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I am trying to purchase some music from the Xbox store but keep getting the below error

Sorry, The Xbox service isn't available right now.

0xc000d11cd (0x80004005)

I installed Windows 8.1 and then installed the Xbox APP

Hi Friends,

Microsoft Surface Limited WiFi issue limited and no internet access.

I have no internet connected to my Surface even though i have my Wifi connected. My Wifi works as my laptop & iPHONE are connected and working fine. So its some setting to do with my Surface.

I have a broadband connection which is 8 Mbps


Get a refund from Microsoft for the products purchased?

I purchased Windows 8 and office 2013 and now I am really upset with the issues they have been creating and want to survive with the Windows 7 and office 2007 that I have already. Anyways I can get a refund for these softwares?

Who can I contact/Email? How does this return policy work with Microsoft?

Do they have a process for this?


Hi techyv,

I have a Macbook pro with Mavericks has a Skydrive issue. I have been sync my files till today and now it crashes just for no reason. I tried restarting and checking the services and logs and all seem to be fine.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

I even reinstalled SkyDrive but no luck.

This is new to me on why such an error occurs while i try to access. I am not able to login to outlook.com

"You're currently signed in with an Office 365 email account, which can't be used with Outlook.com"

Outlook.com having trouble downloading or viewing attached files?

I have no clue on why this happens and i get directed to a page where we have IE versions to download

I have been trying to setup my mails from outlook.com to send emails via my Gmail.com but i get an error 535

Error code 535 Authentication failed Please check your username password

Anyone else faced this and fixed it?

Please help

What are all the softwares Microsoft is ending support 2014?

I heard Windows Xp is going from Microsoft support and what are the other Softwares from Microsoft?

Operating systems and Softwares that would have a end of support?



Something weird is happening with Office 2007 because every time I open One Note I get the error shown below. Any suggestions?

Error #19

At end of something


I am using Microsoft OneNote for organizing and sharing my notes and sometimes images are involved. Recently whenever I insert an image for sharing am getting the following error below. I tried changing image size but no luck yet. Any ideas?

You can’t press too Quickly!

We haven’t get the image yet!