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What should I do when my network connection does not work while I have checked no e-mail received from network administrator. I also checked IP settings,  the data cable as well as the modem provided by network provider. Please provide me the solution as early as possible.

My friend is trying to use his DSL broadband for two computers at a time through a device called TP link as his Modem has only one LAN cable option. He is using the following IP address on both computers, but it is not working. Please help him to solve it.

DSL broadband for two computers at a time through a device called TP link

What awaits me if I go into the business of changing names for the following services:

Exchange (Exchange 2007 SP1)
Isa (ISA 2006 SP1)
Sharepoint (MOSS 2007 SP1)
terminal server
Data Protection Manager (DPM 2007 SP1)
SQL (SQL 2000, 2008, 2008 ...)
The OS is Win2008, Domain / Forest functional level is Win2003: /
Is there any idea how that scenario would look like?

I am trying to enter a new network but I cannot get access. I have tried changing the IP address to the preferred by the network but am not successful. What could be the problem with my machine? Help because I really need to connect.

What is the suitable protection level for an Internet connected to desktop nowadays? Is it Antivirus, antispyware and antispam? Or is it more/less?

I saw this tab in the task manager called Networking and I'm just wondering what does Network Utilization mean. What if I have a 100Mbps link speed and a 5% network utilization, does it mean that my speed is 5Mbps?

How can I have 100% utilization? Does it affect my Internet connection?

I have two computers in my room. The operating system of one is windows XP and another is windows 7. I want to make a homegroup connection between them. But in Windows 7 when I want to setup a homegroup, it tells, "Share with other home computers running Windows 7 ".   In the image it is marked by a red rectangle.

How can I establish a homegroup connection between two PCs, one using Windows XP and another using Windows 7.

I want to create a network connection at home on windows XP to  connect my laptop with another one in the same room. Can somebody tell me how to configure this kind of connection and if I need specific software for this. I have these connections on both laptops :


Hi all,

I am trying to copy a 6 GB file from a network, shared to my local hard disk. The copying process stops with this error around 50%: "Insufficient server memory to perform the requested function." Smaller files are copied successfully. Restarting the server, hosting the network share, helps sometimes but is there a better solution?
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and have 3 GB of RAM installed.

Hey guys,

I am running a SQL Server and Windows 2003 server computers both on the same server computer.

I was trying to log in using windows authentication and the OS loads fine then I get this error message:

Connect to Server

Cannot connect to MS SQL.

Additional information:

Cannot generate SSIP context. (Microsoft SQL Server)


Any help guys?