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Hi I have a WordPress Website and I need jquery PDF script to view and download my uploaded PDF from my WordPress Website. Can anyone provide me the jquery script? Is it possible to do the same thing by a WordPress plugin? Please do not ask me any question because I'm new in Webmaster.

Hello guys I need birthday pop up jQuery plugin for my Desktop.

My Desktop configuration: 

Operating System = Windows 7
Processor = Dual Core
I need  for Desktop,Categories Clocks & Alarms, Cursors & Fonts, Icons.
Please send me details with download link.

Hello guys I am new at Web design and I am creating a Personal Website.

I am facing trouble.

I need to create HTML5 vertical navigation, but I can not.

Can you tell me how I can do this. If you can provide code it will be helpful.

Hi friends,

I created so many login webforms using html,but login forms which created using css are really cool than using html.

can anyone suggest how to create coolest login form using css.

Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone, 

I don't know how to begin scripting in Baan. I'm just wondering what utility I should use to write. Is Baan for notepad any good? Once I'm done scripting, where can I run the script to view the result? Thanks in advance.


We use Visual Superscript. When we are trying to open the Visual Superscript on the main computer we were getting the error:

Program error Cannot create file C:\docume~1\tomhea~\Locals~1\temp\visworkstation\temp.dbc

” Program error.

Cannot create file.


Please help to solve this problem. Thanks.


I faced a problem when I try to uninstall Maya 2010. An error message shown there. The error message says:

1:5 2: Unable to obtain License Value. RegQueryValueEx returned 3:2

” 1:5 2: Unable to obtain License Value. RegQueryValueEx returned 3:2”

I am attempting to import a VRL file formed in VUE 1.6.5 into VUE 1.2 via 1.6.4, and I get an error message. Someone can assist?

Successfully Imported 0 of 1 files

Error Occurred
Successfully Imported 0 of 1 files
VRL Import results
Vr2_8253_20100426_1.vrl: Unrecognized Compression.


I have a little experience with Java and C# and none with VB.NET.  I need to convert a code from Java to VB.NET and I want to know if there is a way to do that directly, without converting it from Java to C# first. Please tell me if there is a Java to VB.NET and C# converter that I could use.

Thank you


 I have a list of web addresses and I need to convert these addresses to PDF. Can someone please tell me if I can find a Java to PDF online converter to do this task for me ?

Thank you