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Hello Experts,

I am using MAC OS x 10.8  and I am looking for an email software which is easy to use and can help me in sending emails and filter spam mails.

Please suggest me some Professional email sender mac applications which I can use to send my emails.

Thanks in advance.

I am trying to install Microsoft System Center 2012 on a vm machine but when I try to run it after installation I get the following error I don’t know what am I missing in the installation process any guide will be helpful.

Application catalog Cannot connect to the application server. The website cannot communicate with the server. This might be a temporary problem. Try again later to see if the pro

Dear Experts,

I have heard from my friends about a software named as Beagle which monitors Broadband connection. I couldn’t get more information on this but have a lot of curiosity about the functions it performs. Can anyone share review beagle broadband monitor in detail?

Hi folks,

I am looking out for a software which can find email id's from mail servers, various search engines, blogs, websites or social networking sites.I want a freeware program which can help me extract email id's.

Techyv experts please suggest me some free email address search software.

Thanks in advance.

I am a MAC user.

I have registered for MAC messenger before 2-3 weeks.

Now it has become a problem.

Whenever I switch  on my internet connection it's showing too much pop up windows saying about everything about my MAC messenger account.

Such as available users, New emails.

How can I disable this disturbance?

Please help me friends.

2 of my email addresses have easily been infiltrated.  I'm looking for a good email password generator software which has Advanced Encryption Standard with 256-bit protection.  Need suggestions asap.  Thanks.

Hello expert, I have been using an Android and I’m looking to download some files in offline. Can you explain me about offline browsing Android? Also send me an exact browser for it?

Hello Experts,

I want to store private personal bookmarks online and don’t want them to be shared with others. Where can I store my private personal bookmarks online? Suggest me simple and fast web application.

Hello Experts,

I have recently heard about easy2sync for the files. Can we transfer big files and folders or there is any limit for transfer? And what are its security features?

Dear Experts,

I would like to know if there is any software to monitor log of emails. If anyone could help me finding software log mail server and the procedure to configure it. I shall be grateful to you.