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I have several PC's on my network with same workgroup an same IP series for file sharing but not any of the PC is connected with the internet. When I connect one of these PC with the internet that specific PC gets disconnected from the network. It does not happens regularly it happens often.

At this disconnected time all my sharing folder becomes unshared. If I reboot the PC disconnecting the internet modem everything becomes complete normal and the folders becomes shared again. Is there some to provide me the solution and reason for this disturbances?


I want to connect “Nokia N72” with PC. Yesterday I installed Nokia PC suite on my PC. While I connect my N72 on my PC with data cable but it did not work. How do I connect phone on my PC? Can you help me please?


Kathie Cruz

I have 2 laptop's and 1 modem. My laptop's have Bluetooth and WiFi.

can I use internet in my 2 laptops together by 1 modem? 

All tables in the database include columns to record the date and time of last update, the user responsible and the workstation used. Where a record is ‘deleted’, the record is actually retained in the database, but the date and time of deletion, the user and the workstation are recorded. This system only records the most recent change to each record, but by examining backup copies it is possible to track earlier changes.


I am unable to connect my remote computer through the remote desktop (see error image below).

This could be a problem with network configuration. I’m confused on what exactly I should do to solve this error.

This happens when I tried to remotely connect from the main network that is wired.

I hope someone can help me out to fix this problem.

 Thanks in advance.

Remote Desktop Disconnected

What are the methods to use to correct issues with a USB device not being recognized if conducting a system file check?

How many times been trying to shutdown in order that the USB been recognized, still it won't work?

Is there steps in doing so?

Hello everyone,

I want to configure my network device WLS-9163. I want the configuration to be set with both wired and wireless options. I completed this setup successfully and both are linked to the local network. After the successful completion of the setup, when I disconnect the Ethernet connection, an error window pops up on the screen which displays the network configuration error. The screenshot is attached below:

What does this error number mean?

Any idea related to the issue will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and best wishes


Network Configuration Error

Hi all,

First, the details:

1. Using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, Windows 7 Ultimate x64 is the host OS and Windows XP SP3 is the guest OS.
2. The XP VM has a TI 2011 build 6597, TI Plus Pack builds 6597, and DD 11 build 2121 installed and working.
3. WAIK 3.0 and its dependencies are installed and working.

Running the above, create a minimal MustangPE2 installation and included only A43, DD 11, and TI 2011 programs in the system. The basic PE build seems fine on the surface but a main issue appears when trying to make accessible on mapped network shares from TI:

I have a home network with 2 other PCs, and we all operate     windows OS but different versions (I use windows 7 but they use XP), now I can't see other PCs or even access them on the network even if I wrote the IP of that device in the address bar.

Taking in consideration that we all have a shared internet connection and it is currently working smoothly.

When I type the IP address of the PC, I get this picture:


Windows cannot access\\


While attempting to connect my PC Suite by using a USB stick to my 7610, I keep on getting the error message “Connection to Nokia PC Suite failed. Please reinstall Nokia PC Suite. (Code: Init IMediaControl2)”.

In trying to fix this error I have installed the drivers (DKU-2 USB) and PC Suite (6.2), uninstalled everything and used the Nokia Registry Cleaner. Restarted the PC after every installation, reconnected the phone and managed the connection in the Control Panel.

My computer uses the Windows XP Pro operating system and is fully updated. Even after completing all of the above steps, I still receive the same error message. Can someone help me?