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I am adding the title tags to my search engine optimization tutorial and I had a few questions. How many words should be used and is there a limit to how many I can use? Also what is the actual structure for writing the title tag?

I am currently using TFS with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate this error keeps appearing when I try to open up my solution. And it is only on my computer that it doesn’t work. What could the problem be?

The associated source control database could not be accessed.

Source control – Unable to access database

The associated source control database could not be accessed.

Temporarily work offline in disconnected mode

Microsoft Visual Studio will attempt to reconnect the solution or project to

source control after closing and reopening the solution

Work offline in disconnected mode

While running code collaborator this error shows up. And it appears every time I try to install a new software. What can I do about this problem?

Error logging into Code Collaborator: No user by the name ‘jcohen’


Error logging into Code Collaborator:

No user by the name ‘jcohen’.

Trying new login format.

Error logging into code Collaborator:

No user by the name ‘jcohen’.

Continue with current setting or retry?

If you continue you will need to run 'ccollab set collab' before you can upload changes.

Continue Retry

Hello. Is there anyway I can convert my VB to C++ or C#. I honestly would prefer to convert it to c++ and C# is the second option. I don't want to loose all my data and I also don't want to spend much if there are software or applications required for me to do so and is there any way to re-convert it if it has been converted?

Hi, I have recently started learning Oracle and I need a lot of help on the basics. I was wondering about where do I start writing sql statements and how do I execute them.

Hi All,

This is Sindhu Anubolu,

I am getting an Error while working with SAS. The version is 9.2. I tried many times.but no result.

The error is displayed as.

SAS.exe has stopped working.

Please, can anyone solve this problem?

Thanks & Regards in advance for your effort.

Sindhu Anubolu.

Hi guys, I am new in visual basic (vb). I am just starting learning visual basic. Now I look forward to you guy and need your help. Can you tell me without using notepad can I view frx file? Please tell me about viewing frx file process in details.

Hello guys,

I need business contact manager VBA application.

Which automatically works also allow automate similar task like arranging windows.

Please do not ask me any question because I have not much knowledge about it.

I want this should be automated.

If need some code developed to describe that with details.

Hello experts from all around the world, I look forward to you guy. Please help me with this issue. I have not much programming knowledge but I want to build professional website for my small business. I want to build homepage with a simple easy step. If you can help me without coding that will be great.

Hello guys, I want internal site search script free. This code should work correctly and please describe with details including how I put my website page link and where to put them? Do not ask me any question because I do not have much knowledge about it.