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Hi expert,

I need your help. I want to create geek programs in vb 6 but I can’t. Please, give me instruction step by step and describe everything clearly as I can realize easily. I know it is not so easy but I think I will be able to do if you help me.


Category: Visual basic

Hi expert, I want to create attendance system for our school using vb.net 2008. Database is to been created in SQL server. I am looking very simple system. Attendance System using VB is an easy way to keep track of attendance for school activities. So I need a sample system or tutorial explanations with videos.

Category: Visual basic

Hi people.  I was wondering if Visual Basic 6 can download pictures from a given URL then save it to a specific folder on my desktop?  I need help in VB6 download pictures.  I have Windows XP 64 bit and Internet Explorer 7.  Thanks.

Category: Visual basic

Hello guys,

I am just a beginner in Visual Basic 6. I would like to ask that if there is a caption in vb6 and in that caption there is a textbox which will be empty but when the user fills it the caption will be replaced.

Please help me with this I will be really grateful.

Thank you all.

Category: Visual basic

Hi.  Where can I download PDF tutorials on vba code scripts using Microsoft Office 2007 applications? 

I need step by step procedure on how to create a code that can simplify a series of keystrokes. 

I'm on Windows 7 64 bit and Microsoft Office 2007.

Category: Visual basic

Hi people.  I have Windows XP 64 bit SP2.  I'm trying to load a QuickTime mov file in MCI Director Player 4.0 but I'm having an error of "Unable to play. Error #1 MCI Error: MMSYSTEM263".  What does this director player mci error mean?  Thanks.

Category: Visual basic

If I try to run this macro, I will get a compile error. The command SolverResetis will get highlighted, and the error message appears.

Macro`s error in VB

Microsoft Visual Basic

Compile error:

Sub or Function not defined

         OK               Help

Category: Visual basic

I would like to change the skin of my VB.net Express Edition 2010 to have a personalized effect.  I want the application to blend in with the visuals of Windows.  Do I have to use DirectX or third party options?  How do I change skins for Windows application vbnet?

Category: Visual basic

Hi there! I just wanted to know if it is possible to connect it on COM. I am currently using a Growl Windows VBS for instructions on VB shell script. Thanks for the answer.

Category: Visual basic

Hi guys,

I need parameters for my project in Visual Basic. This will be done using VB script. Can you help learn about this NeoBook button library? 

Thank you very much.