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I have the galaxy S3 phone with Android 4 installed. I'm looking for the 9 letter words puzzle apps, because I really enjoy the game! :)

So far I found some non free games, but i want to play them for free

Category: Mobile Browsers

Is there any method or way how to add comcast mail to touchpad for viewing and reading them using browser after that, because

I can not open any on my pc?

Category: Mobile Browsers

Hi guys,

I received this Windows error message while connecting Vodafone Mobile to my machine.

Have a look at the message.

mobile connection

Vodafone Mobile Connect

Mobile connection not possible.

-Set your current mobile device as the default

device in the 'Manage Devices' view

-Ensure that no other programs are using your

mobile devices and try again in a short while

-Delete the device in the 'Manage Devices' view,

add it back again, and then try connecting.

If this error persists, please contact Support

Category: Mobile Browsers

Hi there,

Setup - Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits


Unable to execute file:


CreateProcess failed; code 2.

The system cannot find the file specified.


Why I am unable to execute files properly?

Do i miss something?

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I wanted to install the new Whats App application on my phone and I need some assistants on how to do this can anyone help me.

Category: Mobile Browsers

Hey I saw this cute android and I decided I would get it so I got a Samsung Galaxy 2 problem is I don't know any browsers for this wonderful phone can someone please assist me with options.

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AT & T is going to launch a new service to block the stolen phone? When it is going to launch the service. Is it available in all the countries or restricted to US only.

Category: Mobile Browsers

I really love my Nokia Lumia 710. It runs IE 9 which makes browsing the net good for me. But I do have a problem because it doesn’t play videos from Youtube and other sites. It just says “not supported.” How can I fix this and where to download?

Category: Mobile Browsers

Is it possible to have a notepad that can save text files for a Nokia C3?

Category: Mobile Browsers

How can I watch Youtube on my Samsung Transform Ultra Android phone? There is no Youtube app. When I try watching in my browser, the videos just keep loading. I thought it was about the connection but I guess it's not. What seems to be the problem?