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I am currently looking into developing an application for support on Facebook. I want to know the programming language being used on Facebook? Also, I want to know what is the maximum time required to develop a programme to be used on the site. Is any of you aware of the process for approving software for use on the site?

I'm looking for two pieces of software:

  • Bug Tracker
  • Test Management System(TMS)

Points that are highly important for me:

I am very interested in learning a programming language. I heard that JavaScript is the simplest to start with. Can anyone give me their opinion on the different coding languages out there? Also, I would like to know which one is the next logical step after JavaScript. Which one is vital for website development?

Hello! I just want to know that the games we play on Xbox or PlayStation, which language is used to create these games? I heard that different libraries like Open Graphics Library(OpenGL) are used, but is it used in all the games? I also want to know which programming language would be best for simple and basic games with ordinary graphics?

How can i train opencv for face recognition and not detection such that i can quickly recognise a face after detecting it on my web cam or from a photo. anything else apart from using eigen faces pca to recognise the faces would do. ill be waiting for a reply

I am a novice web developer. I write codes in JSP and add CSS to format my webpage. But when I see other websites, their User Interface is very different and advance. Can anyone tell me, how can I improve User Interface of my website, so that it will have a professional look?

What is the possible advantages or benefits on the part of mobile app developers or designers when they design an app uniquely for a specific Operating System as compared to an application which is compactible or universally operative on all Operating System? I am Shana Jackson living in South Africa. I have been contemplating on the above issues and I would be glad to get answers for them. Thank you.


What are the steps in developing a screensavers? How do I go about it and where do I start from? I would be very happy if I get a detailed procedure to develop a screensavers with so much ease because I am very green when it comes to developing or creating of such stuff. Thank you.

Hello Everyone,

What goes into programming an Antivirus? I am a student in one of the tertiary institutions in Sudan. I love programming and wish to develop an Antivirus. However, I would like to know what comes into play with respect to programming of such programs? Thank you.

Hello Everyone! I need your help on this concern. Is there an html protocol for creating a hyperlink in a Zendesk help page comment section? This is not to create a URL link, but for a hyperlink for text. I badly needed your recommendations or comments. Thank you so much.