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I consistently get an AppleScript error when I try to make a DVD or import an mpeg file. It won't open a terminal and errors out -1728. I have tried using different file sizes from a small 1.2 MB file to a large 7 GB file. But no matter what type I try, I always get this error. I have tried using several older versions after deleting the existing 0.9 version completely. But none of the versions seem to work for me. Please help me figure out what is causing this problem. All the installations had gone smoothly for me. But I have not been able to do anything since installation. Please give me solution for this problem. Regards

Hi Experts,

I am unable to import any video format in PopVideo Converter. I have tried avi, mpeg and mov formats. Nothing works. All I get is a video codec missing error. I also tried importing a popVideo file into the converter. I had exported this file as a popVideo file from CTAPro with default settings prior to importing it. This file too doesn’t work and displays the same error message. I don’t understand why I am not allowed to import the video. Is this a problem with the installer I used to install the software? Please suggest a fix for this issue. Thanking you

The video codec is missing

Hello Sir,

I am a registered user of Crazy Talk 5 Pro .For about a month now; I have not been able to import any MP3 in wave or Background Audio of the Script Section of Crazy Talk 5 Pro. I always get the same irritating error shown in the screen capture below. The MP3s I am trying to import are of bit rate 128 kbps and can be played without any problem in the windows media player. When I import these into Crazy Talk, I do not get a visual error but it generates a lot of annoying noise. Could you please suggest a work around to fix this issue? I am counting on your valuable suggestions to resolve this error. Thank you.

Dear Friends,

Here is my problem. I was able to download Iclone 4.3 without any issues but while trying to install the same, I get an error telling me that the medium from which I tried to install is corrupted. I checked to see if all my local software (flash, .Net etc) was up to date. After verifying this I tried downloading the installer using chrome and then tried to install Iclone. Again I get the same error as in the first case where I downloaded using FireFox. What is to be done? What else could be wrong with my system? I am using MacAfee antivirus in my computer. Please give me some ideas on how to solve this issue. Thanks a lot.

Hi All,

I came across this peculiar behaviour of R studio when I tried using q or quit inside a function. When R studio has to deal with such a function, it causes a fatal error as shown in the attached screenshot of the error. But the same function in rgui cause R studio to stop as expected. And similarly using just q () in R studio closes R. It beats me how can q in a function alone cause R studio to crash? I am curious to know if anyone can replicate this issue. Please can anyone give me ideas as to what might be the reason for this error? Thanks in advance.

R Session Aborted

Hello Everyone,

I am using DVDFab Trial version and I encountered the following problem while trying to convert a blu-ray movie disc. I loaded the blu-ray disk and made the necessary profile changes. Once the profile settings were completed, I clicked the ‘Start’ button to convert my blu-ray movie. And then, I get an error message which says file already exists. I did try a similar conversion before. But why should it prevent my keeping the earlier version as well as the latest version of the movie? Is there a work around to fix this issue? I am waiting for updates from you. Thank you for the help rendered.

Hi Friends,

I am getting an Application Error on Convertex while trying to convert a file. I got the following access violation error after I did this: While converting an mkv file, after completion of 30% of the conversion, I pressed Stop. And then I pressed yes to clean up. After that I tried closing the ConvertX and I get the following error. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is causing the problem? Is this a problem with the ConverteX version I installed? Should I reinstall it? Please advice. Thanks in advance.

Exception EAccesViolation in module ConvertXtoDvd.exe at 00009268.

Hello All,

I installed both the Blu-ray and DVD converter V3.0.0.4b. The Blu-ray works fine but the DVD Converter gives this access violation error message when trying to launch and fails to launch. I was able to launch DVD Converter V3.0.0.3b without any problem. It is only when I tried the V3.0.0.4b version that I ended up with this error. I tried running the installer again but without any success. Is this installer corrupted? How can I get DVD Converter V3.0.0.4b to work? At present I do not have the installer for the V3.0.0.3b with me. Please help me to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.


I am trying to use DVDFAb version to rip a Blu-ray disk and all of a sudden, it gives me can't connect to internet error message. After a couple of reinstallations of version 9 failing to help me, I tried using the DVDFab version 8 to complete the process. The installation went smoothly but I still get the same error asking me to reconnect. I have a lifetime license for DVDFab and it has not expired. I was only using this software last week without any problems. I have not changed anything in my computer since. What could be causing this issue? Please, can anyone help me out? Thanks a ton.

Hello Whiz,

I am trying to uninstall Mondain’s legacy from my system, don’t want to program to occupy space in memory. Not able to do it got stuck up in the middle and also I tried multiple times to uninstall. Also I tried to going to control panel, add/remove program, there I am not able to find this program. In what way I can uninstall? Guide me some assistance.

Image of the Error:

Error Message in the Image:

Ultima Online: Mondain’s Legacy

An error (-5009 : 0x8002802b) has occurred while running the setup.