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How does the IP version 4 differ from IP version 6? How many addresses could be available on IP version 6?

Category: ISPs & Hosting

There are five classes of IP addresses namely A, B, C, D and E. How can we find which IP address belongs to a such particular class. How many hosts are possible in each class?

Category: ISPs & Hosting

I cannot choose what is the best hosting plan for me. I would like to know if there is a disk space dedicated to my server and if there is, how can I check it? How much disk space do I need for my dedicated server?

Category: ISPs & Hosting

I have two PCs so I am using a router. I have a Globe DSL connection with the modem Huawei. I know it doesn't sound famous. Previously, I have Siemens Speedstream but then it malfunctioned so the company provided me with new modem. But, ever since I've used it, it is not compatible with my Edimax BR6314k router. I've searched through different forums and I was told that I have to change my current PC IP address.

How should I change my IP address?

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I have a wireless network, and I have used Proprietary USB Modem, my OS is Windows XP.

I host websites using this IP address and I noticed that there are lots of spam e-mail.

What IP address fits with my network connection?

What can I use here?

Please help.

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I am using the same connection in my PC everyday to connect Broadband internet connection via WAN or LAN something called it whatever I don’t know.

I wanted to use the Internet but suddenly my Internet broadband connection displays this error and no connection is being made.

Anyone help.

Thank you.

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What is TCP/IP, what is its significance while connecting two computers? How to find out the IP address of a system.  How does the browser know to go to a certain IP address when you enter a domain like google.com?

Category: ISPs & Hosting

My Internet service provider has been ridiculously slow recently. I have a back up ISP that connects through my USB. It’s a HSDPA modem. Will I be able to use them simultaneously, to achieve a faster Internet connection?

If it’s possible, please teach me how.

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When I try to connect my Laptop with other computers it shows an error message like, failed to connect with NIC.

What does it really mean?

Category: ISPs & Hosting

As part of my telephone service, I'm using dial-up connection in order to connect to the Internet. When I try dialing the connection, I received this error as shown above. I already tried restarting my computer and connect my dial-up but still, the same error appears. It worked fine last week.

What must be the problem? What should be done for me to connect my dial-up?

Error Connecting to connection to 19004080000

Registering your computer on the network...

Error 720: The connection attempt failed because your computer and the remote computer could not agree on PPP control protocols.