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I am simultaneously receiving the error below when trying to save a movie in Windows Movie Maker. I am trying to save it as the default Movie Maker Project file but it still failed. I also tried to run the latest update but it doesn't change anything. Can someone please help me?

Save Movie Wizard

Cannot Complete the Save Movie Wizard

Your movie was not saved successfully.

We are utilizing MS Web Deploy for deploying websites. It works fine this morning but when attempting to install Web Deploy, it failes. Starting the service gives an error, "Windows could not start the Web Deployment Agent Service service on Local Computer. Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion." I am running Windows Server 2008 64-bit SP2. How to fix this issue?

After upgrading my Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to 4.0, I started getting the error which I attached below. This happens when making or whenever I am saving a new CRM activities such as Appointments, Phone Calls and more. Please tell me how to fix it. Thank you.

Record is Unavailable

The requested record was not found or you do not have sufficient permissions to view it.

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Hi there,

I have created a Test Company in GP 10 and instead of opening Analytical Accounting window this error box popped up. I have this error for the first time and I have no idea what it means. Can anyone tell me how can I fix this and how I can restore the settings from the begging? Thank you!

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Analytical Accounting has not been installed. Access denied.

Hi there,

While installing Analytical Accounting in the middle of the process two errors stopped the install wizard. I tried to run the install twice and also downloaded again but still. I don’t know if is a problem with my laptop or with the software. Can anyone help me to install it properly? Also, I am curious why I have this kind of error? Regards!

Microsoft Dynamics GP


I want to post a bank transaction, but this error appears and resets all my commands. At my last post everything worked fine, I didn’t have any problem with the post. In the past, I had a few problems in Microsoft Dynamic GP which I fix them, but now I am stuck. Anyone knows how to solve this and why can’t upgrade the software ?

Thanks !

Microsoft Dynamics GP

The stored procedure aagCreate Tree returned the following

Results: DBMS: 0, Microsoft Dynamics GP: 22004.

Hello Everyone , I have added my daughter to my computer and I tried to set up her account. After a lot of tries I always get an error message from Windows Live Family Safety. I was struggling a lot to deal with this error, because at first I did not know how to fix it. I tried checking the registry, compared the settings on different computers, downloaded New SID utility tool for my windows. I have also tried to reset and enable my computer accounts .All of those methods failed. After a lot of researching I found out that it had to something with Windows Firewall. First I had to check if my windows firewall was working correctly. After that I found out that the problem was that I did not use the most last version. I installed the most last version and solved my issue. Regards.

Hi Brainy,

When I attempt to install the Microsoft Communications Managed API 4.0 on a Windows Server 2012, I ended up with this error message. Is this requires any specific system requirements before installation? Am I missing anything? I am doing this in Windows server 2012, think this is supported. Help me to fix the error. Thanks for your help.

Error :

Setup has detected that this computer does not meet the requirements to install this software. The following blocking issue must be resolved before you can install Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API 4.0, Runtime software package.

Hi trouble shooters,

I am in the process of setting the system, when I came to Windows Live Messenger I ended up with an error message. But I am sure, checked twice password and ID are damn perfect. Why I am getting this error? Do I need to check the internet security settings? Please assist to find the solution. Thanks.

Title: Windows live Messenger error 80048821

Windows Live Messenger could not sign you in because the windows Live ID you entered does not exist or is incorrect.

If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot your password? at the bottom of the main Messenger window.

Hi Friends,

I am a gamer, but I don’t like this Battlefield 3 game. Because whenever I play this game it always showed me some error, not allowing me complete the game. I thought the system configuration might be the problem, so after upgrading my system to windows 8 played again ended up with different error DirectX error. Friends give me some suggestion to come out of this error. Thanks

Image of the Error

Error Message in the Image

DirectX Error