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What is the purpose of the active directory Windows Server 2012? What are its benefits? Can I create a new active directory with the least number of coding in the PowerShell?

What are the major component changes in the active directory windows 2008 r2? What are the features added in Windows Server 2008 R2 that can improve its performance?

I have a user group with some members, but I am unable to fetch the details. How to obtain the active directory users and groups?

Which are the top three free open source active directory alternatives for Microsoft Active Directory? Are there any substitutions for Microsoft Active directory for free?

I need to import users in the format of CSV files to the active directory with OU combined. That is exported to the active directory. Since all are active accounts I don’t know how to import users into active directory?

Is there any other way except the Event viewer to track user Logon Logoff active directory? How can I monitor the user logon and logoff active directory?

I often get the error message the directory service was unable to allocate a relative identifierwhenever I try to create a new object in the Active Directory. How can I solve this problem?

Whenever I try to rename my Windows server 2008, I get an error message as the directory service is busy. Is there any solution to this problem with the directory service?

There are two domain controllers where I want to replicate a directory. The directory is in use. How can I force active directory replication between two domain controllers?

How best could Microsoft active directory be integrated with cloud identity management in boasting the overall effectiveness of company security strategy? It is no more a news that Microsoft active directory is now very less effective, if we integrate Microsoft active directory with cloud identity management, how well can this improve the effectiveness of active directory? If not, what strategy can improve the effectiveness of active directory?