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I was using DVB-RCS previously, for WAN connectivity on my office LAN. All the systems and server are connected via the domain controller by server with IP's assigned manually. Now I added DSL connectivity, for broadband and for this I have made one system as DSL Server.

I also added the IP of LAN, as well as the default gateway but even then that (DSL server) system is not able to connect to the LAN domain systems.

All the systems have DSL connectivity, using the gateway of that DSL system.

My PC is connected with a network. I want to control all PCs from my PC. Is it possible? Does this need any software, if yes, which one is that?

If anybody used this kind of network controls, please help me. Please describe me step by step.

I want to ask about the message "no network provider accepted the given network path".

It happened like this.
I use the office computer with the IP and would like to open file sharing on IP by typing in \ \ on the Run.
Out the message "no network provider accepted the given network path".
My ping to The results are made Request Time Out.
Whereas on the computer with the IP is already connected to the network, even can be made browsing and file is already in the SHARE.

I have a Compaq Presario CQ42 laptop. When connecting to the internet, I downloaded the webcam application.

There is a warning. Exe does not operate normally when the download, there is an option to stop and askAVG wants to be restarted the computer.


I have no idea about IPV6 , so still I am using IPV4 . Please give me steps to set IP, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS, alternate DNS etc. and also its benefit.


I have a Netgear router which I want to configure. But when I try to access router using this address,

1., I can not access it. I also reset the router settings and my default IP address for router is

Please I need a solution.

I am using LAN Networking in my Personal Computer. But Now I need to do networking of my PC to the other PC for file sharing. It is very important for me. But I cannot do this.

So, how can I network between PC to PC?

I want to know about the internet speed on my PC, how it affects my work online and how my PC performs. I came to this local area connection status data, which I don't really know, what all of this data implies? Please expound to me the data presented ; shown below.

Guys I need help on how to properly share a dial up broadband.

I have tried ICS but still the other computer cannot connect to the internet. I have tried the Windows network troubleshooter but still no luck. I am using a cross over cable and a e1552 Huawei broadband and I have 2 computers already configured, as a simple network but the other computer cannot browse.

What is the difference between Switch and Hub?

Give two simple example.