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I have installed iLivid on my system and it works fine. The download speed is also good but I have a great problem yet. Whenever there is a power breakout, the download fails, no matter if it has reached even 100%. After reboot, the download restarts. This problem mainly exists while downloading videos. How can I fix iLivid to work properly?

There are a lot of video players developed these days but I can't choose the best one. Some say that VLC is the best while some of them still support Windows Media Player. Which is the best video player among all? Why do think that it's the best? Which one are you using?

I have recovered .mov files that I lost after formatting my drive but they just wont play. I used different software including PC inspector, recuva and myeasyrecovery to recover the files but each time they will not play. I have tried them on different players including VLC, Media player classic and jet video but the players do not show errors yet they behave as if no file has been added to the playlist. The recovered files show a full size. What could be causing this? How can I recover these files since they are important?

I bought the DC Spotlight game for $5 on Xbox and it just wont install. I have tried reinstalling repeatedly but it just pops a message saying installation stopped. I have checked my internet connection and it is okay. What could be the cause of the problem? Is it the game of my Xbox? Has anyone had a similar issue before?

I had a hard-copy book that has been for long and i have decided to scan the pages of this book and give to my younger brother in the house to type them into a word processing environment. But the problem i have is some text have been covered with funny black spots on the pages and i want to remove all the redaction. So what should i do to remove redaction from PDF files? I will really like to have an idea on how to do it.

I own a Samsung galaxy grand 2 phone and lately, it has been giving me a headache. Every time I access apps like Whatsapp, it just restarts. Games also face the same problem. I have never rooted the phone and not even done anything off the books with it. What could be the problem and how can I solve it?

How hard is it to create GIF? I am aspiring to be a Web designer. I am currently working on picture formats to put on websites. I heard that GIF a small pieces of videos or animated pictures of a few seconds. I saw a few online and I was wondering how hard to make one is? 

This week while reading a blog entry I saw that whatsapp was planning to introduce voice call for its texting client app. Can anyone confirm to me this news? Also, I would like to know the best app that is currently available for calling on Wi-Fi. I have used skype in the past but I am not satisfied with the mobile version. 

I have an image that was taken from a low resolution camera, I wanted to improve on the resolution of the picture. Is there a way/ software that can increase the resolution of the image and make it better? I do not mean photo enhancements, I want to bale to retain the proportions of the image.