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Category: JavaScript

Good day everyone! I am a newbie in developing Wordpress. I just wanted to know what color chip CSS is applicable for browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Thank you!

Category: JavaScript

I have been designing a forum portal like Atkins diet bulletin board I want to add some image feature for showing before and after pictures of Atkins diet , food features , supplements etc. whatever is related to bulletin board topic if you have some scripts for that please share with me

Category: JavaScript

I have been recently joined a paint company and my technical lead assigned me to develop an application for choosing color specifications and textures and best buildings paint instantly as per customer requirement I need some template or technical reference for this kindly suggest.

Category: JavaScript

Hi friends,

I am newbie in JavaScript. I need to develop some drop down menus with rollover states. I am searching for Ajax rollover menu. Can someone provide me some samples of the Ajax menu? I really need step by step explanation how to develop these menus. Hoping for the best solutions.

Category: JavaScript

Hi programmers,

I am newbie in JavaScript. I am developing a program for a wallpaper hosting web site. I want  3D and 2D slider with transition effects. The template must be easy to use and editable. I am looking for the best 3d slider javascript. Can you provide me the script? Thanks in advance for your help and sharing.

Best of luck

Category: JavaScript

Hi Everyone,

I need help with the mlm javascript framework. I want to make a MLM Binary tree where I want to put a Teacher's name and as a down line his/her student's name. How can I do that please help?

Category: JavaScript

Hello programmers,

I am newbie in JavaScript. I need some sample of bar charts. I am looking for 3d bar samples with JavaScript. Share the best source from where I can get JavaScript charts like 3d Bar Charts, stock chart samples and flex chart sample. Waiting for your kind help.

Category: JavaScript

I need calendar script maker in JavaScript, that can be used in web pages or on the computer to create a Calendar and post them on the web site. It should be editable (including background image, background color etc.), print them and should also save them.

Which should also allow us to customize the font, font size, color setting etc.

Please do the needful.

Category: JavaScript

Dear All,

I am at learning stage of JavaScript. I want to create a page where when a user enters his email address and press button, an email is automatically sent to his email address. I tried but cannot do.  Can anyone guide me with the script?

Category: JavaScript

I have a T301 Cruz Tablet that has 800 MHz processor and 512 RAM. 

Why is the browser always crashing when I use the Google widget? 

Do I need to update the firmware or is there a patch for this? 

Need help with Google JavaScript on a Cruz Tablet.