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Is it possible to trace an IP address in ASP .net programming when a system receives an email?

Can anyone explain about the use of network magic uygulama anahtar software?

As I know it only for file sharing and where will get the free download of network magic uygulama anahtar for my system.

I am current working on a PHP code. I am not sure if news reader socks support is even possible. I need to configure some SOCKS TCP proxy. I can't find enough materials and references over the net.


Hi guys,

This problem has really screwed with me for the last 2 days. We run 6 WSUS Servers; we use one for Up-Stream and five for Down-Stream Server Services for five different Remote Locations.

I tried installing Server Update Services 3.0 SP 1 for Enterprise 64 Bit Windows 2008 Server. However, I can’t launch the Up-Stream Server’s Microsoft Windows Server Update Services through the MMC Console; I receive the pop up below:

So when I enter the Server name when I try to launch the Microsoft Windows Server Update Services Console the below appears.

Anyone with any idea regarding this Error will be greatly appreciated.

Hello all,

I am a newbie to the networking field so. I would like to know how making a small home network to do my works. I have 3 laptops and 4 PC to do my computer classes. Is there any easy solutions? Please let me some good solutions which I can easily to do the task.

Thank you.

I need to be sure if my drop box stop auto login to prevent automatic login when I start up my computer.

I was searching to configuration settings in dropbox, but I didn’t find. Where do I need configure that?

Which are the benefits if I will grab internet print? May be that will be better if I will use just my home printer?

I have two desktops in my home. I want to set up remote desktop with webcam viewer with one another. Can I do that? How many PCs can be connected and is there any software to set up the remote desktop with webcam viewer? Another issue is that I have normal webcam so, is there any special webcam requirement or any webcam will do the job? 

Thank You for all of your supports


Please can you explain in detail with figures as screen shots to configure network settings like TCP ,DNS, wins and problems security for windows 7 .i need it as soon as possible .

Thanks & Regards


I want to see the total hourly bandwidth log for a server. Is there any limit for this? I do not have much knowledge about it. Please give me the  information.