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Hi techyv,  

I work remotely from my home to office.  Some days, I need to share my work with my co-workers.  I want them to see my screen so I can explain a process.  What is the best app/software I can use so that I get both screen sharing and conference? 

Category: Networking

UK Wireless provider O2’s 4G LTE test showing a great result of speeds as high as 150Mbps and an average of 20-50Mbps. Can we expect to get this facility in this year?

Category: Networking

Is it possible to have a video conference? What application is used and what is the maximum number of people who can participate?

Category: Networking

Is it possible to open two Facebook accounts in one browser?


What is the maximum number of accounts that can be opened?

Category: Networking

Hi guys, I’m using Toshiba E205 S1904. I am running some problems with my WIFI. It’s not working properly.

I also try to install the latest version of the driver (, but I get an error message. I have updated the HD graphics and WiFi drivers.

But the problem is still the same.

How can i get rid of this ? Any tips?


Category: Networking

How to connect 4-5 or more laptops to play game like Call of Duty of Counter Strike.

Can they be connected via Bluetooth?

Category: Networking

What is the meaning of dynamic IP address and static IP address? Also, please explain the difference between these two types of IP address. Thanks.

Category: Networking

What is the meaning of DNS and why and when is it used? I know this name is used very widely. That is why , I wanted to 

know the detail about it. Please explain.

Category: Networking

We have two computer on which we play games separately, but I wanted to play the game on line i.e. multiplayer game.

How can

I play or do I have to install any software to play the games?

Please help me here.

Category: Networking

Is Ethernet network card the same as Ethernet adapter?

If no, how did they became different and what are the examples?