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Hello everyone,

I have to Add some Custom Attributes to the Active Directory. I asked my Friends about it, and they were Blanking Out. I want someone to help in Creating Active Directory Custom Attributes.

I am using Windows 2008, and now I want to restore my active directory. Can you please guide me through the steps of backup and restore active directory?

Hello all,

I want to Export the Group Members of the Active Directory to a Text File. I don’t know about the command that I have to use to perform this task. Someone, please tell me the commands to Export Active Directory Group Members.

Hello friends,

I have encountered a need to Export List of Users from Active Directory to any other File. I don’t have much time to download an External Application. Someone, please help.

Hi Guys,

I want to Export the Active Directory Users to a CSV File. But, I do not want to use the Orthodox method for exporting. How can I Export Active Directory Users to Excel using an External Software?

Hello all,

I want to export the User Information of the Active Directory to a CSV File. But, I don’t know how to do that. Can someone help me to Export Active Directory to CSV?

I want to export the group members from an active directory to the CSV. What is the shortest and the simplest method to export users from active directory to CSV?

I heard about this great software called active directory but it is too expensive for me to download as a student. Can someone tell me the best way for active directory audit tools free?

Can someone please explain about the activation assistant for the 2007 Microsoft office suites, and tell me how it can help me? I am using a Windows computer.

I am using a dell computer with Windows azure, and I was trying to join a Windows 2012 R2 server to a domain. But I am continuously receiving an error as mentioned: “an active directory domain controller ad dc for the domain”. Can someone help?