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There is a problem with my download sample product catalog. After downloading the file from the internet the image was scattered and the information turned into codes which I don’t understand. Maybe it is not compatible with my windows xp operating system. What should I do?


Travis Nelson.

Hello fellows,

How to get rid of email tracking blocker? Some internet café may put some email tracking blocker to track all our social networking messages, comments, twits and more. I want to protect my online identity from online identity thefts all over the internet. Please let me know how to detect it.


Christine Turner.

I understand that to export lotus organiser calendar to google mail you have to use a software, apart from what you are currently using. I have AweSync to synchronize my lotus calendar with my google calendar. The problem is that, not all the data from my Lotus Organizer is copied to google. What could possibly be wrong with that?

I'm using a BlackBerry mobile phone. 

I want to hide my BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) contact list but I failed to do that. 

I can't find a way to hide it.

I already tried to split up my contact list but nothing happens. 

Any help?

I heard that acronis true image home 13 was just release. Is it free to use or do I need to buy it? If so, where can I download it for free? Many thanks..

I'm looking for a tool or any way from which I can alter static HTML documents into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

I need to move those HTML documents to SharePoint website but with the same Sharepoint appearances.

The pages should be updated and enhance.

Please send me suggestions.


Explain the steps followed to shrink a 10GB video in order to send it to a recipient via email using Mac OS.

Hi everyone,

Where to find yahoo user location? When I open my email address in yahoomail.com or my yahoomessenger I always wonder where I can check my location encoded during the registration. I cannot recall if I key in the right one. I want to edit if something is wrong with my yahoomail location.



I recently bought a new laptop running windows 7 and need a mail delivery software where you can manage your list and filter email. Hopefully, it is similar to Direct Mail for Mac and if possible a freeware but paid ones are ok.

Can you guys recommend any?


I was looking around the internet for a program that collects email addresses that I can use for a newsletter campaign and saw one called Mailchimp. Are there any other programs that you can recommend aside from Mailchimp?