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Hi all,

I am using LG G3 smart phone and it is amazing.

But, I am facing an issue with it. I have chosen the option to show weather animations when the screen is locked. But, it doesn’t seem to be working. I have turned off the knock code and used different passwords. But nothing worked.

Is this a problem with settings or the other applications? Does anybody face this problem? Please help me to fix this issue. Thanks in advance for your help.

Category: Mobile Software

Hi all,

I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active with Android version 4.3 and it was fantastic. Recently AT&T had 4.4.2 version and it got forced on my phone.

My phone got broken with this update. Due to this, the screen is becoming very hot. After charging the phone the battery percentage drops from 95% to 20% within an hour even if I don't use much. Internal memory gets filled all of sudden even though I don't start any apps.

Is there any way to fix my issue? I am OK to downgrade to 4.3 version, but how? Please help me out here. Thanks in advance!

Category: Mobile Software

Hi guys,

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3 and it is working great.

My issue is that when I am trying to disable the Google Books, Google Music and using Google Services and Google Play store, the Google play store erroring out sating that the connection is not present and retried. I don't understand why it is giving trouble because in my old phone with Android 4.1.2 play store working fine, even after turning off other apps like Google Books, Music.

Is there any check that pays store works only if the other default apps are enabled? Thanks a lot in advance, guys!

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Hi everyone,

I am having a Straight Talk Blackberry Curve 9310 and it is working fine.

But I am facing problem to send long text messages. When I am done that it is showing that the message has been sent but in fact the receivers are receiving this. Initially I thought that it might be due to the receivers phone or carrier. But, when I tried to send to different people with different service providers I saw the same issue. Initially I use to send long text messages many times and people use to receive without any issue. I am not sure why suddenly I have started getting this issue. I didn't change any settings, though.

Can somebody please help me out here? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hello friends,

Yesterday I bought a new Blackberry 9900 phone. I am trying to synchronize contacts from outlook 7 running on my windows 7 laptop.

Beginning it worked well, but in the middle it stopped synchronizing. It got stuck for several minutes. After that I forcefully stopped the Blackberry Desktop Software. After that I reinstalled the Desktop Software and tried again. But nothing worked.

Does anybody faced the same type of issue? Please someone help me to fix this issue. Thanks a lot in advance and regards.

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I have created one PowerPoint Presentation by using Microsoft Office 2010. Just I used basic templates and very standard fonts and colors. I have sent that file by e-mail. When I open that file on my laptop, it is showing properly.

But When I am opening on my latest version Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet 10.1 (which is using default Android OS Jellybean 4.2.2) it is not showing in the proper order. The text boxes are coming down and colors also not showing. I have checked Microsoft updating on my Note, everything is up-to-date. But don't understand where is the problem.

Can somebody suggest me how to fix this issue? Thanks lot in advance.

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Hi everybody,

Recently I owned Samsung Galaxy Note3.Looks wise and everything is perfect. But I noticed a very strange thing in this piece when I turn off the Bluetooth option, it is going off about 2-3 seconds and again immediately turn ON itself. So it is always showing Bluetooth is ON only.

Anybody encountered the same issue before? Can somebody please give me the solution how to turn OFF my Bluetooth. Thank you very much for your help in advance.

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Hello everybody,

Recently I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S3 garnet red piece. It is looking really awesome with the Android OS jelly bean version.

But I am much worried with is it is having default Android Keyboard. When I am chatting in whatsup I can't type much words in this. Because the keyboard is very hard and the keys are also very near to each and every letter. And also backspace is not working. If any typos I can't delete mistaken words. I have to go back and again I have to start.

Anybody faced the same issue with this smart phone? Do we have any settings to change the keyboard layout to make it larger. Please advise. Thanks!

Category: Mobile Software

If I try to edit a post in one of the forums using TapaTalk, I get an error 'Post error Line:587'. I heard this is a known issue and I wonder if a new version will fix it. Are they releasing a new version? When is going to be released?

Category: Mobile Software

I use TapaTalk on my iPhone 5 and Ipad and it was working perfectly until I changed the user ID in one of the forums. Push notifications from other forums are working, which makes me think it’s related to the user ID change. I cleared the cache, unsubscribed/re-subscribed to threads, nothing seemed to help. I would appreciate if someone can help me with this.