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Hello Friends!

Can anyone please help me how to solve Smart Bro Error 628 which says “ The connection  was terminated  by the remote computer before it could be completed”? Can anyone please tell me what is the problem? I just bought it last week and it is fully loaded but how come I cannot connect? Anyone please help.  By the way I’m using it on my Windows 7 laptop.

Thanks in advance. 

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Hello techyv.com!

I have been working as a customer support representative from the Phils, and I was hired recently to work for the Russian via home based here in the Phils.

The problem is that the site only considers ip address from russia, so please help me because I need a free Russians ip address download.


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First of all I want to learn if Junos support the Junos proxy or not. While looking up there I have failed to find out the show system services DNS-proxy cache CLI command. Please help me finding out it.

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I want to integrate a speed tester on my website, from which website can I get a sample code to check speed test of my broadband connection.

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I want to assign a new IP Address and I want my Dynamic DNS to be automatically updated to my PC.

I need Help anyone knows how to auto DNS Update for dynamic IP?

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Hi there,

I just recently got a brand new adsl connection for a local ISP which has very good user feedback. And I am very calculative when it comes to my internet connection.

What I want to do is to test my adsl connectivity speed and latency. Sure I can use speedtest.net and it ping counterpart. But what I want is a adsl test free (online or offline) to check the connection thoroughly

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Dear Techyv,

Please share a link of an instructional video on how to create own LAN or Ethernet Cable to connect my two laptops since the other one is too old that it doesn't have a WiFi device.

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I need to setup range expander's settings. I have changed my wireless settings on the router. I need the detailed instructions on how to set the range expander without the installation CD using Windows Operating Systems.


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I encountered this error “An error occurred during host configuration” while troubleshooting host profile. Does anyone have a solution to this?

Cannot apply the host configuration


Cannot apply the host configuration.

Error: An error occurred during host configuration..


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Hi Experts.

I discovered the export option from OS X does not export things like: proxies, or DNS settings from the VPN configuration.

How can I export all of these?