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Hello experts,

I just bought a Samsung S5620 Monte. The problem is that, when I dial any number, my phone will automatically locks its display and the only way I can unlock it is by pressing the unlock button on the angle of the phone. And the unlock function with the display does not work. This is so irritating as I usually make calls and it requires to press number to enable the auto-answer service. Is there a way to disable the display lock feature on Samsung S5620 Monte?

Hey guys, 

I'm in need of assistance right now. I just rebuilt my computer and changed everything including my CPU, motherboard, RAM, Power Supply Unit and my GPU. But the Hard Disk Drive is still in use. The problem is, whenever I turned my computer on, a BSOD will appear. Maybe it is because I installed Windows 7 on my old motherboard.

I have a Windows 8 disk with me. I want to know if I can just upgrade or perform a clean installation since reformatting my hard drive is my last option as I have lots of data that I do not want to lose. If I choose to upgrade, can it fix all the issues that I am facing right now without losing everything?

Hi everyone, I am using standard Reader in Windows 8 for PDF and XPS files for the first time. It is really quick and perfect. Before I use Adobe Reader which is uses thumbnails on documents. But that was only one advantage, was slow etc. This is in standard Windows 8 Reader missing. Is possible to enable thumbnails for files associated to Windows 8 Reader? I need your help guys. Thank you!


if I press Continue, then it shows the image shown below. I've done this many times using Memorex and experienced no problems. I was wondering maybe i have to change some of the parameters on ImgBurn. I hope there is more to do than having 25 useless dvds. DVD +R DL!! Failed to set L0 Data Zone Capacity Reason: Cannot Write Medium - Incompatible Format:

Cannot Write Medium


1/0 Error!

Device:[0:1:0]_NECDVD_RW ND-6750A 2.61 (D:) (ATA).

ScsiStatus: 0x02.

Interpretation:Check Condition.

CDB: 2A 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 00

Hello fellows,

Last week there are some comments in our website that iOS users cannot view some parts of the website like videos and more. How to convert website from Flash to Html5? We are running a website that runs with flash plug INS; can we possibly convert our website from flash to Html5? I need to make this clear so that I will be able to make a move. I hope you will help me about this.


Hi guys,

Is there an eBook for basic software engineering questions? I’m developing software that includes modern engineering software stuffs. My documentation is not yet finish because I am not still done with all the scope and limitations and conclusions which is needed for the said project. I would like to get some eBooks that talks about software engineering that includes an instance of a program merged into other kind of programming software.

I hope you can share some tips regarding this matter.


I am getting the following error message when I try to open a file in Tag Editor. I can’t understand this weird error message. What does it mean and how can I remove this annoying issue? I am using Win XP SP2 and trying to fix this issue via forum but I need your assistance. Please provide some suggestion. Thanks in advance.


(35017):SSLex0105e: Invalid token, Line 1, Offset 15, b


I am using Windows 7 Operating System 64bit and working on a project using Dreamweaver but today I got an error message when I attempted to start the program. I could not understand the cause of this error so need your assistance to fix this problem. Thanks in advance.


The following translators were not loaded due to error.

ICERegion.htm: has configuration information that is invalid.

JQueryMobile.htm: has configuration information that is invalid.

XSlTransform.htm:has configuration information that is invalid.


I am trying to install Autodesk Inventor 2012 but it gives me the following pop up message during the installation process. Some unknown file is missing according to the given error. I reinstalled the program but the problem remains. Can I fix it? Help me to get it out.

Thanks for any assistance.

adlmPITValidateKey was not found in


Hi experts,

Recently, I got the following error message when I tried to start Eclipse. What is wrong? How can I resolve this error? Provide the step by step solution. I would be grateful to you. I have tried online solution but I need your assistance.

An error has occurred.

See the log file