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Hello experts,

I have this Blue Eye in my computer; I am getting this annoying error message. The error message states that ‘failed creating performance counter’ I tried to restart the Blue Eye several times but no result still the error persist. How to rebuild the performance counters in command prompt? Please help me to resolve the error. Your help is great. Thanks.

Failed creating performance counters.

Blue Eye will not be able to retrieve information of current CPU/Memory usages.

If restarting Blue Eye does not solve the problem, rebuilding your systems performance counters will.

Category: Misc Software

Hi tech gamers,

I am getting this wired error message when I open a file in game maker. For your information, I didn’t face any error while installation and download everything went perfect. But now I am getting this odd error message, any file missing in the installation? Is this affected by virus? I am not sure what is happening, I need some sort of assistance. Thanks.

Access violation at address 006B5E1E in module ‘Game_maker.exe’.

Read of address 10064226.

Category: Misc Software

Hello trouble shooters,

I recently updated the Wtfast and it went well and good. But all of a sudden I am facing this error. The error states that ‘wrong authentication protocol’. But I am using the latest version of Wtfast. I installed it from the authorized official website. What might be the problem? Your help is great. Thanks.

Wrong authentication protocol.

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of support@wtfast.com.

If the problem will persist please contact support@wtfast.com

Category: Misc Software

Hello friends,

The download and installation of AVS video went perfect without creating any error. But the error appeared when I tried to setup the AVS. The error message pops up with the following message. I tried all the option in the error message, but everything seems to do same job. I am not able to setup the program. How do I ignore or stop the error message? Please help.

AddFontResource failed.

Click Retry to try again, Ignore to proceed anyway, or Abort to cancel installation.

Category: Misc Software

I can’t open drawings using eDrawings2013, this is the error I am getting.

Unhandled parsing exception.

Please report fault.

Category: Misc Software


I am using this AVS Video converter for past few weeks to convert the files and I am new to AVS Video. Now I am getting this error message. With this error message I am not able to understand anything. I am not violating any rules, what is mean by access violation at address 00463C01? Please help me fix this error. Thanks in advance.

Access violation at address 00463C01 in module ‘AVSVideoConverter.exe’. Read of address 00000000.

Category: Misc Software

Hello friends,

When I try to install the Adobe After Effects CS6, it ended up with the error message. AE is looking for some plug-in in the system. But the desired plug-in is missing from the location. How to fix this plug-in error? Is this a bug? I have windows 8 64 bit and latest Adobe collection. Please help. Your help is great.

After Effects error: plug-in “PremiereProlmport.aex” could not be loaded (6).


Category: Misc Software

Hello friends,

I am new to the XML and a beginner in learning. Here in this problem I am able to parse only in the standalone mode. An error pops up when a reference is made to the external entity. How to fix this error? I am frustrated because of this error. Please help me to get rid of this error. Thank you.

error in processing external entity reference at line 3

Category: Misc Software

Hi Whiz,

I googled and downloaded the UFRaw to work with the raw files. I get the below error message when I try to export it to the GIMP. I have the latest version of GIMP and UFRaw. Both GIMP and UFRaw works independently fine but the problem triggered when they are together. UFRaw is not compatible with GIMP? Please help guide me to the solution? Thanks.

Error activating Gimp.

Failed to execute helper program (Invalid argument)

Category: Misc Software


I am getting this odd error message while starting the Ammyy Admin. Recently I upgraded my system from windows 8 to windows Vista. Thinking of this might be the problem. Do I need to upgrade the Ammyy Admin too? How to change the proxy settings? Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks.

Error {12007} occurred while connecting to server “http://rl.ammyy.com”

Would you like to change proxy settings?