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Hi there!

I am developing a reporting application for use in medium level companies. I have been able to develop the narrative and financial aspects of the application. What I would like to add to it are automated diagrams for the finances, the numbers of staff, profits. How is automatic diagram undertaken using Visual Basic? I would like to input the figures in their respective areas and the diagrams are automatically created and adjusted in case of any changes.

Category: Visual basic

How do I run wmv file on PC with vbscript?  I would like to create a wmv playlist in the script then have it automatically shut down the PC when it completes.  My desktop runs on Windows XP 64 bit.  Thanks in advance.

Category: Visual basic

I am using OpenOffice spreadsheet for all my financial records keeping. I was wondering if it is possible to have a spreadsheet based sales order capable of throwing an email whenever there is a new order? I would like it integrated in such a way that I do not have to design and then send the email separately. A code in Visual Basic I guess?

Category: Visual basic

Hallo there!

I got a job requiring me to develop an application in Visual Basic which is able to generate Russian invoice format to be used in a company.

What is required is to have a label with form fields where one is able to enter the names of customers and the amounts and the application generates the invoice.

Please send me some source code that is able to sort this out for me.


Category: Visual basic

Anyone who can send me a ray tracing code VBA? I need really as simple code that I can use in my school project to learn and improve further for a bigger project. Kindly include any notes or comments within the code so that the learning process of the code structure can be easier. Thanks a bunch for your help.

Category: Visual basic

Hello! I am new into Visual Basic and I would like to develop a script that is able to obtain hard disk size using VB6 application. This should work with all the internal and external devices whenever they are attached. If possible it should work with FAT32 file types as well. Thanks a bunch.

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Hello Friends,

I have a plenty of MS PowerPoint presentations, which I am cleaning up, most of the files is having additional white spaces, as those files were converted from other formats, please provide me macro coding for PowerPoint VBA remove whitespace. So that my work will be easier.

Thanks & Regards,

Christopher B. Pyles

Category: Visual basic

Hi, Guys! I have not been able to use my Visual Basic version 6 and only keep getting the error license vb6 expired. I do not want to change the version or buy another software for my job. Can someone guide me on how I can get a functional key for my application? I also think that the key did not actually work for the 1 year that it indicated before. Is that a possibility?

Category: Visual basic

Hi to VB developers,

Visual basic is my first choice to develop any application or software. Now I am working on a library project in vb which uses a SQL server database to send and retrieve data entries. It works fine on my PC like issue book, issue date, the book record.

But when I copy whole project and run exe file into other PC having the same configuration while SQL server, SDKs and all related things are installed, project shows an error. I am unable to understand what is happening and what’s wrong with me. Some help please.

Category: Visual basic

Dear Friends,

I am using Office 2003 applications in my system, Now I am planning to install Office 2007 by removing the older version.

I used to have lots of small data conversion tools that I created in VB within the Office Word;

Please advice on how to take back up and restore VB6 Source Code before uninstalling the Office 2003.


Geraldine Carr