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I am having a difficult time importing my Outlook Express emails into a .pst file.

I know there is no direct way of doing it and I’m not so techyv to figure out.

Is there someone who can help me on what to do or what software I can use in between to convert outlook express to PST?

Category: Outlook Express

Hello, good day to you, I am using hotmail account through the outlook express. Now I want to do the projects using outlooks. I have some contact information. So now I want outlook import crm contacts. Please tell me how to import it correctly. Thanks. 

Category: Outlook Express

I have MS Outlook Express here but I don't know how to use it and how to enter into it. Because this requires me to use in my work. I gave already my name, email address, and password. And when it is configuring, after a minute it is failed. 

I really need an answer. 

Thank you.

Category: Outlook Express

Hi to every one. There is a little problem with outlook express as I connect to server using ID and password it opens account but I can not compose and send mails, message to other person. I am not understanding how to use it. Do you have to use outlook express in your life? Further More when yahoo, gmail type services are available then why outlook express is needed? Any guidance please.

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Hello guys,

We all know that outlook is a very extraordinary creation of Microsoft. When we use outlook we may ask question what we cannot do with this tiny software compared to the huge softwares produced by others. But I am seeking for an outlook appointment software. So help me about this matter.

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Hi experts,

I am an windows outlook user.

But I know there also exists outlook web app.

Outlook web app is a web application that helps the people to use their internet browser and offers a huge productivity to them.

But I could not find any free outlook web app.

As I am asking this here because I want you guys to help me out finding this free app.

If you have the solution of my problem then please answer here.

Category: Outlook Express

Hellow friends,

I know that I am asking questions to very well informed members. I am here to ask a question about auditing emails in ms outlook. As we all know for business purpose we have to send and receive many emails everyday. And to kepp tracking them we have to audit our mails. But how can I audit email in outlook?

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I did face a problem while I install Lookout on Outlook 2007. Can somebody guide me? I am not sure why this pop-up message comes. Please provide me a proper solution so that I can fix this issue.

Lookout failed to start

Sorry!! It looks like another Outlook Plugin has installed an unofficial version of the Outlook libraries which breaks Lookout. Lookout will not be able to load. For more information, see this link:

Category: Outlook Express

while I tried to organize some of our user’s Meeting settings exercising the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Administration Tool I got an error message Validation failed – Validation failed with HRESULT = 0XC3EC7E02 Why is this error caused ? I tried to debug but could not do anything please help me…

Please see the above and below images.

Validation failed – Validation failed with HRESULT = 0XC3EC7E02