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Hi Brainy,

This is very interesting and fun to use the Nero burning ROM. I used to create easily the Blu-ray disk previously without any problem. But now I tried to update my older version to latest version, while installation it throws me an error message. Folks help to find the error? Which one is causing error? I am totally blank. Help please.

Image of the Error

Error Message in the Image

Nero Blu-Ray

Error 1326.Error getting file security: C:\ProgramData\Nero\GetLastError: 5

Hi Pals,

KMPlayer gives ‘Access violation at address 00C411B4 in module KMPlayer.exe’ error whenever I try to play any MKV file with the KMPlayer. I tried reinstalling a couple of times; but was not successful. I also tried deleting the ‘gen_ml.dll’ file. But this too was not of any particular use. I am using KMPlayer version 3.7. How can I get rid of this problem? I have run out of ideas. Have anyone faced a similar issue? I am waiting for your help.

Hi Forum Members,

Whenever I try to open a new file in KMPlayer, it gives an ‘Access violation Error in module KMPlayer.’ A screenshot of the error message is given below. I tried to uninstall the KMPlayer and reinstall it with its latest build. But still the problem persists. I also tried deleting the module ‘gen_ml.dll’. But this too didn’t fix the problem. I am using 32 bit Vista Home Premium. I don’t know what more to do with it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Exception EAccessViolation in module KMPlayer.exe at 000918F1.

Hello Members,

I need your help with this problem. When I want to update Adobe Air SDK by implementing the ApplicationUpdaterUI in my project, I get the error ‘#16831’. I get this as soon as I click ‘Check for Updates’. This results in Docs showing error codes up to 16829. I verified the URLs to update descriptor and updated AIR package. These are correct. What does error code 16831 mean and what could be causing this issue? I am counting on your help to fix this issue. Please do guide me. Kind regards.

Update error

There was an error checking for updates. Error# 16831


I installed Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 on my Windows 8 PC and I had a successful install. I started the application and used it for about an hour and a half and saved the work. After I saved the work, I closed the application and restarted it after an hour or so and its giving me this error and asking to uninstall and reinstall the product. I am totally confused. I tried to uninstall and reinstall but it’s doing the same thing repetitively. Please help!


I downloaded Adobe CS4 product install from adobe website and installed it on my windows 7 computer. The install completed ok with no error and showed a success screen at the end. I exited from that screen and tried to open the newly installed Dreamweaver program from the program files menu and it gave me an error like “This product has encountered a problem which requires that you restart your computer before it can be launched”. I am not sure what this error means. Can somebody please help me understand this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am trying to play some of my stuff in Winamp yesterday and there are a few problems with it. I am getting this waveOut output v2.1 (d) error. It tried to play for a few seconds and then it goes frozen. The problem here is with the XBMC which will not play the film. I am not sure if it is a configuration issue. I am running this on my Windows 7, 64bit machine. I tried to uninstall WinAmp and re-installing it but no joy. Please help. Thanks.

WaveOut output v2.1 (d) error


Recently I had purchased Adobe CC to be installed in my Apple PC. I had logged in as a normal user and tried to install the Adobe CC product by opening the autorun facility in the install cd. After a few second during the install it popped up with this error asking me to uninstall and reinstall the product. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling several time, but gives me the same error. I am not sure if any of the files on the cd or corrupt or something. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me solve this issue. Thanks.


I have a Windows 7 PC, 64bit with 4GB or RAM. Recently I downloaded KMPlayer from the internet and installed it on my machine. When I try to install the download, it gives me this error saying:

“KMPlayer.exe - Bad image. C:\Windows\system32\URL.DLL is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error”.

I Went on to the website again and re-downloaded the install two times and I get the same error. Not sure why it says bad image. Anyone here please help. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.

KMPlayer.exe - Bad image

Hello friends,

When I try to boot the system from USB flash drive, needed this WintoFlash. I made this information ready to run the WintoFlash. But I got up with this error message. Don’t know where I went wrong? Do I need to send mail to support team? Anyone has experienced this problem before? Please help me to find the solution.