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I am using Pentium iii computer and my os is windows XP.

I have no idea to shift higher os and I want to know what is the best software browser for Pentium iii download.

Please tell me the best software browser and its version.



Share with me some html5 report sample. I have to make my documentation about my html5 developed webpage project; documentation will serve as a user manual, a guide and information about your webpage system. How the user would be able to upload, download, put images and texts to the website.  Would you love to show me some html5 report sample?

Waiting for your support.

I have a blogsite. But there are many of spam users and visitor. So, I need to control the traffic of my blogsite. I have downloaded NetLimiter 1.30. But it is difficult to use. Mainly traffic controlling features are too hard to understand. 
Can someone please explain me the features of net limiter 1? 

Hello friends,

How to connect mobile or telephone internet video player?

Is it possible for me to connect my mobile phone to a computer and where I can view an online video?

I want to view it in my mobile phone as a testing so that I will be able to make a report or conclusion about the experiment.

I have to submit this next month. Please help me.

Thanks and Regards,

Angela King.

During this Christmas vacation, I have a plan to visit Thailand. I have downloaded a software for free download digital map thailand. But I am unable to install it into my Samsung Galaxy S-3. It says “system error”. Can you please give me a solution? I want it as soon as possible.

Hi techyv,

How to perform photo resizing for yahoo mail? I have some photos that needs to be resized before sending it to a friend through yahoo mail. I have almost fifty photos, I have to compress the file and save it into one folder. What is the best software that can compress the size of photos?

Hoping for your help. Thanks.

Hi guys,

What is the tool remove title window?

In that website there is what we call a title window, the text that appears at the top of a visitor's web browser when viewing a particular page.

I want to remove our company title window in the website just for now and I will think of a better title window later.

As of the moment all I want to do is delete it, can you help me?

Expecting some help, thank you.

Hi guys,

This is all about recovering a composed message. While writing a message for a business client using my yahoo mail account, I accidentally close the Mozilla Firefox internet browser. Would I can still be able to recover those composed message? Where can I find it? It is hard for me to remember and write it all back again.

Expecting some help, thank you.

Hi, I badly need an effective url downloads software. Please tell me what's fact I have to look up in order to select a good url downloads software?  

Why we remove the free avast toolbar and how remove it?