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Hi TechyV users!

My friend suggest me a software called “AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP”.

After chatting about it, it calls my nerves to download it.

But I am having problem while installing this software.

I’m getting ‘WebMail is not configured properly’ error message.

What seems to be the problem?

Where is the Afterlogic config?

Any comments would be appreciated.


Hannaha Meeks

Hi and good day TechyV users and pals!

My friend told me about the software called “Affixa: The Web-mail wonder”. And according on my impression about the title of the software is very helpful for offices and personal uses. But unfortunately, My friend got logged off before I ask him how does it works. Now here is my question, what is Affixa: The Web-mail wonder? How does it work? How to do affixa owa login for office 365? Any help would be nice. Thanks.
Roya Munguia


For emailing in huge amount, I am using G-lock Easymail Language Pack, some languages are installed by default at the time of installing. But I need the dutch version which is not available with the default install. Can anyone tell me whether dutch version is available with Easymail? If not, please suggest me a good email program with dutch version.


I want to send emails directly to an SMTP server instead of an external email client with MAPI.  How do I configure mapi to SMTP proxy?  I'm using Windows 7 64 bit.  Hope someone can help me with this.  Thanks in advance.

Hi guys, I am into dreamweaver. Can you teach me how to create a dreamweaver asp column sort. Thanks guys. I badly need you help on this


I need to download the latest version of the Freiburg pronto mail XIMSS.

Can anyone give me the suggestion on where to get this?


Dear All

I am using Mail bell email software for windows which notifies me when a new email arrives to my mail account. My question to you is does mailbell support secure server connections or not? Let me know if it does, thanks.


Charles Marry

I am getting the following error while trying to submit my items on the ebay last day? Does someone know what is this about how to resolve it?

Review your listing You can not submit your listing due to the following problems Please enter a valid value An error has occurred Go back and edit my listing

I'd like so sort my customers credit card according to certain categories. Is there any credit card cat software? Where can I download the most common software?

I need to do an explain part list synchronization with utmost accuracy.

Kindly recommend the best website that can show me how to transfer and update XML file with large volume data through script.