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Hi.  I am in search for a programming software. 

Can someone give their opinions on the IQsync software? 

What functions does it have and would it work on a Windows XP 64 bit system? 

Thanks in advance.

C++ compilers usually support the OpenGL graphics library. Does pgi workstation complete Linux version support OpenGL or any C++ graphics libraries if so which ones and is there anything I need to do to use them?

Where can I download the freeware Autotyper for repeat typing function and how do I install it on my Windows 7 PC? 

I need this program as I type a lot of text files with repeated words and phrases. 

Can someone teach me how to use Autotyper?

I need a program to calculate resistor values. 

Where can I download Electronics Assistant and is it a freeware? 

Does it have an easy to use UI? 

Will it give an accurate value for the different resistors? 

Does it have a unit changer function and does it have a summary function for 2 or more resistors in series or parallel?

I'd like to from vb save clipboard to tif and have found some VB code to retrieve the clipboard (Clipboard.GetData) and SavePicture which saves it as a bmp file, and then I can create a New Bitmap to load the bmp file and use its Save method to save into any format I like. However I don't want to save it to disk as a .bmp file first, is there a way to store the .bmp file in memory and access the Save method of the Bitmap class?

What compilers for blackberry do you recommend and what language is best to use in a Microsoft Windows based development environment? The QNX Momentics IDE supports C/C++ under the Native SDK for example. But there seem so many choices, Cascades, HTML5, Core Native, Adobe AIR, Android, Java (eg RAPC)? Which platform/framework and compiler should I use and what are the pros/cons of them?

I am interested in RealEstate drupal template house rent system (it's a premium Drupal theme on themesnap) to use as a house rental system and would like to offer 3D previews of the properties, what would be involved in doing this?

Can anybody advice me that which one is best Net objects fusion 10 or Dream weaver? What are the merits and demerits of Net objects fusion 10 and Dream weaver? What I heard is that Net objects fusion 10 is the first choice of website developers and professionals, is it true?

Hi guys,

I am looking for a tool that will enable me to project the.

Value of an investment over time. This investment growth calculator tool should take into consideration the.Time duration, investment rate, inflation and tax rate and should thus use all

Those factors to come up with an accurate prediction. What I would like is to.Purchase such software or find a free download of the same.

If anyone can help me on this please reply to the post.


Are there any MasterCard Clearing Presentment Simulator or MCPS simulator standard online tutorials? I would like to try this one since I cannot attend any actual workshop due to my busy schedule. Please share the links of those website offering online tutorial courses.

Thanks in advance!