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Hello Experts, 

I have a problem with LAN network. I am not able to connect to other workstations on my LAN network.

All things was going well until yesterday when my system having windows XP crashed.

It displays pinging request time out every time I tries to ping other PC's on the network.

I'm in a great trouble please help me out.


I am MD. Aminul Islam. And this is my first question here. I think this would be silly question to some of you. But I think many others will be happy to get the solution. 

Coming to the point. Some days ago I tried to connect My PC and my laptop both are connected in the same internet network. I use WiFi in laptop and LAN in the PC. But what can I do is only share files through the connection. But I know that the printer which is connected to the PC can also be shared. I still can not use the printer from my laptop. So if you guys have any solution please help me in this matter.

Point to be mentioned " I have searched Google but could only solve the file sharing problem. But the printer sharing problem is still unsolved. "

Hello! I  have  a  computer  desktop  at  home and  sometimes  my  networks  connections  log. This  is  such  a  trouble  for  my  online  job. By  the  way ,  how to monitor snmp service logs? Please teach me step by step. Thank you so much.

I want to know about IP address and its importance in network.

Hello gurus.  I'm trying to use Demand-Dial Routing Tools to customize my connections.  Can I negotiate the PPP connection with the endpoint?  I need help with Demand Tools Win XP.  I have Windows Server 2003 SP2.  Thanks in advance.

I need to setup Ethernet LAN which I will use on my small office that has 10 users. It should be connected to my computer or office workstation to my Internet Service Provider Access Point on the vendor's network.

I need the procedure for setting up DSL under the DSLAM vendors like Lucent and then explain it. And also, I need an explanation on cables, wireless connections and LAN and how they function generally. Please describe home or office connections and the overview of the networks.

Thanks in advance.

I would like to connect and control multiple remote desktops with RDC Tools console.  How do I configure and use it?  I already tried the app and I cannot connect to the remote client machine server.  I have already upgraded to Windows 8.

I found an online information about cardcheck wireless and I would like to configure my wireless adapter driver. Could you please help me translate the instructions in English?

Hi Experts

I am managing a Network and do the maintenance of computers remotely. I am having a problem that when I reboot pc online status is shown but when I try to access it, I cannot. This computer is displayed on router also. All other PCs on this LAN are accessible. Can anyone solve this problem?

Hello Friends,
I'm pretty much new on Networking. I have a small network with two PCS, One SMTP server, two Ethernet Switches and seven RTUs. My network is containing two Star type connections for the switches. The SNMP server is connected to both switches as well.
Now I need to make one of my PC as a simple ssl smtp client for different purpose(That PC is having four network connections to a different network).
Anyone knows about this king of networking? Actually this is an experiment.
Thank you..