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I have two desktops in my home. I want to set up remote desktop with webcam viewer with one another. Can I do that? How many PCs can be connected and is there any software to set up the remote desktop with webcam viewer? Another issue is that I have normal webcam so, is there any special webcam requirement or any webcam will do the job? 

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Please can you explain in detail with figures as screen shots to configure network settings like TCP ,DNS, wins and problems security for windows 7 .i need it as soon as possible .

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I want to see the total hourly bandwidth log for a server. Is there any limit for this? I do not have much knowledge about it. Please give me the  information.

I want to setup server room inventory for management purpose but I not familiar how to install, setup and manage this server room inventory.

Can anybody have the details of it.

I need the stepwise solution for it so that I can setup easily.

I am waiting for the reply.

I’m facing difficulty to read com port dos mode. Does someone know if there is a batch or dos command to read com port dos mode? Any kind of help would be appreciated.

I was using Forticlient SSL VPN on my computer running Windows 8 but I can't establish a connection, the client tried to the number of bytes sent into a higher value, but still I've receive 0 bytes. Is there any other way configure this?

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I have recently installed windows 8 on my PC. I have mapped all my network drives successfully and also rebooted the system but after doing all this I have met an error message. The message is as follows:

[Window Title]
Network Error
[Main Instruction]
Windows cannot access \\HOLLAND-SVR\Documents
You do not have permission to access \\HOLLAND-SVR\Documents. Contact your network administrator to request access.
For more information about permissions, see Windows Help and Support

I already done some procedures to troubleshoot the PC running in Windows 7 Ultimate then the Router Lynksys E1000 then it just still not working, still can't connect to internet and i try to check the configuration of the router then it does perfectly, and I ping the router it is good it does reply.

And Windows stated problem said " cannot connect and detect the Primary DNS on the device".


I want to download .apk files by my desktop form Android shop. Because, my cell phones speed is too low. Can anybody tell me how do I download install?

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