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Using the program Partition Magic I can see I have a hidden partition on my computer. I need to copy files from hidden partition but I can not figure out how making it available at all.

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Every time I log in to my network account I receive this message: “HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error.” At first I thought it was just my computer and internet connection, but when I tried to use different computers, it still gave me the same error message. Does this mean that my network account is at risk? Or is it the website’s server that I am trying to access that has problems?

Please help me fix this if there’s any way.

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When Installshield Wizard is repairing PELCO DX4500_DX4600 Client than an error occurs which you can see in the below attached image. Help me to resolve this problem. Thanks

Self  registration Error

The following files did not self register or unregister:

1.C:\ProgramFiles\PELCO\PELCO DX4500_DX4600 Client\NetworkClient\BKSocket.dll

The specified module could not found.

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My one of Helpdesk personnel received the following error while making an RDP connection from Windows XP SP3 to a Windows Server 2008 R2 server.

Does anybody face this before?

Please let me know.

Remote Desktop Disconnected

Remote Desktop Disconnected

Remote desktop cannot connect to the remote computer because the authentication certificate received from the remote computer is expired or invalid.

In some cases, this error might also be caused by a large time discrepancy between the client and server computers.

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I am trying to load Grasshopper into Rhino 4 on the windows side of my Mac. While loading I am getting error messages: I have .NET 3.5 installed on my windows, but In the Windows control panel the Grasshopper download does not register any file size

Rhino Plug-in Error

Rhino Plug-in Error


GrasshopperPlugin.rhp load error. Plug-in identified as .NET plug-in but .NET support not found on this computer.

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Error is : An error occurred while performing the “(0)” action. The error message is –“(1)”. (Edit Text File Action)

Error of having realized the action ” (0) “. The error message is:

An error occurred while performing the “{0}” action. The error message is- “{1)} [Edit Text File Action]

Retry Launch

An error occurred while performing the “{0}” action. The error message is- “{1)} [Edit Text File Action]

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We have seven offices with a physical DC, a corresponding subnet and a site in AD for each. I tried looking in their IP site links and the former admin had a site link named Northwest (is it a default name?) and all other sites linked to it. I noticed that this was creating some problems with the KCC and is not able to form a spanning tree profile.

All of the sites are properly connected by a business ADSL (5/50mbps) or a cable and VPN links. For an optimum performance, should I make a site linked to each other sites to form a network? Or would a hub or spoke work better with the admin, which will perform FSMO roles will be located in the middle?

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I am trying to manage a client computer using Absolute Manage 4.0.  Why are my commands in Absolute Manager NAT router not executing and keeps on deferring in command queues?  I'm thinking that it is being blocked by the firewall.  Anyone having the same problem?

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Hello friends,

One of my teacher recommended me to install Ccleaner Network professional on my computer. I am facing the problem during the installation. I tried to reinstall it after un-installation of this program, but every time problem remains the same. I am unable to install some of the clients of Ccleaner network professional and encountered with the error.

BGE-WKSxx: Error 39. Cannot install CCN client

I don’t know what the reasons behind this problem. I want to resolve this issue.

Please tell me how I can fix this error?

I hope someone will help me out very quickly and soon.

Category: Networking

Hi Experts,

I have a domain which is configured using Windows Server 2003 and clients are Windows XP Pro. It’s possible to login with the domain user id. But of the users don't login into the domain; they are login into the local machine with usernames which are NOT in the domain.

They get access to files which are stored on the server, by using the server's IP address in shortcuts and scripts. It appears to me that security on the server is not properly set or I must have been partly disabled, to allow this unauthorized access.

Can you help me in force the users to login into the domain credentials?

Thank you very much.