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Hi. I have recently started using Norton 360 and because I was facing some problems with it, I removed it. Now, I wish to install it again. How to reinstall Norton 360? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Hi. I have been facing the issue of a blank page being inserted in the middle of my document. I want to learn how to remove these blank pages. How to remove blank page? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Hi. I am a student who has recently bought an iPhone. I want to transfer my songs from my PC to the iTunes library. How to put music into iTunes? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Which is one of the best books available out there to learn Linux as a beginner to get started with Linux’s command line and its programming?

Which is the best Calendar application available on the Play Store (Productivity) which is free for personal use that one can use to on Android?

Which is the best Calendar software system available on the internet which is free for personal use that one can use to on Windows OS?

I am a businessman and I have to speak too many people I am so I get so many visiting cards. I want business card scan to Outlook and store as contacts automatically are there any way to do so?

Hello experts,

I am an employee in a management firm. There is a couple of new employee joined in our firm along with me. To get upper hand and promotions I wanted to excel in every section I am assigned. I am bit weak in diagramming. Recently I have heard about visio pro for office 365. That was actually a dream come true for me. Could you please tell me what are its features, and how can I install it?

Hello experts,

Recently some of my colleagues informed me that some valuable data in their systems are lost due to the sudden power failure. I have heard about ups power management software that could help users from such power failures and memory loss. Could you explain me about such software, their advantages and the activities they offer?

I have a lot of messed up data and I need to set it right using a table. I heard that I can do this easily using normalizer in informatica. Can someone please explain to me the stepwise process to do this?