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I to ask few questions about software that can be used for non-liner video editing for Windows 7. What are the system requirements for this software? What are the things I need to remember to set ready before going to the installation process? Please give all proper solution for this problem? What are the codec that I need to install to make sure that this going to work with my operating system? What do you mean by elements? What is the benefits of using it?


I am trying to record and export it using Audacity it gives me multiple error messages while exporting a recording. I was able to record my voice, but I cannot turn the voice in to an mp3 format. What are the possible reasons causing this? Why is it that I have to download another encoder even though I can record WAV files? Please elaborate the steps on how to make this work? What are the codec means? How essential it is in recording?


I would like to inquire about Mosaicture application. What are the specifications of this application? Please provide me the system requirements for this to run in phone and what are the phone that can be used for this? Explain to me the how does it work for the different parts of the working environment of the application? Give me a step-by-step way on how to create album with this software? How to print it out and what are the sizes available for this?

Please answer my queries.

Thank you!

Is it downloaded album cover art, add lyrics to audio automatically? Can this fix incorrect Mp3 tags? Can I export Zortam Mp3 library (.zor) to CSV,Excel, HTML? What is ID3 Tag Editor and how does it work? What is the Batch auto tag process and how to use this? Can lyrics save in iTunes, iPod and Android phone or tablet devices? Can I listen Mp3 from USB drive? Can this run on MAC operating system? What is duplicate Mp3 files search? Thank You

How many layers are to be added in the timeline? Can I integrate YouTube Api by using this software? What is hardware configurations needed to set this up? Is the video card essential to install and work with this software? Is there any facility to automatic audio normalization? Can I add any texture or animation with this? Where is main difference between Adobe premiere and Ezvid Can I connect webcam to this software? Can I export video to all of video format files? Thank You

I read few articles about Audi A3 Sedan. I want to go deeper and know more. What are the sound system included in this car? What do you mean by MMI Infotainment? How does hand-writing recognition works and essential with this car? How useful is the voice control? Can I use it only for starting the engine? What is Audi Connect? How does it work? What are the available features for this system? How useful the MMI Navigation Plus? What is ESC and EBD stands for? Please help me. Thank you!

Can I add a program (hard code) to the new version of ConceptDraw MINDMAP software? What are restricted areas in ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7 software? Can I generate Table here? Can I export it directly to PDF or HTML document? What improvement is found in Brainstorming tool? Can I use this spreadsheet data from MS Excel? Thank You

Can I install Tango App only PC? Can this set up on Mac OS? How to use this, Is it similar like What Apps? If my friend uses Tango on his smart phone with data plans, can I call in free? What is about video quality? What is a ‘Shake’ feature in Tango App? Thank You

What is the latest version released in Viber software? Can I make video calls with the new released Viber software? Can this support windows XP? Can I install this software on any Smart Phone or Tablet? How many contacts can I save with this software? What is the advantage feature added new? Thank You


I am a voice-over artist and I would like to give more extensibility on my talents. What is this Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.1? Can I download it from Google Store? What are the system requirements for me to run this in my phone? What are the best features that I can use to alter my voice recordings? Can I download this also to my computer? What are the file formats supported and to export it? Can I sync this software with Sony Sound Forge?