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I was looking around the internet for a program that collects email addresses that I can use for a newsletter campaign and saw one called Mailchimp. Are there any other programs that you can recommend aside from Mailchimp?

Hi everyone,

Is there any way to recover deleted junk emails? I accidentally deleted those junk emails with important files attached. It has been a big mistake and I was very disappointed. I came to visit techyv to get some important information if there is still a way to recover those junk emails. I need your help.


What is the most popular dating page portal software? Any websites or software which includes dating is preferable, I would like to make friends and chat online using software, it is more fun to have online friends as well. Chatting and online gaming are my favorite hobbies.


Pamela Gonzalez.

After Coming from France my Laptop always redirecting to www yahoo fr mail where I am in UK. Please provide me the resolution.

I've recently installed a vBulletin Directory Link. Is it possible to create a sub category on the other sub category? I've checked and it seems that there are restrictions from the parent category to sub categories only.

My friend tried to use my free AVG number to activate his licensed  Anti-virus. His Anti-virus was not activated despite putting it in the right format.

What could be the problem?

I am using a Pentium 4 PC. Some browsers are not working on my PC. Which browser is suitable for my PC?

Is it okay to download software for my LG 230 from other website aside from the LG website? Will it affect the performance of my mobile phone? I want to download software for video streaming, games, Skype usage and a lot more.

Good morning to everyone. Can you suggest any other web design software that you have used which is quite comparable to Dreamweaver but has better or more features and tools? I was thinking of one that has the drag-and-drop features and an easy to use interface. Please suggest. Thanks for the help!

Hello friends…I need to have hosted exchange mac mail and I want to know the step-by-step guide to do this. I don’t have full idea on how to do this but I want to try through your help. Ready to follow your instructions and if I got problem I’ll get back to you to ask more. Thanks for the help.