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I want to know how to transfer the code image into binary for my project. I hope it will immediately solve it because it requires me to pass in my computer subject.


The problem is with the execution of XML code. I think it was ok.

However, I received an error message as the screenshot below.

What does it mean?

Have you any idea?

Please help me to get a solution of this problem.

Thanks in advance.

XML Parsing Error: junk after document element

Location: file:///D:/Temp/Broken.xml

Line Number 4, Column 1:




I am new to programming. Truth is I have no idea about it. But I wish to learn it. I searched the web for some articles and books. Downloaded some free books but they seem to be too advanced for me.

I need to first learn the basics. Don't know where to start.

Things I know: All the basic computer operations, MS Office etc.

I would appreciate if someone would provide me some links to web sites, where I could learn the basics of programming from the very beginning. (Don't have money , so the sites should be free). 

Also if possible, please provide some links to sites where I could download some free books on basic programming.


Please give me a script where I could show password asterisks in aspnet. The real password still appears on the script I have done. Please share me your script. It is for a project I am learning.

Please help me with creating a php profit calculator. If you have any examples of one, please do share. I am getting crazy with it already. I just need a sample where I can compare what I have done so I can see where I am going wrong.

Is there a command to ping subnet windows? My friend says he wants a way to ping 5 computers in a subnet.. Could you guys give him a script or some command? Thank you!

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I am creating a new website for my personal use. I want a mario-themed html template since Mario is my ultimate favorite. Do you where can I get one?

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