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How can i train opencv for face recognition and not detection such that i can quickly recognise a face after detecting it on my web cam or from a photo. anything else apart from using eigen faces pca to recognise the faces would do. ill be waiting for a reply

I am a novice web developer. I write codes in JSP and add CSS to format my webpage. But when I see other websites, their User Interface is very different and advance. Can anyone tell me, how can I improve User Interface of my website, so that it will have a professional look?

What is the possible advantages or benefits on the part of mobile app developers or designers when they design an app uniquely for a specific Operating System as compared to an application which is compactible or universally operative on all Operating System? I am Shana Jackson living in South Africa. I have been contemplating on the above issues and I would be glad to get answers for them. Thank you.


What are the steps in developing a screensavers? How do I go about it and where do I start from? I would be very happy if I get a detailed procedure to develop a screensavers with so much ease because I am very green when it comes to developing or creating of such stuff. Thank you.

Hello Everyone,

What goes into programming an Antivirus? I am a student in one of the tertiary institutions in Sudan. I love programming and wish to develop an Antivirus. However, I would like to know what comes into play with respect to programming of such programs? Thank you.

Hello Everyone! I need your help on this concern. Is there an html protocol for creating a hyperlink in a Zendesk help page comment section? This is not to create a URL link, but for a hyperlink for text. I badly needed your recommendations or comments. Thank you so much.


I overheard a conversation about a new programming language by apple, which is called "swift". I got curious about it and I want to know more about this new programming language and the advantage and disadvantages of using it, also what makes it different and more preferable over other programming languages. Can anybody fill me in on this?


My Internet connection is working just great and when I debug and run from inside Visual Studio without any error. But I have this error and I cannot pass it. Any help please ? How can I pass this one ?

Thank you experts !

Web Access Log

Cannot access to database

Hi experts,

While I was working in Microsoft Visual Studio I got this error message. I had this error before and I’ve reinstalled my Windows and the program to solve it. Now I don’t want to make a full reinstall to solve this. Does anyone have another solution for this error ? What is causing this error ?

Thanks !

Microsoft Visual Studio

A fatal error has occurred and debugging needs to be terminated. For more details, please see the Microsoft Help and Support web site.

HRESULT=0x80135c85. Error Code 0x0.


Hi there,

I opened Notepad ++ and after a while this error appeared. I opened it again and it worked just fine. The problem is that I have this error after a long work and sometimes I lose everything. Does anyone have a solution for this error ? What is causing it ?

Thank you !

Notepad++ : a free (GNU) source code editor has stopped working.

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available

Close program