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Hello! I am a computer science student and I have this question. Which approach of programming is more common in industry today, structured programming approach or object oriented approach? I mean both are different ways of writing a code and as a student I had to learn both the ways and we were also told about the advantages of objected oriented approach, its history etc. But I have heard that even today, a lot of applications are developed using structured approach, why is that so?

Hi! I am a computer science student and recently I learnt recursion which is a very important concept in Programming. So I learnt this thing that in computer science and in recursion as well, the famous data structure 'Stack' is used. Whenever a function is used or the principles of recursion are applied, stack is used. My question is that is it possible that we could have done it by using queue rather than stack? I mean I know programming languages are designed in such a way to implement the functionality of stack but can we design a language which actually used queue in all these functions?

Hello! As we know there are different algorithms in computer science which are used to search for data from a particular data structure. What is the best searching algorithm ever? Is there any algorithm which can search an element after just 1 iteration? I was wondering that big organizations and government offices which have data about all their citizens, they for sure must be using such algorithms.

Hello! What is Hashing in Computer Science? Is it a data structure or not? What are its uses and when and how is it used in computer science? What are Hash Tables in Computer Science and when are they used? Are they based on the principles of hashing or not?

Hello! I am a computer science student and I just finished my data structures course. The data structures I have studies so far are Arrays, Stack, Queue, Linked List, Trees(Binary), heaps and graphs. My question is are there more data structures? If yes also tell me where and when are they exactly used?

Hello! I just studied a data structure named graphs. I want to know what are some of the uses of this data structure in real life. Where do we need to implement this structure and how is it used and implemented? I have heard it is used in search engines and social networking sites but the question is how?

I am currently looking into developing an application for support on Facebook. I want to know the programming language being used on Facebook? Also, I want to know what is the maximum time required to develop a programme to be used on the site. Is any of you aware of the process for approving software for use on the site?

I'm looking for two pieces of software:

  • Bug Tracker
  • Test Management System(TMS)

Points that are highly important for me:

I am very interested in learning a programming language. I heard that JavaScript is the simplest to start with. Can anyone give me their opinion on the different coding languages out there? Also, I would like to know which one is the next logical step after JavaScript. Which one is vital for website development?

Hello! I just want to know that the games we play on Xbox or PlayStation, which language is used to create these games? I heard that different libraries like Open Graphics Library(OpenGL) are used, but is it used in all the games? I also want to know which programming language would be best for simple and basic games with ordinary graphics?