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Recently, I got the following error message when I uninstalled McAfee and installed Norton 360 and attempted to open Outlook. What is the problem?

How can I uninstall the add-in properly so that I may run my program?

I would appreciate your help.


The Add-in McAfee Anti-Spam

Microsoft Office Outlook

The Add-in “McAfee Anti-Spam”

(c:\PROGRA~2\mcafee\msk\mskolplg.dll) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook.

Please contact the Add-in manufacturer for an update.


I received this annoying error message after installing Office 2010 and Visual Studio 2010. I can’t understand this unspecified error. How can I remove this weird error message? I really want resolution to fix it as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

Error Massage: Error at PackageName [Connection manager "ImportFileSource"]: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_OLEDBERROR. An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80004005.

Microsoft Visual Studio


I am trying to start IBM Clarity Studio which is a Desktop application has Microsoft Excel embedded. It’s a requirement to run this application. Excel has installed on my system but I got the error message starting Clarity Studio suggesting to install Microsoft Office. How can I fix this problem? Have any idea? Thanks for any help.

Cannot start Clarity Studio. Please install an Microsoft Office version greater or equal with Microsoft Office XP


The following error message occurred when Leap Conveyancer tried to access Microsoft Word. I really need an expert’s advice. I have installed Leap Office Add-In but the error exists. How can I remove this error? Help me to fix it immediately. Thanks in advance.

LEAP Conveyancer cannot communicate with Microsoft Word. Please make sure that the 'LEAP Office Add-In' is installed and enabled in Word.

LEAP Conveyancercannot communicate with Microsoft Word. Please make sure that the 'LEAP Office Add-In' is installed and enabled in Word.


I got the following error message when I was trying to install Microsoft Office. How can I install this software properly?

I have tried to reinstall this application to fix the problem, but I extremely need your assistance to resolve the error.

I am using Windows 7. Any help would be appreciated.


Setup Error 1923. Service 'Office Software Protection' (osppsvc) could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services.



When I attempted to activate Office 2010 I receive this following weird error message which I can’t solve without having an expert’s advice and solution. How can I activate with the proper way. I would be grateful to you for any assistance. Thanks in advance.

Error message: plug and play-Automatic-Not defined-Default domain policy

Resultant Set of Policy

Error message: Plug and Play-Automatic-Not Defined-Default Domain Policy


I have installed 64 bit Microsoft Office 2013 on my system but during the installation I received the following error message. I have 64 bit OS but it shows this annoying message why? Do I need to install the software again? I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.

We found a problem!

We’re sorry, Office (32bit) couldn’t be installed because you have these 64-bit Office programs installed on your program:

Microsoft Office 32-bit Professional Plus 2010

Microsoft Office Office 32-bit components 2010

Hi experts,

Recently, I downloaded Microsoft Office successfully but when I tried to run the Setup I get failed and received an unexpected error message. I looked for the additional help but could not solve the problem. I really need your assistance to resolve this matter. Thanks for everything.


We’re sorry, something unexpected happened…

Go online to look for additional help.


I get the following prerequisites error message when I try to install the Data Mining Add-in Setup into Office 2013. I have already installed Office 2010 in my system. How can I remove this annoying error? Can I get the proper solution or precautions to install the setup? Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Setup is missing prerequisites:

- 32-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010

Go to http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=216742.

SQL 2012 Data Mining Add-in for Office 2013 prerequisites error