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I am having some issues with my eclipse during refreshing the project as shown in the attached error.

I think the main problem is that project is mostly forwarding by my tail after inserting the essential modifications in code and also in the jsps. We have 2 different versions of JDK jdk 1.5_11 and 1.6_11 I thought that might be the problem I uninstalled jdk 1.6 and reinstalled 1.5_11. But now I have come across another problem that is:

C:\Documents and Settings\dev3\Desktop>Java Test
Error: could not open `C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\i386\jvm.cfg'


I wrote this code which I could use to download an excel file from a particular location;

Hello everyone! I just want to know if any of you knows the best post blog directory script that I can use. Thank you in advance for the help!

Hi programmers,

I am developing an Android app for smart phone. I need some help from Android developers. I wish to display  progress circle icons when my apps are busy or uploading some information. May I need to create animation or  Xml file for it? Can someone provide me the edit able code for this purpose?  Please share your ideas and tips.


I want to develop an Android app with graphics.

I think it's easy to come up with a better design with Corel draw.

So how can I use Corel for Android?

Help me experts.

Hi , I want to get a little idea about billing programs.

I have to complete a billing process.

How to write  billing programs in FoxPro?

Is there any FoxPro experts?

Help me. Thank you.

Hello experts,

I am developing a web page by using Wordpress. I want to know about the problems and their solutions before starting my project. That’s why I am searching for wordpress pingbacker related blogs. Please share the best blogs related to this issue. Thanks for sharing your kind information.


I have referred many books but I have not got any clear answer to this question. Everywhere they have just brought to the attention that the PLO is the best and all, and why, and what benefit or cannot seem to be clearly defined.

So anyone can you please elaborate it better:


If you give be a link to an article / book on this topic, it is essential that there is an example which will show this benefit. I just cannot understand how to apply the classes to the programs. I am writing while programming C + + Builder so far, because the newer version 6 Builder will not go until you know what it is, but it will be C (C + +, C #) I think it will be 99%. So I want to see benefit with the examples,


My request for support from more skillful associates, as I am unable to realize the following query.

The query is:

The formation of certain roles PL / SQL, which, by means of a cursor variable to be read two records of a database table and the next two, will transfer to the caller program in which that will be shown.

Function code I am getting in the following manner:



kurs_1 RETURN IS raksts kurs_1% ROWTYPE;

I number; BEGINOpen kurs_1 for select * from club; for I in 1 .. 4 loops fetch kurs_1 INTO racists (I); DBMS_OUTPUT. PUT_LINE (racists (I));

When I load the morrowind_ob.esmin the construction place I receive this error message.

Second ReadFile () in GetChunkData failed with error


Second ReadFile () in GetChunkData failed with error:

The operation completed successfully.

Continue Playing?

"Yes to all" will disable all Warnings this session.

I am running v44 of the .Esm, however this has happened since at least v39.

I have performed these things

Uninstalled and installed the CS again

Uninstalled and installed Oblivion, Shivering Isles, patches again etc.