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Hello Techyv Guys,

I need to know, whether it's possible to use embedded Firebird Server in VB6, If so please help me the process of doing the same.

Thanks and Regards,

Young Hern

Category: Visual basic


There is an Add-in that brings problems to Visual Studio. It is called the Tabs Studio and it allows automatic tab grouping. It pops up an error whenever Visual Studio is launched as shown below.

The Add-in Tabs Studio failed to load or caused an exception. Would you like to remove this Add-in?

If you choose yes, the file it was loaded from, ‘\\localhost\docs\visual studio 2010\Addins\TabsStudio.AddIn’,will be renamed.

Error message

Error number: 80131515

Category: Visual basic

Hi Friends,

I need to merge two PDF with Acrobat VBScript, Please help me by providing the VBScript that will help me in merging multiple PDFs.

Thanks & Regards,

Brady Collins

Category: Visual basic


I am using Visual Studio 2010 Professional using the Win 7 Professional. I am trying to run the C++ program using this system config but every time I get the following error message when I try to start the program. You can help me with the help of the attached error image below. Please provide any suggestion to fix this problem. Any idea would be grateful. Thanks.


The application has failed to start because its side-by side configuration is incorrect. Please

See the application event log Or use the command-line sxstrace. Exe tool for more detail.

Category: Visual basic


I am just trying to install Visual Studio with Web Development feature but I am unable to install it properly because of this annoying error message. Provide the full instructions to install this program. I would be grateful to you. Thanks in advance.


You must enable Visual Studio Web Development Feature in Visual Studio 2012 Or Install Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web before you can install this product.

To enable Studio Web Development Feature in Visual Studio 2012, refer to Visual Studio 2012 help.

Category: Visual basic


I am just getting the following Microsoft Visual Studio error saying “Uninstalled exception at line 297, column 9 in Function code”. I can’t use this program properly. I have tried to reinstall the program to fix the problem but still exists the error. How can I solve the annoying error message. Help me. Thanks.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Uninstalled exception at line 297, column 9 in Function code.

0x80070002 – Javascript runtime error: The system cannot find the specified.

Category: Visual basic

Hi All,

Is there any way to automate the combining of multiple tiff files to one, a friend of mine told that there may be possible way to have it using VBScript.

Can anyone help me to get me the VBScript to combine tif documents to a single file.

Thank You,

Mike Atherton

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Hello Experts, How to convert cap file to excel format data using VB.NET, My friend told me to use StreamReader Class to read data from .cap file. Can anyone help me by providing a sample coding to convert cap file to excel format. Please Help.

Category: Visual basic

I want to use a Macro Recorder that will save the keystrokes and allow me to assign them with a hotkey.

The problem is I don't have such a program, and I was wondering if you guys can help me to obtain a Macro Recorder for Visual Basic because I haven't found one online.

Thank you for all your help.

Category: Visual basic

Hello Techyv Friends,

I am in need of visual basic code for auto generation of time and date based on the updating of a cell in Excel. 

Please do the needful for providing the same. 

Example: If I update the cell A1, the date and time of updating needed to be automatically updated into cell B1.