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Good morning to everyone. Can you suggest any other web design software that you have used which is quite comparable to Dreamweaver but has better or more features and tools? I was thinking of one that has the drag-and-drop features and an easy to use interface. Please suggest. Thanks for the help!

Hello friends…I need to have hosted exchange mac mail and I want to know the step-by-step guide to do this. I don’t have full idea on how to do this but I want to try through your help. Ready to follow your instructions and if I got problem I’ll get back to you to ask more. Thanks for the help.

Hi folks, I need to have backups for my sms, so I am looking for a software that can do blackberry sms direct from pc so  that we could still provide the service whenever we have problems on internet connections. Maybe somebody out there can help me acquire such software. Thanks


     I am using Black Bery Cell phone I want to download Email redectior for android application but it does not work in my cell phone .Can any  one please tell me how i download Email redirector in my cell phone ?Is there any specific way to download the Email redirector for android ?


I am using Window live mail.my email s have deleted accidently  in  Window live mail .I want to recover my lost emails .For that purpose I need Advance Window Mail Recovery  for recover my emails.I found it from internet but i did not get it please if any one have then  email me or suggest me from where or which website I can download?

Hi techyv,

How those are related to each other avast hotmail outlook? How can avast antivirus can help hotmail outlook application? Is there a possibility that it can protect my outlook resources? I hope you can give me some important detail regarding this matter.

Hoping for your help.

Hi guys,

What is the fastest way to delete billions bulk email list? My email address was full of bulk emails and I want to get rid of this and delete them all. But there are almost billions bulk email list. What should I do? Please give some good advice and suggestion.

Expecting some help, thank you.

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I want to use msn messenger. But I have no knowledge what steps perform during installation de msn please help and tell me what steps perform during installation of de msn.

I recently installed telnet but I need as a telnet windows 7 free buttons to appear either on the desktop or taskbar so that I could easily access whenever I need to connect into mail-servers or terminals. Please help on how to have it installed.



I have small problem with mp3 script powered by VGj. I don't know what http will be best choice to host it. Apache? Nginx? Maybe something else? Script must work quick even under big traffic.