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Hello guys,

I am just a beginner in Visual Basic 6. I would like to ask that if there is a caption in vb6 and in that caption there is a textbox which will be empty but when the user fills it the caption will be replaced.

Please help me with this I will be really grateful.

Thank you all.

Category: Visual basic

Hi.  Where can I download PDF tutorials on vba code scripts using Microsoft Office 2007 applications? 

I need step by step procedure on how to create a code that can simplify a series of keystrokes. 

I'm on Windows 7 64 bit and Microsoft Office 2007.

Category: Visual basic

Hi people.  I have Windows XP 64 bit SP2.  I'm trying to load a QuickTime mov file in MCI Director Player 4.0 but I'm having an error of "Unable to play. Error #1 MCI Error: MMSYSTEM263".  What does this director player mci error mean?  Thanks.

Category: Visual basic

If I try to run this macro, I will get a compile error. The command SolverResetis will get highlighted, and the error message appears.

Macro`s error in VB

Microsoft Visual Basic

Compile error:

Sub or Function not defined

         OK               Help

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I would like to change the skin of my VB.net Express Edition 2010 to have a personalized effect.  I want the application to blend in with the visuals of Windows.  Do I have to use DirectX or third party options?  How do I change skins for Windows application vbnet?

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Hi there! I just wanted to know if it is possible to connect it on COM. I am currently using a Growl Windows VBS for instructions on VB shell script. Thanks for the answer.

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Hi guys,

I need parameters for my project in Visual Basic. This will be done using VB script. Can you help learn about this NeoBook button library? 

Thank you very much.

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I am a windows 7 user. I'm quite new to visual basic. I would like to know how 2 create Activex dll in VB. I have no idea about it as I have said that I'm a novice to visual basic. Please help me with details. 


Category: Visual basic


I’m trying to figure out how to make folder extension changes with vb6. I need to change the folder extension but I want to make sure the files are not corrupted once they are changed. Does anyone know how to change the folder extension with vb6?

Category: Visual basic

I am looking for an employee information system source code written in visual basic 6.0. For the back end connectivity, it should be MS Access to store the data. I want this application to have features like adding a new employee, deleting employee information, update employee information, search an employee etc.

Database fields should hold information like employee name, employee number, address, phone number, gender, date of birth, date of joining, department.

Anyone please share with me the code of employee info system vb.