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Hi there,

I have this Blackberry Curve which is going off whenever I try to save a game I was playing, at first I thought it was charge issues but this has been persistent and its getting more frequent, what could be causing such shutdowns and how can I solve it?

Category: Mobile Hardware

Nokia Lumia 920 i get this Sync error 80004005

Get this error 80004005 while sync Windows Phone Desktop App

Category: Mobile Hardware

I wanted some insight on what's going to be in Samsung Galaxy S5 compared to the iPHONE

Samsung Galaxy S5 VS iPHONE 5S or 5C

Please give me exact comparison info about these devices

Category: Mobile Hardware

I want to know the release date of Samsung S5 what would the price be?

Samsung Galaxy S5 all possible details about it

What are the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5

Would be great if all possible info could be provided

Category: Mobile Hardware

Dismantling the Nokia Lumia 620 to clean

I have a Lumia that has issues with the keys and wanted to remove all parts and clean it to try if this fixes the keyboard issue in the phone

Category: Mobile Hardware

What are the latest Nokia Lumia models

I wanted all the model names till the latest ones would be great

Please explain on each improvement each model has

Category: Mobile Hardware

Whats the cost of Nokia Asha 308? in other countries

How much is the Nokia asha 308 price in India

What are the features in this phone?

Category: Mobile Hardware

I wanted to buy this phone but wanted some help

Elife E6 features and reviews would help me decide.

Category: Mobile Hardware

How can i get my 300 MB PST file that has important emails into my Android phone

Import my pst into Android phone

Need help with step by step

Can give me for any phone as i have 6 Android phones and if it works on any one i am happy

Category: Mobile Hardware

I am used to Blackberry and i near real hard core reasons to buy the new one

Top 5 reasons to try BlackBerry 10

Can i have all details/colors/cost/packages/Features/Hardware changes/Software upgrades