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Galaxy Note 10.1 Vs iPAD 3 Vs iPAD Air

Can i have some reviews on these 3 devices and which is best and why?

All possible details would be of great use

Category: Mobile Hardware

I am totally confused on what these are?

Jelly bean vs android 4.4 kitkat

Are these version names one after another?

Can i have a detailed layman explanation please from start to end

Category: Mobile Hardware

Firefox OS Fireweb what are the features?

I heard its on some mobiles

What are all the mobiles that have it and also what are the features in it?

Category: Mobile Hardware

Viper SmartStart can start Cars?

What is this a software installed on a Mobile?

What are the hardwares needed?

What cars are compatible with this?

What would the cost be to get this installed?

How safe is this?

Category: Mobile Hardware

Mobile Phones to be used as TV remotes?

Can anyone help me to understand what hardware in a Mobile helps to act as a remote to a TV?

What are the APP's needed?

What signals are transmitted?

Category: Mobile Hardware

Xolo Q900 is the Retina display good as Apple

I have heard that the Xolo has this model Q900 which has a retina display and competes the Apple iPAD etc ?

Can anyone help me with the details on the quality and also which is the best Phone and tablet with the best screen quality

Can be any brand and complete info needed

Category: Mobile Hardware

Review on LG G Pad 8.3 tablet

The screen was a awesome size but now guess iPAD mini is better but still would love to buy this phone

Can i have expert advice on the LG G Pad 8.3 tablet





Software etc

Category: Mobile Hardware

When will Nexus 5 be available in India?

I heard its soon but any specific dates?

Also whats new in this phone compared to older models

Can i have a complete review on this Nexus 5 please

Category: Mobile Hardware

Xolo A600 what Android version does it have

What are its features and how good is it when you compare to the other latest mobiles now on the market

Category: Mobile Hardware

Samsung W2014 dual screen inputs?

Can i know what does this dual screen so and what are the best features on this mobile

Any informational answers would be great