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Hi guys,

I want to connect my laptop to my TV so I used an HDMI cable. When connected, I can see the display is going well but I can't hear any sounds from it. I checked on my laptop's volume options and enable the "Show Disabled Devices" option and the "Show Disconnected Devices" but I realized that these options are for my laptop's speaker and not for other devices. How can I fix the sounds on my TV?

Thanks in advance.

Hello experts,

While I was watching a YouTube video on my Chrome browser, I turned up the volume slider up to 95% on the YouTube player. However, I can't seem to adjust the sound bar. A dotted box will appear around the sound bar when I try to adjust the slider. I can't move the slider to more than half of the volume level. Everything works fine on my computer except for this. Can someone please provide some resolutions to my problem? Thanks.

For further information about the issue you can watch the video that I uploaded:


Hi Friends,

My question is about Adobe Flash Player to Philips TV. I bought a new Philips LED TV with all new features. Now, how to install an Adobe Flash Player to Philips  Smart TV ? I tried to Install the latest firmware, but no use. How can I overcome this error and install Adobe Flash Player to Philips TV

Hello Techyv Friends,

Recently my Windows Media Player 7.1 crashed out, after that I re-installed is working fine. But, I am unable to  find the Windows Media Player notifier for available updates. Does anyone knows about how to fix this and overcome this issue.

Thanks & Regards,

John C Woodruff

Hello experts,

Recently, I am having some issues with exporting movies in any format on the media encoder. I also set all the settings to match the captured footage but the same error displayed on the screen. I have spent many hours to fix this problem but could not remove this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Error compiling movie

Adobe Media Encoder

Error compiling movie.

Unknown error.


I have just received the following error message while I have just tried rendering out a Quicktime movie preview. I just started to resolve this problem through my textures and deleting the ones that are not being used and reconnecting media files but nothing happened in my favor. What should I do to get the solution to fix it immediately. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Rendering failed

CINEMA 4D Studio

Rendering failed!

There is at least one texture missing


I just started to use Media Player Classic on Windows 7 Operating System but when I try to play any media file and attempt to save it, the following error message displays on the screen. I just closed the Media Player Classic and restarted again but no effect took place. How can I resolve this issue as I have tried many times to fix it. Please suggest me another best way to resolve this problem. Thanks in advance.

Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic

GetDB faled, hr = 80004005


I am trying to use LabVIEW VI that contains a MathScipt Node but this LabVIEW gives me the following error message when I try to load and attempt to start it. I also receive the same error message when I open the LabVIEW MathScript Window. I am looking for an expert’s advice to resolve this problem. I would be grateful to you for any help. Thanks in advance.

Error -900-46 occurred in error in function CD at line 0. The input parameters are not in the required format.

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: the input parameters are not in the required format.


I am runningBryce Pro 7.1 on Windows 7 Operating System and trying to send a file to DAZ Studio but I receive the following error using the Bryce-DAZ Studio Bridge. After a few seconds this error shows up. Can anyone help me to fix this annoying issue? I would be grateful to you. Thanks for any assistance.

Send a file to DAZ Studio

Error launching DAZ!Studio!

Hi experts,

I just uninstalled the Windows Media Player 11 from my system and after restart my system and error message appeared on a screen. I can’t understand this weird error message and getting first time. Have you familiar with this error before? I also searched for the solution from internet but I need your assistance to understand the issue and the cause of this problem. Thanks for any kind of help.

Subscripts dimension range exceeded

Autolt Error

Line 0 (file “c:\windows\system32\Firewall.exe’):

$Second =$ TimeandDare[10]

$Second =^ERROR