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I am trying to manage a client computer using Absolute Manage 4.0.  Why are my commands in Absolute Manager NAT router not executing and keeps on deferring in command queues?  I'm thinking that it is being blocked by the firewall.  Anyone having the same problem?

Category: Networking

Hello friends,

One of my teacher recommended me to install Ccleaner Network professional on my computer. I am facing the problem during the installation. I tried to reinstall it after un-installation of this program, but every time problem remains the same. I am unable to install some of the clients of Ccleaner network professional and encountered with the error.

BGE-WKSxx: Error 39. Cannot install CCN client

I don’t know what the reasons behind this problem. I want to resolve this issue.

Please tell me how I can fix this error?

I hope someone will help me out very quickly and soon.

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Hi Experts,

I have a domain which is configured using Windows Server 2003 and clients are Windows XP Pro. It’s possible to login with the domain user id. But of the users don't login into the domain; they are login into the local machine with usernames which are NOT in the domain.

They get access to files which are stored on the server, by using the server's IP address in shortcuts and scripts. It appears to me that security on the server is not properly set or I must have been partly disabled, to allow this unauthorized access.

Can you help me in force the users to login into the domain credentials?

Thank you very much.

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Hi People,

After configuring the Pix 515 Firewall, we are not able to access to our network drives which is mapped in the network. During day time it will work fine, as time goes on it will start flapping and from evening onwards it will get disconnected and will never get connected.

I have scanned for virus in my PC & no virus found

Please suggest something on resolving it.

Thank you.

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I have a home based studio, with a phone jack and modem or router box. The studio has a network based on a Netgear modem router dgn3500 ( to a home network based on a Livebox (192,168 .1.1) how to connect the two networks so that the machines one can send files to each other and share resources and vice versa?

I think we have already kept them in the same Workgroup but even after that it’s not communicating with each other.

Thanks for the help.

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My question is related my networking and protocols. I want answers from Networking experts only. I am searching for ss7 protocol generators and the way how to implement it. I am working on Signalling System 7 (SS7) protocol and its specification. Please tell me how I can test this protocol.

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I am working on a small setting that has few basic security zones, with a Fortigate 60c sitting at the middle acting traffic monitoring agent.

Now I have noticed that even very light load to the Fortigate will cause lots of latency, and when it gets heavily loaded it will be crapping out well below the rated speed. I am assuming that this is because we are running a Dinky box near the bottom of the range in NAT mode with a few IDS features enabled.

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Hae techies,

I'm trying to set up a small cyber cafe and want to real player network install the PCs with the media software. Which network topology would make the process quick? Star or Ring topology?

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hi techies,

Im a fun of online games and would love to know the oberon s games in asus that are trending and which ones can allow comparison of players' cheats for online competition.

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How can i Synchro contact Gmail wave 3 without any details of contacts from Gmail being saved in the phone memory but only fetched from Gmail and used when needed.

This is to avoid mixing personal and business contacts.