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Internet download manager is supposed to increase the speed but in my case it is more of a nuisance.

In order to change IDM resume yes to all I changed the settings but It frequently hangs at 99% or downloaded file or shows corrupted file on a resume.

I have Windows 7 installed on my system.

What should I do?

I have this software named turbine utilities. I have currently using tune up utilities. Is this software similar to tune up utilities or is it something different? please post it here.

I tried my best to locate option from where I can change my display name in msn messegner but all in vain. Requesting to all How to change msn messegner screen name?

I have a customer that owns an SSL certificate for www.xyz.com

I have added this to the Exchange 2010 Power shell for external URL and they now don't get any certificate errors.

But now all internal users are getting an error as SSL is for www.xyz.com and the server is showing as server1.domain.local.

How can I change outlook to show as www.xyz.com instead or keep going back to server1.domain.local

Everybody is reacting like bananas in recovery of emails.

PC is looking junk food sometimes, and user may delete their files that is unexpected.

Is there any well-known software available in Market that can help us like the tool that email adept provides?

Is there any way I can download an editor de pdf software online? I need it free. The software  must enable the user to edit pdf files for tasks like filling forms and stuff.

I am planning to do email marketing. For this purpose I want linux bulk email tracking software. Please tell me where to find this software. Add some free link if possible.

Hello Experts,

Is there a way on how to delete anti spam bot, I need to know about this. Is there a software that could possibly delete the anti spam bot, give me some links and tutorials about this.

I really need your help. Thank you

Hi guys

I need a very good anonymous quickie phone app on my iphone-4. I just can't make decision which will be better. Please share some idea.


I got this error.

Unable to process the request

I'm receiving this on a site "Unable to process the request", when 80% of my works are finished. I am not able to see details!!!!

As well on not many ones that load I am not able to make out the route, just this occurs from my computer as well as any other computer i have attempted with any other browser like IE, Chrome, and Firefox, BTW it all runs very well from the phone.

I need a solution. Thanks a lot.