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Hi there,

I want to install Media Player on my PC with Windows 7 (x86) and I have this kind of error. I have the right installer for Windows 7 (x86) and still this appears. I copied the .dll file on that folder and is not working either. Can anyone help me please to fix this one ?

Thank you !

Setup_wm.exe – Bad Image – missing DLL files

Hello there,

I just bought a movie on DVD and I try to run it on my PC. To open it I use Windows Media Player and I have this error. On the cover it says that I can run the movie on PC also. Can anyone help me please to open my movie on my PC ? Is there another player that can open this DVD movie ?

Thanks !

Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD. The disc was created in a manner that the player does not support.

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Hello experts,

Since I have updated Windows Media Player I have this error every time I want to open some media files. I tried to reinstall an older version and I can’t get rid of this error. I have it with the latest version also with an older one. Can anyone help me please to fix this ?

Thanks !

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.

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Recently I experienced this kind of error caused by Zoom Player. I didn’t make any changes in my system and I can’t solve this error. The reinstall is not working and can anyone help me please to fix this error ? What address is wrong ?

Thank you !

Zoom Player

Access violation at address 02FFD825 in module “CLDemuxer.ex”. Write of address 00210730


Hi experts,

I have this error caused by Winamp when I want to play some songs. It doesn’t matter what song because the error is the same for all songs. Can anyone help me please to fix this ? What could cause this one ?

Thank you !


Track end AiLenChanged audiolsPlaying not set.


Hello there,

After restarting my PC this error appeared when I tried to open Winamp player. It worked just fine before restarting and now I don’t know what happened. Can anyone help me please to fix this ? Reinstalling is not working, I did this many times.

Thanks !

Nullsoft Direct Sound Output v2.6

Error creating DirectSound buffer.

Error code: 88780096


Hi everybody,

I am having Lenovo Thinkpad T430 with Windows 7 installed in it.

It is working fine, but the problem is that from last week I am facing issues with playing YouTube videos. I am getting an error message saying that an error occurred please try again. I felt that the problem could be with the Adobe Flash player But after installing the latest version also same issue. At the same time I am able to see the Facebook games and other videos in that.

Is this a problem with Internet Explorer? Did anybody faced this kind of issues? Please advise, thanks.

Hi everyone,

I am having 46" Sony BRAVIA V-Series LCD HDTV (model: KDL-46V4100) and I am trying to setup my Roku with surround sound and selecting 5.1 audio in Netflix. But, I am getting error on the TV that the audio signal is not supported. I have connected these using HDMI cables. 

Does anybody else have the same issue? How can I use surround sound 5.1 on Netflix in my TV? Please suggest me a solution. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi all,

I am using Dell Inspiron 15 3521 Laptop with Windows 8 on it. My favorite hobby is listening to music. So I loaded about 1000 CD albums on Windows media Player.

Daily I am used to listen music, but the problem is that couple of times, some of the songs from few albums are playing 2 times. They copied 2 times and every time I need to remove one among those two.

Can I delete that duplicate song permanently without disturbing the original song? Can somebody please suggest me how to remove these duplicate songs? Thanks in advance for your kind help.

I want to be able to join a couple of video files together without losing quality and make one long video rather than 4 or 5 short ones. Does anyone know of a free software I can use to do this? I have seen a few but it will cost me. I'm only going to do this once so paying is not worth it. Any suggestions?