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I have heard that Delphi is the best windows 7 tablet coding language. Brilliant GUIs can be developed with Delphi easily. My question is that where can I find syllabus of Delphi tutorials?



I am using eclipse rdf editor. I have installed Eclipse 3.5.2 in my system. I want to know that, Is there any log to find out about issues while running RSSOwl? Please tell me if it is possible and how to do this.

Good day!

I have a program built using Powerbuilder and uses MS SQL as its database, running on windows XP OS. I have a window that works as a date prompt. This window serves as an interface for the user to enter the date range of the report to be generated. It was working for about 3 months but just the other day it stopped functioning. I tried to use a message prompt to see if it is getting the correct date, on powerbuilder the correct date is being shown. But once it has been processed on the SQL side, the date becomes '1900-01-01'. Below are some of the codes:


ls_msg = Message.StringParm

If IsNull(ls_msg) Then Return -1


I am very interesting of programming mobile phones and while net searching I have found that many programming languages are using for programming mobile phone? My question is what the best one is. And please tell me if we develop mobile software using C++ does it compatible with all mobile phones and how to test that software?

Is there any way who delivers a nice clean look to the html form style and makes it easier to follow? Can we align the fields and make the form labels bold with addition of CSS?

I know that when a browser demands a best ASP script file, IIS proceeds the request to the ASP engine but here is my question that how the ASP file is coming back to the browser as plain HTML?

I have completely done a project in web designing using PHP but the appearance needs to be improved and CSS is the choice I have. Are free CSS codes of slide available and where can i access them?

Hello Friends,

While working on asp .net I got this error while I start testing the developed webpage.

Does anyone know whats missing in it?

Looking for some solutions.

Thanks for all help and support.

Microsoft Visual studio

Htmlfile: Unexpected call to method property access.

I want to know how to transfer the code image into binary for my project. I hope it will immediately solve it because it requires me to pass in my computer subject.


The problem is with the execution of XML code. I think it was ok.

However, I received an error message as the screenshot below.

What does it mean?

Have you any idea?

Please help me to get a solution of this problem.

Thanks in advance.

XML Parsing Error: junk after document element

Location: file:///D:/Temp/Broken.xml

Line Number 4, Column 1: