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Moto G what are the colors available

Which is the best look for this model

What are the cost for additional covers

What are the gadgets we can use with a Moto G

Category: Mobile Hardware

MOTO G do we get 50GB of free Google drive space?

This is great news but how is this integrated into the phone?

What are the other great features as this on MOTO G

Category: Mobile Hardware

MOTO G released to in which country?

What is the cost?

Features in this Phone

Whats the OS features on this phone

Category: Mobile Hardware

Lenovo Vibe Z features and reviews

Can anyone help me with this new device yet to release.

Looks cool and wanted to know what makes it look so sleek

Does it have a good camera?

Category: Mobile Hardware

Zync Cloud Z401 what APPs are in this device

I heard many APP's come for free with this phone and its a light weigh phone

Can i have all known info about this please

Category: Mobile Hardware

Xolo Q2000 the new device int he market?

What are the best features on this device. Can i have hardware and software details?

Does this have Panorama feature?

Category: Mobile Hardware

Motorola new MOTO G Vs MOTO X

Which one would be best?

When are these releasing and what can we expect in these?

Heard one of them is a cheap costed phone?

Category: Mobile Hardware

Gionee GPad-G3 whats new in it?

Does it have dual sim capability

What are the know features about Gionee GPad-G3

Please explain

Category: Mobile Hardware

The Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB VS Huawei Ascend Mate compared

Why is Samsung Galaxy S316GB better. I would like to get experts advice. Please dont dump configurations rather give me some unique analysis on the same

Category: Mobile Hardware

Compare the Celkon Campus A60 vs Micromax Bolt A40

I want some cool and detailed info about these 2 devices

Pros and cons about both and all info like cost etc details