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Hi Experts,

I was trying to use WinSCP to transfer files between several PCs, one PC being the File Server when I got an error message, see below.

It was just a simple FTP and wondered why I got this network connection problem. 

Any suggestions on how to resolve the problem? 

Thanks for the help!


Network error: Connection refused.

OK Reconnect

Hi all,

Please do reply where computer network is used.  Also let me know the business applications of computer network.



Hello everybody,

I want to know about the computer network and its components. Please do reply with details.

Thank you.



I just want to know Network Topology and its advantages.



I bought a new laptop  and I need to collect files from the hard disk of my desktop computer.  How can I connect my laptop to my desktop's hard disk ?  I don't even have Bluetooth. 

What is the solution to this problem?

I networked a computer.

One is a Desktop and the other one is a Laptop.  In Desktop I use Windows XP and in Laptop I use Windows 7.  My Internet Connection are in Laptop and shared on Desktop. 

Both PC's Communication work well but If I am working on Laptop and after sometime when  I start my Desktop, then the problem occurred.

My laptop turns to a BLUE screen and restarts and then I can't  use the Internet on the desktop.

We are trying to setup a VDI connection (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). While trying to connect the Virtual Machine, it's giving an error as Network Access Connection device not found.

What is the cause of the issue. Kindly help me to resolve the issue.

How will a request sent by http browser from workstation, to any website go through a router and come back to workstation and open web page. Explain how packets travel in term of IP protocols ?

Hello guys,

I am into Information Technology and I want to ask if anyone here knows about or is proficient using Google+. I want to learn more about it.

Can anyone here share their ideas and any suggestion to improve my Google+ account. Hoping for some helpful answers and suggestions.



Good day, I want to add a computer workstation with Windows XP Pro to a Window Server 2003 domain, when I have this error message:

A domain controller for the domain nwtraders could not be contacted.
I can ping the IP of the server from the workstation. How can I resolve this issue?