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Hello brainy,

I love to hear songs in winamp and I heard about the Maiko plug-in so I want to it. Maiko was successfully plugged in without any problem. When I am trying to play a list of songs some are repeated again, I am getting this error. Do I need to check the plug-in again? Re-install the winamp again? What am I wanted to do? Help me, thanks.

Unable to set Shared mode


Hello Expert friends,

Friends when I am trying to burn a DVD using the Nero burner I got ended up with an error message. I used to burn lot of CD without any error, but now the problem is different. It says me re-install the product and there is an internal error occurred. Why I am getting this error? For your information when I try to burn other than video files sometime it is working. I don’t understand the real cause? Help please.


We are very sorry, but an internal error occurred.

Please re-install the product to fix the problem.

Error-Code: 2 / -32 /

See Doc#5305

Hello expert,

I have a peculiar problem whenever I try to open MKV file with XVID4PSP I am getting this error. I try by re-installing it million times but still the error exists. So I try to open with other source, no luck. I am thinking that the problem will be with MKV files. I am confused; help me to come out of this issue.

AviSynth script error:

DirectShowSource: RenderFile, the filter graph manager won’t talk to me


I have this K-Multimedia Player software for Microsoft windows operating system and I do operate this player in Windows 8 operating system. I have an old version of it so when I try to upgrade to latest version I got this access violation error. Download went pretty good and I double clicked the setup. After some installation I got this error. Why I got this? Totally blank, help me fix this problem.

Access violation at address 00C7127F in module 'KMPlayer.exe'. Read of address 00000000.

Hello Troubleshooters,

I am not a constant user of computer, don’t have much knowledge. When I try to burn the video files using Nero video in my system, got an error message. But I have sufficient space in the memory and also I cleaned the temp files thinking this might help. No luck still I am inside the problem. Help needed.

There in not enough space available for the recording process: There are 3128MB available for temporary files in the folder ‘C:\Users\Bani\AppData\Local\temp’, but the recording process will need approximately 4568 MB.

Hi Pro,

I installed the latest version KMPlayer and whenever I try video files, error appears. I click ok and continue seeing the video without any interruption. I don’t understand the reason for this error. Do I need to remove the previous or old version? How will I correct this error? Anything related to registry? Help please.

Access violation at address 0174AFC1 in module ‘KMPlayer.exe’. Read of address 00000544.

Previously in Note 2, there was a Share button in the music player screen that enabled to share music as emails or other msgs. But now in Note 3, using android 4.3, I cannot find this particular option. Can I anyone please help? Am I not looking correctly or is it that this feature is missing? How can I msg a music file to any of my friends?


Please let me know of any software that would first unzip a file and then convert MP3+G to MP4 keeping all the files in the same folder as they were previously. I found a few software but the files were being transferred to some other folders resulting in complete disorder of my existing folders. Please tell me the best software that would perform the function and not clutter my files and folders. Thanks

I was using VLC and it was working fine, but now all of a sudden I dont know what happened, but the video motion stops and the picture becomes still, where as the sound continues playing. Please tell me how to figure out this one. Also tell me if Real Player is better than VLC so I may go about installing this particular software?

I have created a movie using Windows Media Movie Maker but now I dont know how to add sound to it. Right now it seems like a slide show with no sound. Please tell me how to add any kind of music or sound file to my movie using Media Movie? Thnaks