 are?

Itunes is providing the least user friendly service to its customers. Initially I was not able sign in and finally after fighting to log into my account the ITunes Store is down. I cannot buy anything or even update apps from the apps store. I also faced an issue when i purchased an entire tv show series but after just downloading the first episode it asked to purchase the rest by paying more dollars. I think Itunes takes money from customers and never put any effort in making the program and store work for its customers. Any solutions?

I wonder how one can play a game if this gets booted every 5 or 10 minutes. For a wonderful game like Destiny, they must be providing a good service to set a bar with their competitors but the horrible connection issues and frequent errors makes the game uninteresting. Is this company expecting its players to do raid and strikes every now and then? Sometimes I am just able to play one PVP game then all of a sudden it gets booted again which makes me more frustrated. Can anybody help me in this issue?

I downloaded GTA V character transfer before transferred my characters from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. But the new special online cars, plane, monster truck, gun, axe are missing. When I tried to fix this issue, I get a message that there are no character information attached with my account but my characters appear online. I have no idea to fix this issue, please help.

Jane Smith is the name of my girl character that I edited to my specification on PS4 in character transfer. But when I visited the barbershop I was shocked to see the characters age was too old with poor skin and wrinkles. Now I am trying to re-customize her. I am not able to fix this issue. I never have an idea of deleting my character. Can anyone provide me a better solution for fixing this issue?