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When creating an Aggregate Device in my Mac, Audition cannot attach, even though I'm only assigning the built-in microphone to it. From the audio hardware preferences screen, when I try to choose the Aggregate Device, Audition throws out this error:"The device in currently in use by another process". I've tried closing every other program and tried assigning the device, but still the error persists. Can anyone please suggest what else I’m missing out and help me solve this problem? Thanking you for sharing your suggestions.

Hi All,

I have got GraphEdit installed and I am able to play a file with core DTS instead of DTS-MA using AC3 filter, that is the filter I chose to use. However, I get an unsupported error message before the filtergraph is built and the video or audio is played back. Could you tell me how to avoid this error shown in attached screenshot? I would prefer not to install ffdshow because I would like to keep a dedicated filter for every separate directshow component. So if you could you please suggest a work around to fix this issue without having to install ffdshow, I’m all ears. Thanks a lot for the help.

Hello Everyone,

I had completed installing Adobe InDesign CS6 and was trying to launch it when this error occurred. The message says that Adobe Help viewer is not installed and I am not connected to internet. But this is strange, because I am connected to internet and its speed is good as usual. And the incredible stuff follows: I find that Help is installed as well. So now what was this error message trying to communicate? Should I really bother about reinstalling when InDesign works perfectly save this one useless message? Can somebody please explain this? Thanks for responding to this request.

Hello Pals,

I am trying to load an flp file, but it will not load my kontakt 5 settings and I get the error message shown in the below screenshot. These are the steps I followed while setting up Kontakt5 in FL Studio: I added Kontakt5 as a channel in FL Studio. Then I connect Kontakt5 to FL Studio by editing the wrapper settings and set the input port to 0 in MIDI section. And then chose ‘Automap outputs’ from processing tab. Next, I configure the output stream for every instrument. Finally, I add MIDI outs for each instrument and saved this template. Where have gone wrong in setting up the plug in? Kindly help me to fix this issue. Thanking you for your valuable advice.


I am getting ‘Not a Manga Studio material’ error message when attempting to install Manga Studio 4 materials on windows machine. I am trying to install the Manga Studio Debut version and downloaded the EXE file on to my desktop. Then I ran the EXE file to extract the installer. Finally I try to install using this installer and I end up with this message. I tried downloading the EXE file again and completing the installation. But I failed to do so. What could be wrong? Can someone help me with a solution to this problem? Thank you for your valuable help.

This is not a Manga Studio material.

Hello All,

I recently installed the beta version of SolveighMM Video Splitter 4. The installation was successful. I have not tried adding a AVI file, but I cannot load a WMV file into the SolveigMM Video Splitter. Loading results in a ‘Can’t init keyFrameManager’ error. I thought perhaps it did not install properly and tried uninstalling and reinstalling the same a couple of times. But every time I try to load the file, I am back to square one. What am I missing? Please advice. I am clueless as to how to fix this. Thanking you for your support. Regards

Can’t init KeyFrameManager


I am trying to download the FL Studio 8 version I bought, and I keep getting this error when I press "install" about 2 seconds into the install. I tried installing several times, but every time I get this ‘Error opening file for writing’ message. I tried installing after temporarily disabling my antivirus but this step too proved to be futile. I am running the installation with administrator privileges and I’m using windows 7 OS. I have attached a screen capture of the error received below. Can somebody help me to spot the trouble with this installation? Your help will be greatly appreciated.


I'm getting an error with Media Player Classic Home Cinema and I have no idea regarding what to do to fix it. The complete error message is shown in the attached screen capture. I have installed the latest version of Media Player Classic. I tried to reinstall Klite Codec pack and also tried to update it. But none of this helped to improve the situation. I am using windows Vista OS. It was working fine till last week. And as far as I can remember I have not changed any programs on my computer. What could have gone wrong? Please help me to resolve this issue. Thanking you for your valuable assistance. Regards


I consistently get an AppleScript error when I try to make a DVD or import an mpeg file. It won't open a terminal and errors out -1728. I have tried using different file sizes from a small 1.2 MB file to a large 7 GB file. But no matter what type I try, I always get this error. I have tried using several older versions after deleting the existing 0.9 version completely. But none of the versions seem to work for me. Please help me figure out what is causing this problem. All the installations had gone smoothly for me. But I have not been able to do anything since installation. Please give me solution for this problem. Regards

Hi Experts,

I am unable to import any video format in PopVideo Converter. I have tried avi, mpeg and mov formats. Nothing works. All I get is a video codec missing error. I also tried importing a popVideo file into the converter. I had exported this file as a popVideo file from CTAPro with default settings prior to importing it. This file too doesn’t work and displays the same error message. I don’t understand why I am not allowed to import the video. Is this a problem with the installer I used to install the software? Please suggest a fix for this issue. Thanking you

The video codec is missing