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I want to create a website where the users are required to fill a form of their details. Can I create PDF portfolios with Java and allow editing in the form considering filing in Java do not allow editing for example the case when using adobe to read a PDF, all one can do is copy and paste.

I got this unusual error “Not an Image: Index.zul” while building a CRUD Application with Zk framework. Any ideas how this can be solved?

Not an Image: Index.zul


Not an Image: index.zul



jQuery can use swing animation or linear animation.Please give me a jquery swing example and a jquery linear example to illustrate how they are implemented.

Thank you.

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Which between $_GET and $_POST functions allow hiding url on address of a browser?

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I'm making mp3 templates for websites and only use arrays to schedule the order of playing music. Is there an easier way of doing this and if so please share the source code of the same.


When I typed some syntax in Maxima, I got an error message “Error : syntax. error : Wanted ;” and I do not know what the cause is because it did it very well. Anyone who can help?

Error: syntax error: wanted

Application Error

Error: syntax error: wanted ;

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When refactoring Xcode, I got the error “The selection does not contain identifiable content. ” Does anyone have an idea how I resolve this error?

Lapsus Refactoring selection does not contain identifiable content

Lapsus - Refactoring

The selection does not contain identifiable


Make a different selection and try again.


Hi. I don't have a language in particular since I haven't decided on what language to use in developing an application. But before anything else, I want to see webcam image capture sample code. Sample code that I can play with in testing, your help will highly be appreciated. Thanks!

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I am new in website development. I am creating a webpage with login options. I don’t know how to create login page. Can anyone send me xhtml code for create login page? I shall be very thankful to you, if you help me out.


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I am website developer. I am facing a problem with joomla manufacturing template. Everything was working fine in past, but now I have transferred to other host. It shows me an error that a XML file is missing. I am unable to find that which file is missing. While my template manager is working normally. Has anyone encounter such type of error? If you know the solutions then inform me.