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Tell me the usage of remote desktop connection in global network, not in local network.

I only want to use this program in global network.

Hi dear,

I took 1 DSL connection from my neighbor. He has a modem but I don't have a modem. Now I want to know who is online at this time. Can you provide me its solution. Urgent.

Hello I'm working as a system admin.  I have the following two questions about Active Directory:

  • When a user logs on to the system using the active directory, they log on to the AD(NTDS.DIT) database. Can you tell me where the AD(NTDS.DIT) database is located ? Is this separate from SQL server database? How do you access the AD(NTDS.DIT) database?
  • How do you connect the AD(NTDS.DIT) database to SQL server 2008, if their databases are located at different locations?

Can some one explain the above two questions.

Thank you.

I'm using Windows Vista in my office computer. I've to share some files with one of my colleagues through networking, but when I try to enter his computer from networking, an Error Message: x80070035 says, "Windows cannot access //Denise-PC".

Though it is available in the Network computers list.

Network Error

Windows cannot access \\DENISE-PC

Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To


I have one laptop, that I use in my home and office. I use cable Internet both in my home and office. Two Internets have static IP configuration. So, problem is daily minimum 2 times I have to change my IP configuration. This is time consuming and problematic for me.

Is there any way I can put two static IP addresses in one LAN Card???

I have two LAN Cards in my PC. One LAN card has Internet Connection. Another LAN Card is connection to the Intranet (Local). Both have Default Gateway. When I try to connect to browse any page, it shows connection not available and an exclamatory sign in taskbar network. Internet LAN have Real IP in its interface (Static).

That IP can be accessed from WAN side. But, I can't connect to the WAN from my PC. Is there any solution for this problem????

Thank You.

I am using Windows 7 and I have some issues while sharing files over LAN. 

Problem description:

I have shared a specific folder over LAN and I want to give permissions to specific people.

for example.

User1 can read and write to that file.

User2 Can only read that file.

How can I do that, can anyone help me regarding this problem?


I have Windows Vista operating system in my laptop. While trying to copy files from another computer on the same LAN network,  the file transfer is too slow but while others copy files from my PC the speed is very fast.

Moreover,my PC is not slow and virus free too.

I have 20 PCs in my office LAN, I wanted to make 10 on the domain and 10 in workgroup, to introduce some security measures as group policy on domain and no security policy in workgroup. 

As these are for upper management, please guide me step by step on the procedure.

In my office we have two PCs.One PC is Windows XP and another PC is Windows Vista.

Now, how can I setup two PC's in one printer thought LAN card? Actually two PCs networking setup seems very difficult to me.

Please help me to easily setup the networking system?