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I am hoping that I can get some ideas from all our techyv people here regarding uploading and download speed on the internet. What should I consider first when choosing an internet package?

I need to have an internet connection but I am getting confused with considering things.

Comcast is offering $53 for up to 50Mbps download speed and 10Mbps uploading speed.

And they preferably used the term power boost when promoting the package.

Which of the two should I put on my top priority list?


Category: ISPs & Hosting

Would you explain in detail what is this file and linked allocation? Please enumerate at least three (3) advantages and disadvantages of the variant linked allocation which uses FAT to connect the blocks of a files system in the Linux? I am looking forward for your reliable explanation and information, thank you so much.

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I would like to know if there available software packages in Debian/NSLU2? If yes, how many and what are the description and how it differs from each other? What are the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the performance? Please include also in your detailed explanation how the services of Debian/NSLU2 differs from the services of the other pages. Thank you so much.

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Would you please write the historical name of Debian/NSLU2. Please include also how and where to find the frame version for these. I would like also to know what is this SSH? Does the latest frame version supported by SSH or not? Why? Please explain it in detail, thank you in advance.

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Hello there!
I have a question regarding installation of internet.
I will move to a new house in a few weeks and I want my computers to be connected to the Internet without having to use a router.
I was wondering if DSL is a better option for me.
I also want every room in the house to have Internet access should I have DSL installed and I need to know if I have to pay extra if to make that possible.
What I am aware of is that I need to pay extra should I have the Internet accessible through a router and I am hoping that having DSL would avoid me of this problem.
Also, can you give suggestions on where I could look for reliable DSL connections including the cables and modems I could use?
Thank you very much...

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Can you help me try to figure it out what ISP should i get... 

Watch as a broadband connection is one of the things we need to advance in this line of work. 

(faster connection means to quickly build a link, submitting content, and site maintenance?)

I wondered what broadband ISPs recommend do you?

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Where and how can I see my networks Subnet Mask?

Category: ISPs & Hosting

I know that, now a days, homes, corporate intranet, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use proxy servers. Proxy serves as the bridge between the two ends of a client/server network connection.

What are the key features that proxy servers use in order to do their jobs? Is there any key function that proxy servers provide?
Category: ISPs & Hosting

The IP address of a computer may change from time to time. By doing so will it's MAC address remain the same or will it also change?

How do we ensure no duplication of MAC addresses?