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Category: Misc Networking

Hi I am running a small business and I am living far from them (office stuff). Now I need user desktop activity monitoring system where I can monitor their entire Desktop activity. Please help me with details including what I need and the amount of cost.

Category: Misc Networking

Hi there,

I work as a network assistant. Which means that I have to work on defined sites all over the city, and as a result my primary work is done through cacti.

Recently my company have issued the use of vmware image cacti . And this has become a huge trouble for me as the vmware image cacti is not working at all. And when I say not working at all I mean it does not work, it just freezes and is completely unresponsive

Category: Misc Networking

What are the commands that will set the queue for packets at 75 when a packet is found interesting and needs a place to wait for the ISDN link to come up?

Category: Misc Networking

Hi all experts,

I wanted to connect my Bluetooth headphone and mp3 player to my system, but unable to connect it. I have just bought it from one showroom, they didn't gave me any drivers CD. Can anyone educate me, is these gadgets require any drivers or can be directly connected. Please give some suggestions for connecting other device to my system.

Category: Misc Networking

Hi all users,

I want to learn some coding and logical parts of JavaScript language. I am reading online materials, but not finding them sufficient for the knowledge. Now, I want some live lessons from any Java experts so that I can ask my all doubts and have one conversation.

Can anyone guide me for attending any live lessons of JavaScript language.

Category: Misc Networking

Good day! Thank you for helping. I am a newbie on networking and I will be assigned to work with a few computers here at the shop. Is there a program how to find the broadcast IP very quickly? Calculating the IP addresses on manual manner would take bit much of my time if I do it.

Category: Misc Networking

My SAN guy is wanting us to install the EMC Navisphere Agent on our ESX 3.5 hosts. Is anyone using this and have any feedback?
I've been trying  to find the compatibility doc from Vmware to see what is approved in the console but darned if I can find the thing.

Category: Misc Networking

Dear experts

I am searching for an application related to networking. I am looking for access control list wildmask calculator application which takes IP address and wildcard mask as input. After receiving an input the Acl wildcard mask calculator should show output about first address and last address in the wildcard mask network range.

Please recommend me any good acl list calculator.


Category: Misc Networking

Hello Everyone

I am using windows XP sp2 on my dell machine. I am looking for bsnl evdo data card driver.

BSNL provides ZTE AC8700 modem.

It looks like the image below.

Kindly share with me the download link and please provide me the bsnl evdo dialer software for zte modem immediately.

I would appreciate your help.


Category: Misc Networking

I use my Mac computer for networking configurations. A friend mentioned I should consider a mac address identifier for managing networks. I would like to know if there is a Mac identifier 2 that helps in allowing me to know the Mac addresses and managing different network? Also, is there a Mac identifier 2 available for free download?