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Hi there,

I am gamer like you, so I got a game Tournament 3 from my friend. Started installation within a while I ended up with an error message ‘error 1305…” gave me two options retry or cancel the installation. When I retry, giving me the same error. I have sufficient space in my hard disk, recently increased my processor speed. Please help me to play this game.

Image of the Error

Error Message in the Image

Unreal Tournament 3 Error

HI folks,

I had a good time before buying this myharmony ultimate, facing lot of problems. The issue is whenever I try to login into myharmony.com, I get the following this application error. That is when I am trying to edit the favorite imaging it result the way. Then I tried unplugging and plug it back but the problem persists. Tried after sometime the same way problem reappears.

Error Image

Words in the Error Image

Application Error

An application error has occurred and MyHarmony will now close. Please sign back into your account to continue,



I have a problem, foiled with this error. Yesterday I try to download a star war game and the download was complete. Then the real problem rises, when I try installing I ended up with error. After this error the installation is stopped. How will I find error? What is the cause of error? Any file is missing in download? Help please.

Image of the Error:

Error Message in the Image:

Feature transfer error

Feature: DefaultFeature

Component: FameFolder

File: E:\data2.cab

Error: Datavirhe (CRC-tarkistus)

Hello Whiz,

I always work in and around Wordpress that’s my nature of work. Now I am going through a tedious problem, I am not able to upload an image file or video file and publish it. Somewhere it’s going wrong, may be file size, corrupted image or the filename. Whizzes please help me to resolve my problem.

Error Image

Words in the Error Image

Post edited

Post edited successfully, but an error was encountered when uploading media:XMLRPC Fault: Could not write file wpid-VIDEO0246.3gp (Invalid file type) [code 500]

Hi Troubleshooters,

I am crazy about movies and videos. So friends coming to the problem, I converted Tp files to DVD or Divx and Mpeg2 it was good and no issues. It also works well to a core in 1080i, 576p and 576i, but problem is not DVB-T Lite. I am not a technical person, not able to proceed further. Please guide me.

FusionHDTV DVB-T Lite doesn’t support FusionConverter/

Please visit our web site at “http://www.dvico.com” for more detail information!

Hello friends,

I tried to install the fusion application using proxy server but I ended up with an unexpected error. Is this the correct method? I am the authorized person to do and moreover there is no one. My operating system is MAC OS. So please help to sort out the issue to find solution.

Image of the Error

Error Message in the Image

Unexpected Error

[Error 20] Not a directory: ‘/Users/Kaed/Applications/Fusion360.app’.

Hi Brainy,

This is very interesting and fun to use the Nero burning ROM. I used to create easily the Blu-ray disk previously without any problem. But now I tried to update my older version to latest version, while installation it throws me an error message. Folks help to find the error? Which one is causing error? I am totally blank. Help please.

Image of the Error

Error Message in the Image

Nero Blu-Ray

Error 1326.Error getting file security: C:\ProgramData\Nero\GetLastError: 5

Hi Pals,

KMPlayer gives ‘Access violation at address 00C411B4 in module KMPlayer.exe’ error whenever I try to play any MKV file with the KMPlayer. I tried reinstalling a couple of times; but was not successful. I also tried deleting the ‘gen_ml.dll’ file. But this too was not of any particular use. I am using KMPlayer version 3.7. How can I get rid of this problem? I have run out of ideas. Have anyone faced a similar issue? I am waiting for your help.

Hi Forum Members,

Whenever I try to open a new file in KMPlayer, it gives an ‘Access violation Error in module KMPlayer.’ A screenshot of the error message is given below. I tried to uninstall the KMPlayer and reinstall it with its latest build. But still the problem persists. I also tried deleting the module ‘gen_ml.dll’. But this too didn’t fix the problem. I am using 32 bit Vista Home Premium. I don’t know what more to do with it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Exception EAccessViolation in module KMPlayer.exe at 000918F1.

Hello Members,

I need your help with this problem. When I want to update Adobe Air SDK by implementing the ApplicationUpdaterUI in my project, I get the error ‘#16831’. I get this as soon as I click ‘Check for Updates’. This results in Docs showing error codes up to 16829. I verified the URLs to update descriptor and updated AIR package. These are correct. What does error code 16831 mean and what could be causing this issue? I am counting on your help to fix this issue. Please do guide me. Kind regards.

Update error

There was an error checking for updates. Error# 16831