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Hi everyone,

I think my lpt port is damaged, please, how to proceed to check this error?

And how to make a dos lpt test?

thank you in advance !


Can an expert recommend a good software-based network hsm simulator for use with Windows Server 2000 or higher? Please reply with details setup process and I don't have much experience with this.

Good Day Experts!

Have you tried using PA server monitor 4? Can anyone please tell us how good is PA server monitor in windows servers? Please list down its best and unique features and its limitations if there are, based on your experienced as a user. It would be very helpful if you can give us the comparison of PA server monitor with similar applications to give us a clear differentiation of PA server monitor with other applications based on your recommendations and suggestions.

Thank you very much for your help.


I am working in a private organization as Junior Network admin. My senior boss asked me to search the best network monitor software in the IT market. Anybody could put light on this?


I am working in an organization as Assistant Network Administrator. Here a Cisco 2950 with fiber Gbic module Switch has gown down and it need to be replaced with a Cisco 2960 Switch which has fiber SFP module.

As I do not have experience to work with SFP module before, my question is can I uplink Cisco 2960 with SFP port to existing another Cisco 2950 with Gbic port by fiber cable ? Is there any capability issue between Gbic to SFP ports ?

Please answer.

Hello expert, I am a teacher and I have my own 10 computers in my school. They all are networked with each others. It works properly but it doesn’t reboot. I want to know how to reboot many computers same time. Please help me to resolve it. Thanks. 

Hallo there!

I would like to test my Windows Media Instrumentation port at regular intervals using a script. I am open to using any scripting language to achieve this objective. Can someone please send me checking WMI port status script. The script should contain some comments if possible. Thanks in advance.

Hi there!

I recently purchased Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System. I am on a network where once in a while I would like to change the IP address. Can someone explain to me how to change IP address on x8? Any assistance will highly be appreciated. Thank you so much.

I am having problem in installation "of aktueller internet explorer". I have aktueller internet explorer installed. But every time when I try to install the aktueller internet explorer from the internet. The following error appears: "Setup cannot copy the file staxmem.dll".Please guide me. What should I do to sort out this thing? Thanks to all.

Hi expert, I need a help. How to accelerates RDP connections from Windows. Recently I read a blog article about software named Ericom Blaze. Is this software suitable to my need. If you know about any specific idea please suggest. And send some helping tutorial explanations for how to use that software, Special features, Main advantages and disadvantages