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What are the network protocols used at the data link layer of the OSI model? These terms used in the CCNA exam and I am following a CCNA course and if you can give me the answers it really helpful for me.

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What are the key functionalities of the Cisco hierarchical model?

Category: Networking

Hello all,

Even after recharging my internet connection I get this error on opening some websites.

Does anyone know if it is the internet problem or something else?

Thanks for the help.

Network Error (tcp_error)

A communication error occurred;””

The web server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests.

You may wish to try again at a later time.

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I am really interesting in networking and currently following a diploma in networking in local university.

I heard about a Blu Modem from my friend.

What is this and why it calls as Blu modem?

Thank you

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Hello Guys,

The problem is with my HTTP local host server. Have a look at the error message below. What does it mean? I tried several ways to solve the problem but no result. If you have any idea for this error message, please help me to solve this problem.


The page at http://localhost says:

Please enter the minutes.

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Hi Experts,

I use Linux-based OS on my Android. And I faced a problem with file transfer through Bluetooth.

Have a look at the error message below. Have you any idea to get a remedy on this issue?

Please help.


My Bluetooth

Unable to get Bluetooth FTP Remote Folder content.

Please check that your device is turned on and working properly..

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I recently tried for the first time, to connect my PC via Bluetooth to Android but failed. How can I know whether my PC has Bluetooth drivers installed and if not, what should I do?


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Is Yahoo dial up download actually not feasible? I only managed to download about 5mb and it has taken 4 hours. Is there a cd I can buy to be able to actually install yahoo instead of wasting hours in trying to download via dial up but really does not push through?

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How to make lan network copy faster? I am a small business entrepreneur and I need to know how to make lan network copy faster. Does the number of computers affect this? As well, since I have multiple computers, does cable length affect too? Do I need a different kind of router?

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So I was having some fun multiplayer games windows LAN connected at home. My friends brought in their PCs here. Now, it just doesn't work. We have tried it before and it was fine. Now it's just not working. Help us!