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Hi everyone,

I am looking for an online tool to build and analyze Boolean networks. It will be best if there is any open source network builder, like in a website or so. I'd appreciate if you come up with the features as well.



What are the correct steps and procedures involved to uninstall developer mac from our PC without disturbing other programs?

This is driving me crazy, I always get an error message,suspected Network sharing device for the first time, whenever I try to load the VPN, what could be wrong?

I want to buy a sip phone with fax transmitting facility. I would be glad if anyone can tell me good vendor name who are manufacturer of sip phone with fax transmitting facility?

Hi guys,

The problem is with my Windows 2003 Server. I am frequently receiving an error message.

The screenshot of the error message is as under. I have no idea for the error message.

If you have any idea for the error message, please help me to get a remedy.

Thanks in advance.

Current User is attempting to perform modification to data not from the system


Current User is attempting to perform modification to data not from the system.

Is it possible to trace an IP address in ASP .net programming when a system receives an email?

Can anyone explain about the use of network magic uygulama anahtar software?

As I know it only for file sharing and where will get the free download of network magic uygulama anahtar for my system.

I am current working on a PHP code. I am not sure if news reader socks support is even possible. I need to configure some SOCKS TCP proxy. I can't find enough materials and references over the net.


Hi guys,

This problem has really screwed with me for the last 2 days. We run 6 WSUS Servers; we use one for Up-Stream and five for Down-Stream Server Services for five different Remote Locations.

I tried installing Server Update Services 3.0 SP 1 for Enterprise 64 Bit Windows 2008 Server. However, I can’t launch the Up-Stream Server’s Microsoft Windows Server Update Services through the MMC Console; I receive the pop up below:

So when I enter the Server name when I try to launch the Microsoft Windows Server Update Services Console the below appears.

Anyone with any idea regarding this Error will be greatly appreciated.

Hello all,

I am a newbie to the networking field so. I would like to know how making a small home network to do my works. I have 3 laptops and 4 PC to do my computer classes. Is there any easy solutions? Please let me some good solutions which I can easily to do the task.

Thank you.