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Hello Tech folks,

When I am working in NetBeans, I was stuck up with an error message. The error message states that ‘NetBeans support of swing application Framework has been discontinued’. Do I need to install any plugin or update any drivers? How to continue the NetBeans support without interrupt? Please help me to solve this error. Thanks a lot.


NetBeans support of Swing Application Framework has been discontinued. Please, use NetBeans 7.0 if you want to use this framework.


At home when I updated my Visual Studio from 2010 to visual Studio 2012, after updating when I try to create a SharePoint 2013 projects or sample application I ended up with this error message. So could I able to download and install the Microsoft office developer tools and Web developer tools? Anyone can provide the direct download link? Your help is appreciated. Thanks.


Microsoft Visual Studio

“An error occurred while trying to load some required components. Please ensure that the following prerequisite components are installed:

Microsoft Web Developer Tools

Hello brainy,

When I am trying to expand the table in a database I got this odd error message. I am using Dreamweaver UltraDev, but this is not an issue with other versions which I used past. Cause might be the connection problem or version problem not able to guess? Need more information to solve this error. Help me to find out.

Error calling getTables: Unknown error 0x800A0CB3

Unknow error 0x800A0CB3

Object or provider is not capable of performing requested operation.

I am trying to use Sideload Wonder machine with my Sony Xperia X10. I have installed all required software from the Sony site directly but still SWM wouldn't run. An error message pops up saying : Device not found. Can anyone highlight this issue. What must the problem be here and how can I solve this? Thanks

I have some CD files with apalbum extension which I would like to open in Windows. Is there any way to do so? I want to edit those photos in photoshop. Pls help

Hi there,

Google has placed  Android Manger Anti-theft application on Play store, this Application is intended to enable the owner of the stolen phone to remotely change screen locks, make the phone ring and trace it on a map, How will this Application work if the thief tries to Flash the stock ROM on the Android phone? What will make this App better than McAfee and Avast Anti-theft Applications?

I have a Windows-only program I'd like to run. It's delivered in a ZIP file with a simple hierarchy of files that include the program itself (.exe) and various DLLs and support files, rather than an actual installer. I've tried things like creating an empty bottle and copying the files over and using the "Run Command" feature but that generates an error 53. Does anyone have any tips for situations like this?

Hello, I have been trying hard to install Photoshop CSS on Macbook Pro 15 Retina running OS X Mavericks but with no success. I am getting a message everytime from Adobe saying tha installation was a failure. Can anyone please help me with this? I insert the disk and and a message asks if I would like to install? On yes, some processing is done and then the Adobe error message appears. What am I doing wrong? Please tell me the correct way to successfully complete installation of Photoshop CSS.

I have tried installing Windows Live blog editor on Mac Lion using free crossover download, but I encountered the error message "cannot connect to the Internet" while doing so. Please tell me why I am encountering such an error and what can be done about it? How can I install the required program smoothly?

Hi there,

I have Nokia Lumia 720, while chatting online, am discovering the messenger doesn't display latest messages, I am seeing the  messages when I log online later, but time of receiving the message is indicated as during the chat time, of which I didn't get the message displayed on real time, what could be the problem? How do I get my messages displayed on real time?