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This has been really tough for me to wrap my head around. How is Azure having an active directory helping it integrate with Cloud computing.

I want to download Ad Manager plus for active directory management and reporting. Can any user please tell me, what problems does it solve? And what platform does it support?

I was reading about Ad Manager Plus, which is a user friendly Active Directory management and reporting solution. One of the complex tusk the software handle is Bulk management of user accounts.

Dear experts can you please explain me, what is the meaning of Bulk management of user accounts?

Can I install and activate Active Directory on Windows 7? If it is possible, how will I do that?


I am trying to open Microsoft Exchange 2007 Management Console on the Exchange 2007 server. However, I keep getting an error message saying "Active Directory operation is failed." It looks like this:

Can anyone help me fix this problem? Thanks!


Active Directory operation failed on "Full Computer name". The supplied credential for "Servername\Username" on Bind operation is invalid error Code: 0x31.

Hi guys,

I got an Active Directory error message when I am trying to run the Password Policy Manager. The error message looks like this:

Current security context is not associated with an Active Directory domain or forest.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


Current security context is not associated with an Active Directory domain or forest.

I am trying to back-up some of my files. However, some of these files contain Active Directory information.

I can’t recover the data using recovery wizard unless I identify a different location to recover.

Every time I try to recover data using Windows Server Backup tool, the error message above shows up.

Can you tell me other ways on how to do this?



Hi guys,

I got a problem today particularly about Microsoft Active Directory. I already emailed Microsoft technical support representative. They said it's an ongoing issue and now being tracked by Microsoft Product Support Services.
I thought I could trace the problem with my small knowledge of Active Directory limits. I tried to fix the thing but it just showed me the error messages above.

Can you help me troubleshoot this problem? Any answer will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

The following error message prompted on my computer. Please advise on how to resolve this issue. Thank you.

Failed to retrieve access rights. 
Unable to perform an Active Directory query on domain ‘domainName’. 

Recently, I have done two fresh installations of 10.5 over two different 1st generation system Macbooks, plus, I have also done Active Directory binding with 2000 and 2003 platform but it resulted in an error message, i.e, “Invalid Username / Password”. I really don’t know why I’m encountering this issue as being a network administrator I’ve got the right credentials but it is considered as invalid. Moreover, my machine is plainly in coordinated with DNS and domain controllers. I was just wondering if any of you has been through this problem or not? Regardless of this, Ad binding goes smoothly with AD 1.5.6 which rises with 10.4 though, AD 1.6 plug-in resulted as corrupt.


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