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Hi All,

I have windows 7 OS and wanted to know if i can watch 3D movies with Media player and if yes then what are the plug in's needed and what else do i need to know?

Does my laptop screen needs to be a 3D compatible one?

Media player in Windows 7 does it support 3D?




I am looking to do Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) course for windows that is mcse windows. Can anyone explain me the criteria of it and how can I apply for it ? And what are the requirements and How many exams I have to pass ?

Hi experts,

I faced a problem while I try to start WordPerfect Office X4. I got the error message which says,” WordPerfect has not been installed correctly." This happens only in WordPerfect Office X4 but not in X3 version. Please help me to solve this problem.

WordPerfect has not been installed correctly.


I faced a problem on WordPerfect X6. I’ve seen this error message twice now on the first run of WordPerfect X6 after installation: “Third Party Handler Error

Unable to load: …Corel\WordPerfect Office X6\Programs\documentManagementHandler.dll”

Error in WordPerfect X6

Hi! I attempted a PWA operation as a non-administrator and received an error message like the following:

Microsoft Project Server 2010 Category & Global Permission

” The global permission 85993afd-5430-4c0e-bdcf-12e013fa0b1e was denied for the user.”

Last week, I put the folder KPT that IX came with the painter in the folder of painter's Plugins 11. Then, whenever I opened painter 11, I received a message in error that he (she) says: The float / brush identifier is missing plugin.

The message only would disappear after their strike the button to enter 26 times (yes, I have counted... LOL)... I decided that he (she) did not need this inconvenience therefore I have eliminated the folder KPT. I continue making come the error message whenever I begin to painter 11. I have proved (tried) the following thing:

When I try to install this software, suddenly I got an error message. I've re-extracted the file several times, and it's on the local hard drive. I have no idea why the word "Network" comes into play here...

The error message says, “Error 1316. A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file C:\PROGRAM FILES\JASC SOFTWARE INC\SETUP FILES\Paint Shop Pro 7.msi”

paint Shop Pro 7 error

Microsoft .Net framework error message: I was receiving an error message at the time of running an application. Does it in fact essential to install Microsoft .Net framework?

App.exe- This application could not be started.

App.exe- This application could not be started.
This application requires one of the following versions of the .Net Framework;
Do you want to install this .Net Framework version now?

With “VueScan” my scan seems awesome; on the other hand the application is distant from steady.

Freshly I have received a collapse always I end the application. I really care to throw out the movie, I end the scanner window, and after that I end VueScan; however 8 times from 9 this is what I receive in go back error.

I am forecasting to spend a little time on Vuescan's carry forums to view if there are any identified workarounds.

Some thoughts?

The Application VueScan quit unexpectedly.

The Application VueScan quit unexpectedly.

I am attempting to install WikkaWiki into my localhost. However I received a configuration error message with the server. How 1 can resolve this?

Server Error in “/” Application.

Server Error in “/” Application.

Configuration Error.