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Hi there,

I have Nokia Lumia 1520 which I have been trying to get a battery indicator App and all seem not to give me a live update of my Battery status, I have lately been using Battery Sense which crashes so frequently, How do I get Battery indicators working on my phone? What could be Hindering their performance on my phone?

Hi there,

I have HTC Sense  which I wanted to use Sygic Application and each time I try installing this App, I am getting this Error message that the App wants an upgrade, when I try upgrading, the app states that there is no enough memory to install the App, what could be the problem here? I have enough Memory(free 2GB internal, External I have free 8GB), How do I get this app running?

Hi there,

I have Galaxy S4 which has Google maps pre installed, I was using navigation and my data plan ran out, I tried to capture the map to work off the net, but I could not get  navigation on, How does navigation work with Google maps? Doesn't this feature only rely on GPRS? how can I get navigation to work with offline Google maps?  

I am using Windows 7 and Origin Version 8.6. Please tell me a way to export multiple graphs to a multipage PDF document. I cannot locate the proper function to export the worksheet in this format. Thanks

I have designed and created a website using Dream Weaver. I would like to add a button to it to link RSS Feeds to the site. Please guide me how to do so? Will any other software be needed for that?

Hi there,

We were given these Galaxy Tab tablets at work and every time I try sending a message to non colleagues, a pop up message appears warning that this Tablet is for use only to contact employers and fellow employees, this is disgusting since I may be in trouble and need urgent help, How can I disable this? and can the IT guys view my photos and  browser history on the Tablet?

Hi there,

I have downloaded the latest version of Geogebra v and everytime I start the application, it starts loading then goes off unexpectedly without any popup or dialog box, what could be the problem? I have tried fresh installation and still experiencing the same problem, I have Dell E6400 running on windows 8.1. How can I solve this one?

Hi there,

What could be the problem with my desktop computer (Dell Inspiron one 20) which is running on Ubuntu 13.10 since it seems not to recognize AMD Radeon™ HD 7700 series graphics card, I have tried plugging, restarting and checking for drivers but it seems not to work, Games are not rendering better!

Hello Guys,

I need a freeware Inventory Management Software, that will be helpful for a super market store. I need a software with features to easily fill in inventory and has complete control over it with financial report generation, account management and low stock alert. Please suggest me a freeware.


Kevin M Reinke

I want to create a Marquee scroller but don't know the proper code or script needed to create one. Can an expert let me know the code? Is there any software available to do that directly, without the use of code?