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I’m currently in the middle of developing a software for Windows 7 64 bits, which will be able to know the ports being used by running software. It is possible with netstat remote, but I was wondering if there is a way to execute commands for another client, remotely?

Category: Misc Networking

Hello TechyV buddies!

I am having some problem with our ESXi 4.1.0 hosts. The management network is not enabled.

If I try to enable the management network an error occurs.

The error message is this: "Operation on the management network interface failed"

Although the management network is disabled I can still do a ssh connection via management network interface IP address. This is because there is no connection via vsphere client o the vcenter.

How can I configure this problem?

Can I restart the management network?

Is there any other way not to restart the host server?

Can anyone help me solve this issue?

Category: Misc Networking

Hello Techyv buddies!

I am having some trouble with the Terminal Services-Remote connection Manager. A self-signed certificate is needed to be used by the Terminal Server authentication when connecting to SSL which fails to create by the terminal server.

The key that is relevant to the status code is not valid to use in the in the certain state.

Here are the following problem that shows:

Log name: system

Source; Terminal Services – remote Connection Manager

Event id: 1057

Keywords: classic

OpCode: info

Any help will greatly be appreciated.

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Hello Techyv buddies,

I am having some problems regarding the use of Cognos 10.1 and Internet Explorer 8. As we use Internet explorer 8 in accessing cognos these problems are being encountered:

Contents in the Cognos Connection will hide new items. Network error (tcp_error) in the middle of executing the report and some items while opening the report studio. MES_XML_LOADSTRING_ERRO while opening/creating reports in Analysis Studio.

I am not so sure the causes of these recurrent problems. We tried to seek the help f IBM and what they give was a generic solution. We were advice to upgrade to 10.1.1 or install a fix pack.

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I am having some trouble when I open my personal website. I am not very good in IT so I really need a good help in this matter. Every time I open my website, an error message keeps on showing, and It goes like this:

“Network Error (tcp_error)

A communication error occurred: “Operation timed out”

The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to

For instance, contact your network support team.”

What could be the causing problem to this error? I will give more info about the problem if asked. I am looking forward for any good solutions to my problem. Thank you TechyV buddies.

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Hi friends

I am using the HA setup of AMX BPM1.2 HFO1. I had to change the emergency management services (EMS) transport to a fault tolerant system. I also changed the EMS connection string in AMX GUI. After I changed the string, AMX BPM is not properly initializing. I tried to fix it by undeploying it and also by removing all the deployed applications. I also cleared all the server queues but still ended up in the same problem.

When I deployed the AMX.BPM.APPP I got a warning message. The warning message said:

The system has discovered the following issues that need to be resolved in order to process your request.

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I am trying to establish a connection with the database. To carry out this task a new data source is required to be created. In this context I have turned the windows firewall off and the project wise client network configuration  settings are set as blank as it is in the same subnet mask.

I was able to create a data source yesterday from another user account but unfortunately today when using another account I cannot create a data source. I get the following error on my screen:

Could not connect to datasource

Could not connect to datasource because of the following problem:

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Hello community,

Please refer to the following website:


Please note that it is an expression engine based website. I actually need your help in fixing an issue on this existing website. One of the developers I hired build 2 applications, which were running perfectly, but now, one of the applications has an issue and it needs to be solved as early as possible.

The application is actually a field scheduler for a soccer coach to log in and their required fields and timings for the practice session. When the soccer coach makes a selection, a report is automatically generated as a reference for the organization.

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Hi guys,

I am recently using sitefinity for management of my website. When I try to upload the images, I see the following error on my screen:

The page at cvweb01.desales.edu says:

Return code: 0

What does this error means? I am not able to upload any images on my website.

Can anyone please look into the matter for me? I will be really thankful.

Looking forward to your response.

Thanking you a lot.

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Hi friends,

I have been using Mozy online backup service for my windows, but now, my backups are not functioning. Each time, I try to see my backup, I get the following error message on my screen:

Whoops! Error Code Not Found

Error code not found! Please email

It asks me to send an email to mozy, but how ? I can't find an option anywhere from where, I can email them my query. I have searched the net, but of no help.

Can anyone please tell me what to do?

Please shed some light on the problem.

Kindest regards.