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Hi, I badly need an effective url downloads software. Please tell me what's fact I have to look up in order to select a good url downloads software?  

Why we remove the free avast toolbar and how remove it?

Hi, I am new here. I intend to use disk doctors outlook mail recovery pst 2.0.1 to recover my emails. Can anyone tell me it is possible to save recovered emails by using this software ? Or is there any "save recovered emails" option ? Please help me.


I want to find best instant messenger software for chat with my friends.

Please help me.

Hi everyone,

How to create a table auto scroll? I am using html and php programming language I hope the two systems are capable of handling auto scroll data codes. I need some video tutorial that will best explain everything in an order manner.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Can anyone tell me for what is "New incognito window" option is for in Google chrome ?

Hi techyv,

Tell me more about open source webmail client 2011. What is the main purpose of webmail client 2011? Kindly explain the advantage and disadvantages of having this kind of application as an open source. I hope you can find some ways to inform me.

Hoping for your help. Thanks.


There is a problem with my download sample product catalog. After downloading the file from the internet the image was scattered and the information turned into codes which I don’t understand. Maybe it is not compatible with my windows xp operating system. What should I do?


Travis Nelson.

Hello fellows,

How to get rid of email tracking blocker? Some internet café may put some email tracking blocker to track all our social networking messages, comments, twits and more. I want to protect my online identity from online identity thefts all over the internet. Please let me know how to detect it.


Christine Turner.

I understand that to export lotus organiser calendar to google mail you have to use a software, apart from what you are currently using. I have AweSync to synchronize my lotus calendar with my google calendar. The problem is that, not all the data from my Lotus Organizer is copied to google. What could possibly be wrong with that?