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Hello Tech experts,

When I am trying to play an avi files in Windows media player I ended up with an error message. The error states that I cannot perform the requested action at this time. Do I need to reinstall Windows Media Player? How do I get rid of this error? How I can solve this error? Please help me. Your help is great. Thanks.

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player cannot perform the requested action at this time.

Hello folks,

I am not a technical person; this error makes me frustrating and I am tired of this error. I am getting an error message when I am trying to play a video from DVD. I tried it play several times, I check the DVD it is perfect and able to play it my laptop. However, why do I get this error in the computer? Do I need to change any setting to support the player? Please help. Thanks.

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD. The disc was created in a manner that the Player does not support.

Hello friends,

When I try to install Realtek in the computer, I stuck with an error window. In fact, the installation went almost to the end, the error triggered only when it tries to install the Audio driver. Therefore, I think the problem is with the drivers. How can I solve this error? Please help me to configure the driver for Realtek. Thanks.

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver- InstallShield Wizard

Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure !!

Hello Professionals,

The download and the installation of beta version went pretty well and good without any problem. But the problem triggered as soon I start the application, it then immediately closes the program. Is there any system requirement for this? I have windows 2012 operating system. Hunting for solution please help me. Your help isreally great. Thanks.

Application Error

Exception ElnvalidPointer in module BlurayConverterUltimate.exe at


Invalid pointer operation.


Hello all,

I have a Sony HDD handy camI bought it last week. When I try to import a video file, I ended up with an error message. Very confused, I am not a technical person. How to get rid of this error? How to check whether this is compatible with the system? Please help me. Thanks a lot.

Windows Movie Maker

E:\handycam\o2-09-2007\20070821163510.mpg could not be imported. An interface has too many methods to fire events from

Hi all,

I am getting this Access violation error message when I work around the VSO Blu-ray converter ultimate. In the google search I am not able to find the solution. But I have installed NVidia graphics card with CUDA support in the system and also I updated the windows. Even after these changes I get the same error message. Please help me to resolve this error and to findsolutions. Thanks a lot.


Access violation at address 00966154 in module ‘BlurayConverterUltimate.exe’. Read of address 00000004.


Hi experts,

When I try to play a video file I ended up with an error message Overdrive Media Console error. The situation is when I try to upgrade the security of windows media player to the latest version; I am not able to continue with the process something is blocking me. I am not aware of the issue. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Pleasehelp. Thanks.

OverDrive Media Console

Unable to acquire a license to play the selected title.


I am getting this weird error message when I try to play a video file. I am little bit scared whether this error might infect my system. The error message gives me three options but only one is enabled. Can I continue with this option? Do I need to upgrade mu antivirus? Someone could help me to solve this error. Thanks for your help.

Video ActivateX Object Error:

Your browser cannot display this video file. You need to download new version of Video ActivateX Object to play this video file.

Hello experts,

I am getting this error message for most the .avi files in the computer. I tried to update the Windows Media player but nothing helped me. Even the web help is not supporting me to play the video file. I tried the general methods like restarting the computer but even that is not working. Contribute your ideas please. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

Message from webpage

Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.

Hi all,

I am in the problem, trying to solve the File error. This error resulted when I try to install the Pinnacle PCTV version 5.4.1. I tired these methods to solve the error but nothing worked. I tried to update the drivers through Device Manager but it states that no new version is found. I am in the critical situation, Please help. Thanks.

The following error occurred on the file ‘C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\TVCenter Pro\Skins\chameleon’.

Access is denied.