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I use Windows 7 ultimate in my PC. I want to download ovi messenger in my PC for free. Will it work in PC? I have a Nokia asha 305 model mobile phone. I would also like to use the same software in my mobile phone. Is it compatible with this model? 


Hi guys,

My question is regarding Download Software's, so is orbit malware code free ?

I don't want to download it then format all my HDDs because of its unsafety.


Hi guys,

I am new to lotus note. I wanted to create a reminder for my personal events. How do I create a lotus note reminder? Thanks for helping out

Hi guys,

I left my computer open with my email logged on. When my kid started to touch things and I am afraid that some of my emails were permanently deleted.I wanted to have my email account backed up. Can you suggest the best hotmail backup tool. Thanks in advance

Hi Experts,

A friend of mine is running a fitness club. I have been assigned a duty to develop a website for his business. As I am not that expert to develop a high profile website and manage it. I have decided to use Joomla Fitness Template. Can anyone tell me what are the advantages and disadvantages of Joomla. Is it easy to use or I would require to have training?

I recently upgraded my Firefox browser to version 18.0.1.

Suddenly I noticed a irritating delay for the first launch.

I doubt this could be due to some incompatible add-ons I am using with it; downthemall, autopager, java are a few to name.

Maybe disabling few add-ons would help the browser to quick start and respond.

Can anyone recommend any good firefox performance tuning tools to make the browser responsive again.

Hi Experts,

I want to get low bandwidth android calling software. Can anybody give me the direct link to download.

And I also need the proper documentation to use this software.

I will be very thankful.

Hi to everyone,

An internet connection problem send email offline. I am in the process of sending an email to my business partners setting a meeting for next week’s activity and suddenly was not able to be sure if I already send the emails for there are some internet connection lost occurred. Would you give me some tips on how to check it?

Your suggestion is very much welcome.

For checking IPv6 bounceback email test, I have sent mail to bouncer@freenet6.net but didn’t receive any instant reply; Is there any way to test the same.

How can i download IDM at free of cost. I would like to have full version of IDM with serial number