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Hello Professionals,

I have CRM 3.0 in my computer I get this error message every one hour. This error message makes me frustrated and tired. I cannot find any solution in the online search, how I can fix this error? Why I am not able to save the changes? How to change the read-only? Please enrich me with some ideas. Thank you.

This record is read-only in Microsoft CRM. Changes will not be synchronized to the Microsoft CRM system.

Hi tech savvy,

When I try to save a document in LibreOffice 3.6 I stuck up with an error message. I am not able to the save the document. Not able to understand the error message clearly. I created the document but now I cannot save it due to insufficient rights. How is it possible? Am I going wrong? Please help.

Error saving the document Untitled 1: Object not accessible.

The object cannot be accessed due to insufficient user rights.

Hello Pro,

When I try to view a Visio 2010 diagram in a SharePoint server site by using a web browser, Visio 2010 diagram is not displayed. For your information Silverlight is disabled in that. Does hotfix fix my problem? How do I fix with hotfix? Do I need to install the hotfix? Please help. Thanks.

Unable to retrieve data from the server. The web request failed.

Hi Pro,

Microsoft Pro Studio 6.1 installation went successful without any error. So I was very happy, but within no time when I am about to start the Pro Studio I got this error message. Where do I find the missing dll file? The missing dll is in the computer or do in need to install it? Please suggest me some solutions. Thanks in advance.

The program can’t start because Waves5.0.DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Hi expert friends,

When I signed in Microsoft Lync 2010 to schedule an online meeting I ended up with the error message. I am not able to set the online meeting. After the error message I checked the account user but I don’t see any problem there. What is mean by UC enabled? It’s my account then what might be the issue? How to fix this error? Help please.

Hi friends,

When I try to open a file in Windows Live Movie Maker, it throws me an error message. The error states me that the file may be corrupted. So I followed the common method of uninstall and reinstalling it again, but no luck. Do I need to run the antivirus? Do I need to run CCleaner? Which one helps me? Please help. Thanks.

One or more of the effects files that Movie Maker needs in order to run is corrupted. Please repair Movie Maker by clicking “Uninstall a program” in Control Panel, and the double-clicking “Windows Live Essentials”.

Hi trouble shooters,

When I am in the process of installing the Microsoft Lync 2010 in the computer I stuck up with the error message. My computer has windows operating system and it operates without any problem, the only problem right now is this following error message. Is the Lync 2010 is not compatible with windows 7 operating system? Any other option is available to install the Lync? Someone could help me to fix this error. Thanks.

This product requires at least Mircosoft Windows Server 2003 SP1 or Microsoft Windows XP SP3.

Hello Ally,

I am a beginner in .NET, When I tried to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 I ended up with an error message. For your information it is a licensed version not the pirated one. And I have windows 8 operating system 64 bit and 250 GB Hard disk. I tried the options in the error message like rebooting the system, closing other applications and restarting the installer again. But no luck guys please help. Your help is great.

Hello tech savvy,

I installed Zune in my computer and it was a successful installation. But the problem triggered when I try to connect my phone LG Optimus 7 with the computer. An error pops up when I try to read it. So I tried the method of disconnecting and reconnecting, but no luck. Help please.


The Zune software can’t access important data on your device. Try disconnecting and reconnecting it.If the problem persists, contact customer support.


When I upgraded my system hardware last week, I also tried to upgrade my Windows Media Player. Upgrade went pretty good, but the problem rose when I try to play audio file. I tried to re-install the media player, but the error message appeared again. Is there any problem with the installation? Any file is missing in the installation? Please help me to find the error. Thanks.

No combination of filters could be found to render the stream.

Error Num:80040218